What Is Going on with ‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’? The Future Remains Uncertain as Netflix Might Have to Change their Routine

What Is Going on with 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure'? The Future Remains Uncertain as Netflix Might Have to Change their Routine

Whether or not you’re a fan of the series, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is undoubtedly one of the most important manga and anime franchises in history, although it never became a mainstream title (and we can think of several reasons why that is). The manga by Hirohiko Araki is still ongoing and has been since 1987, and there are still a lot of adventures and arcs up for adaptation, but the status of the popular anime adaptation is uncertain.

We know that Netflix has taken control over the series’ anime adaptation and that the popular streaming service is currently in charge of the series. And while the objective quality of the adaptation increased, it seems that many fans think that Netflix’s traditional way of releasing series might have killed the hype, i.e., that the future of JoJo’s is quite uncertain.

Like most anime series before the Netflix era, JoJo’s had been released on a weekly basis, so fans had time to process the complex narrative, as well as to give their thoughts and impressions on the episodes. This is how it rolled, and our friends at CBR.com call this little tradition “JoJo Fridays,” since the series was traditionally aired on Fridays. In a time where the Internet is available en masse and where people like to exchange opinions and discuss things with others online, “JoJo Fridays” was an important part of watching and experiencing the series as a whole, which is why it was so important to many fans.

However, as you might expect, Netflix did not care much about this, as the streaming service prefers batch releases over weekly releases; this is not the case with some other major services like Amazon Prime, Max, or even Crunchyroll. So, when Netflix took over Jojo’s, the series was released in several batches, with a break that lasted several months between them. And while the break allowed fans to process the first batch and prepare for the next one, it also completely destroyed a long-lasting tradition among fans of the series.

Since the series’ release was not tied to Fridays anymore, the “JoJo Fridays” tradition also disappeared, and with it, a part of the lore was killed off as well. Yes, you could argue that this is just a matter of perception and that fans just have to shift their perspective, but imagine doing something for years and getting used to it and then suddenly having to change that! It’s not easy. It’s not impossible either, but it was a fun thing that the fans did, and Netflix took it away from them.

By killing off this important tradition, Netflix might also have killed off the JoJo’s anime adaptation; if there is not enough hype, Netflix won’t be producing more, although they themselves are directly to blame. But, the streaming service has been experiencing some changes as well – One Piece‘s weekly releases on the streaming service are a prime example – so there is a glimmer of hope that “JoJo Fridays” might return and that fans of the series will once again enjoy the full scope of the series’ charm.

Be that as it may, the future is unclear as of the time of writing, but be sure to keep following us, as we are going to provide you with all the updates you need to see!

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