What Happened To Catwoman At The End Of The Batman?

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One of the most important heroes/villains introduced in The Batman is Selina Kyle, who we all know will end up becoming Catwoman. Throughout the movie, she ends up becoming an ally of Batman in the hopes of finding out who killed her roommate while getting closer to Falcone, with who she has a personal grudge. But what happened to Catwoman at the end of The Batman? 

At the end of The Batman, Selina Kyle helped Batman out in his fight with the Riddler’s henchmen. However, after Gotham had been flooded, Selina decided to leave the city because she wanted to start over somewhere new. Where she is headed is something that is yet to be revealed.

The dynamic between Batman and Catwoman throughout the entire movie is representative of how they are often portrayed in the comics. We do know that they have feelings for one another, but their personal goals and beliefs often get in the way. In that regard, let’s look at what happened to Selina Kyle throughout the movie and at the end of The Batman.

What Happened To Catwoman At The End Of The Batman?

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Probably one of the greatest dynamics we have ever seen between two characters since the middle of the 20thcentury is the relationship between Batman and Catwoman, which has been defined and redefined over and over again for the longest time possible. And we did see that dynamic coming into play during The Batman when Batman and Selina Kyle, who is yet to take on the Catwoman moniker, became unlikely allies throughout the entire film.

Selina Kyle became an ally of Batman in the movie because she was also investigating Falcone, who became one of the suspects that the caped crusader needed to look into regarding the Riddler case. 

As they were investigating the Riddler’s riddles, both Batman and Catwoman were able to find out that it was Falcone who was working behind the scenes as the man running almost everything in Gotham by controlling the mayor and the dirty cops. They also found out that he was the one responsible for killing Selina Kyle’s roommate, who ended up learning about the fact that Falcone was the man behind the curtain in Gotham.

Selina also revealed that she is the daughter of Falcone and that she was abandoned by her father long ago. Later in the movie, she also learns that Falcone was the one who killed her mother with his bare hands and that he was willing to do the same to Selina. All that was enough for Selina to convince herself that she needed to kill Falcone not only to rid the city of another dirty mobster but also to make sure that she was able to exact her retribution on the man who wronged her.

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Then again, Bruce stopped Selina from committing murder because he didn’t want her to live with the fact that she was responsible for someone’s death. Batman also had a score to settle with Falcone because he had every right to believe that he was the one who ordered his parents’ death (something that still remained to be solved). 

In the end, Batman was able to stop Catwoman from killing her own father, and that seemed to be the end of the relationship between the characters because Selina must’ve ended up despising Bruce for stopping her from committing murder.


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Then again, while Batman went over to the Gotham Square Garden to stop Riddler’s henchmen from killing innocent people, Selina came to the rescue of the dark knight when an acolyte was about to kill him. Bruce returned the favor when he injected himself with a green fluid to recover from his injuries just when the henchman was about to kill Selina.

At the end of the movie, we are made aware of the feelings that Batman and Selina shared for one another. Selina even tried removing Batman’s mask, something that Bruce was willing to allow for a moment. However, he stopped her from doing so because he didn’t want to reveal her identity to her, not because he wanted to keep it a secret but because it was his way of telling her that they were bound to live entirely different lives.

Selina tempted Bruce with the idea of leaving Gotham for good to start over fresh someplace else. However, he relented because he believed that his place was in Gotham because the people needed him around, especially after the Riddler flooded the entire city.

Where Was Selina Kyle Going At The End Of The Batman?

As Selina Kyle was seen driving off in her motorcycle in a metaphorical way of saying that she and Bruce were not meant to be because they had different goals in mind, it was never mentioned where she was headed to.

It is quite possible that she is going to start fresh someplace else to make her career out of being a cat burglar. This will eventually become the origin story of her moniker as Catwoman. And starting in a city without a crimefighter like Batman should be a good way for her to build her career as a pseudo-villain.

Will Catwoman Be In The Batman 2?

There is no telling whether or not Catwoman will be in the second installment of the new Batman movie series because it was never hinted that she would be in the next film. There is a possibility of her making an appearance in the sequel.

However, we are of the opinion that it would be better if her character is going to be left off in the next installment of The Batman. That’s because not having Selina Kyle around will allow Batman to have more of an individual character development that’s more focused on his personal morals and individual battles with his own past and with the people who have a score to settle with him and his family. And those people include the Riddler and Hush, who we will see in the next movie.


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Meanwhile, Catwoman is better off elsewhere developing her own story and character as well so that the audience will see her as an individual that is completely separate and distinct from Batman. And considering that the Penguin will be getting his own spin-off story, it might be possible for Selina Kyle to get one as well.

Will Batman And Catwoman Continue Their Love Story In The Sequel?

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Regardless of whether or not Catwoman will be in the sequel, one of the things that Matt Reeves said is that it’s going to be difficult to continue the same dynamic between Batman and Selina Kyle in the future. 

Selina is yet to become Catwoman, and that means that she has to build her character first. Of course, there is also the fact that, as Catwoman, she is bound to clash with Batman sometime in the future, and that means putting their personal relationship in the middle of their moral beliefs. 

That means that the plausible situation regarding the two is that they might end up facing each other on opposite sides instead of continuing their romance in any of the future installments of the film. Then again, that has always been the case when you look at the history of Batman and Catwoman in the comics. It’s a complicated love story where their different beliefs and morals clash with one another to the point that it becomes nearly impossible for them to reconcile their differences.

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