What Happened to Elora Danan & Is She in the New Willow Show?

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Back in the 1988 Willow movie, the most important character was not Willow but was actually a baby named Elora Danan, who Willow was given the task of protecting. However, when the Willow series was announced, Elora’s name was seemingly missing from any of the announcements, as fans were wondering whether or not she would still be important to the storyline. So, what happened to Elora Danan, and is she in the new Willow series?

Elora Danan is in the new Willow series, and she was actually the kitchen maid called Dove the entire time. It was revealed at the start of the series that she was hidden away where no one could find her but was actually made to live a normal life in the hopes that no one would suspect that she was Elora.

The fact that Elora ended up joining the quest to save Prince Airk was a big surprise because of the fact that she was never supposed to be on that quest due to the dangers that were awaiting them. As such, Willow had no choice but to reveal to her and everyone else that she was Elora so that he could train her and keep her safe. Now, that said, let’s talk more about Elora Danan in the Willow series. 

What Happened To Elora Danan In Willow?

Back in the 1988 Willow series, one of the things that we saw was the fact that the most important character that everyone wanted to keep safe was a baby named Elora Danan, who was the prophesized empress that was going to bring peace to the entire world. However, Queen Bavmorda, who didn’t want anyone to have a piece of her power, wanted to take and kill the baby. And that’s why there was a mad scramble involving the search for the baby, who ended up in the custody of an unlikely hero named Willow Ufgood.

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In that regard, Willow and his friends ended up saving the baby and the world by defeating Queen Bavmorda. That means that Elora was well on her way to fulfilling the prophecy of her becoming the empress that would save the world. However, after the events of the Willow movie, things became quiet in relation to the storyline. In fact, when the Willow series was announced, Elora’s name was absent from the roster of characters.

The reason why Elora’s name wasn’t even mentioned at all during the announcements of the Willow series was the fact that she was supposed to be a secret. It was revealed at the start of the series that there was a prophecy involving a much more powerful evil that was looking to put Elora in danger and plunge the world into darkness once more. As such, Queen Sorsha decided that the best way to make sure that Elora would be safe was to hide her in a place where no one would be able to find her.


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As such, during the early part of the Willow series, Elora Danan’s whereabouts were a mystery, as some people even speculated that Madmartigan’s absence from the kingdom was in relation to the possibility that he took Elora to a faraway place and kept her safe from harm. Of course, she is still the most important character in the storyline as far as the prophecy and the fate of the world are concerned, and that’s why it was vital to both Sorsha and Willow that she was kept safe from anyone that would seek to harm her or use her powers for evil.

Is Elora In The New Willow Series?

We previously mentioned that the Willow series never mentioned anything about Elora Danan in the announcements, as the cast revolved around three young women in the form of Kit, Jade, and Dove. Of course, the most interesting character out of those three is Dove, who was revealed in the announcements as a mere kitchen maid that didn’t have the training that Kit and Jade had. However, there were rumors regarding the possibility that she could be someone special.

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When the Willow series finally began, we did see how Dove was someone who was seemingly normal and ordinary. She started off as one of the young women that Prince Airk flirted with, as he was known for his habits of flirting with all of the beautiful women of the kingdom. It was then revealed that Dove had just lived her entire life working in the kitchens and cooking food for the royal family, which included Sorsha, Kit, and Airk.

However, when Airk professed his love for Dove by telling her that there was something special about their relationship, she decided that she was going to return his feelings. The kingdom, however, was attacked, as Airk was abducted by the monstrous creatures responsible for the attack. That was when Sorsha sent out a party to rescue her son, and that party included Kit, Jade, Boorman, and Graydon. They were told that they needed to first go to Willow because they needed a sorcerer to help them in their mission to rescue Airk.

But the problem was that the kitchen maid actually snuck herself into the mission and joined the quest to save Airk from the creatures that abducted them. Of course, no one wanted Dove around because she wasn’t capable of fighting and didn’t have any particularly useful skills other than her ability to cook. As such, she was the most unlikely among the party members that went out on a quest to save Airk.


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When they got to Willow, the star of the 1988 movie was surprised to see Dove as he said that she shouldn’t be there. That was when he approached Dove and revealed the mark that proved that she was none other than Elora Danan, to the kitchen maid’s surprise. Not even Dove knew that she was Elora the entire time, as only a few people were aware of her true identity. Of course, Willow knew that she was Elora because of his magic and the fact that he had spent a good part of his life protecting her from evil.

The truth was that Elora wasn’t taken away to a faraway land where she was kept safe from the harm and evil that Willow foresaw. Instead, Sorsha unilaterally decided that she would actually keep Elora in her kingdom and make her live a normal life so that no one would ever suspect that she was the prophesized savior of the world.

Sorsha also believed that Elora had already endured and done a lot for the world during the time that she was a baby. As such, she believed that the prophesized empress should be allowed to live a normal life far away from the responsibilities that were placed on her shoulders well before she was even born. That was why she was made to live an ordinary life as a kitchen maid, as no one would even suspect her as the prophesized empress.

Of course, it was revealed in the flashbacks that Willow wasn’t exactly agreeable to Sorsha’s decisions, as he wanted to make Elora realize who she was so that he could train her and prepare her for what was to come for her. Willow believed that the prophesized great evil was eventually going to find Elora, and that was why it was important for him to train her in the use of magic. And as we saw in the first two episodes of Willow, it was inevitable that Elora found herself back to Willow, who decided that he needed to train her.

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