What Does Impaling Do in Minecraft?

What Does Impaling Do in Minecraft?

Minecraft has quite a decent amount of enchantments each with its own very unique abilities. Some can be used for defense on defensive items or just simply on items, but others like the Impaling Enchantment are used offensively when applied on your weapons. The Impaling Enchantment in particular is also unique in many ways and it has come a long way in the game, but what exactly does it do?

The Impaling Enchantment is designed for the Trident, and its effects are strictly limited to aquatic mobs. This enchantment applies an extra damage boost to the trident when used against Aquatic mobs. It has a total of 5 levels and the added damage scales accordingly.

Minecraft is a game filled with multiple well-crafted creative ideas for the players, and to widen this creativity, the game introduces several elements which also include enchantments. Unlike other elements in the game, enchantments add unique features to whichever item you apply them to. While some enchantments like Smite work better on land, others like Impaling are meant for aquatic environments.

This Enchantment was added to Minecraft on patch 1.13 around the same time the Trident was introduced. The effects and or abilities of this enchantment also differ depending on if you are playing the Game on Bedrock Edition or Java Edition. Although in the version 1.17 update, the game did add some new features to the enchantment, I will be talking about those features and a lot more on the Impaling Enchantment so stick around for more.

Does Impaling Affect Players?

What Does Impaling Do in Minecraft?

According to the Minecraft wiki, the Impaling Enchantment affects all mobs and players in any type of water body. However, this effect doesn’t always apply in all editions, for example, in the Java Edition, the extra damage only works on Aquatic mobs while in the Bedrock edition it works on both mobs and players. I believe that if a player comes in contact with water, the effects of the Impaling Enchantment should apply but that is still up for debate.

What Does Impaling Do in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, the Impaling Enchantment increases the damage of a trident when used on Aquatic creatures and mobs. The added damage of this enchantment also scales with its level which is capped at level 5. Like most Minecraft enchantments, Impaling functions in a different way in both the Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. 

In the Java Edition, the extra damage from Impaling applies strictly to Aquatic mobs, and it doesn’t affect land mobs that happen to be in the water. Mobs like Drowned do not receive the extra damage from impaling in this Edition, because they are classified as undead mobs and not Aquatic mobs. But in the Bedrock Edition, the extra damage applies to all mobs and players in contact with water or rain.

In the Java Edition combat test 4, the extra damage from a trident enchanted with impaling affects all mobs and players in contact with any type of water, which is similar to the bedrock edition. This hints towards a possible change to the enchantment’s ability in the Java edition. There is also the fact that during the version 1.17 update, a Java Edition combat test 4 showed that Impaling also deals extra damage to Axolotls.

What Is Impaling Best to Use For?

Although the Impaling Enchantment is restricted to the Trident and best used on Aquatic Mobs, it also aids players in a lot of other ways like Monumental Raids, Underwater mob fights.

Monumental Raids

What Does Impaling Do in Minecraft?

These raids do take a lot of time because a monument has multiple layers and chambers each guarded by tough mobs like The Guardian and Elder Guardian. Using the extra damage from impaling, players can defeat these mobs faster, and have a faster Raid.

Underwater Mob Fights

The Impaling Enchantment is best used to fight against underwater mobs like Drowned, especially when fishing or exploring a sunken ship.

If you do get an Impaling Enchantment on your Trident, my advice to you would be, enchant the Trident with both Loyalty and Unbreaking or Mending. These other enchantments ensure you do not lose your Trident because the Impaling Enchantment is quite rare.

How Much More Damage Does Impaling Add?

After adding the Impaling Enchantment to a trident, the Trident will deal more extra damage based on the level of the Impaling. The data suggest that for every level of Impaling, the extra damage is capped at (level x 2.5) which means (level x 1.25 Heart bars). The damage increases by 2.5 per level so Impaling level 0 deals melee damage of 9 and range damage of 8 up to Impaling level 5 which deals melee damage of 21.5 and ranged damage of 20.5 at max level.

What Is Impaling Not Compatible with?

The Impaling Enchantment is strictly meant for the Trident, therefore it is not compatible with any other items like Arrows, Sword, Axe, Hoe, Shovel. Impaling also doesn’t work on Armor parts like Helmets, Chestplates, Leggings and Boots. It is also not compatible with a Trident that is already enchanted with the Riptide enchantment.

Can You Put Impaling on a Sword in Minecraft?

What Does Impaling Do in Minecraft?

Impaling is strictly meant for the Trident so it can not be enchanted on a Sword. The Sword is meant for land mobs and it has enchantments like Sharpness, Smite, and Bane of Arthropods which increases its damage against mobs and players. However, limiting an enchantment that deals extra damage to ocean creatures, to a weapon that was created in the ocean does make sense for the lore of Minecraft.

Does Impaling Work on Bows?

The Impaling Enchantment is most effective against underwater mobs, however, the bow is less effective when shot underwater. This is because the water pressure slows down the arrows, so it wouldn’t make much sense to add the effect anyway. But according to the Minecraft wiki, the Impaling Enchantment still doesn’t work on Bows regardless.

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