What Is Moon Knight Rated? (& Why It Doesn’t Need R Rating)

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Episode 1 of Moon Knight has just been released, and fans and critics all around the world are already praising the newest addition to the MCU’s lineup of stories. Because the MCU has always had movies and series that are friendly to any kind of age group, this makes us wonder how friendly Moon Knight is to children. So, in that case, what is Moon Knight rated, and why isn’t it rated R?

Moon Knight is rated TV-14, which means that it isn’t a show that should be watched by children under the age of 14. It should be noted that it isn’t rated R because this rating only applies to movies. Nevertheless, it isn’t rated for a higher age group because it doesn’t have themes that are mature.

While it has been stated that Moon Knight was going to be more brutal than the other Marvel movies and series, the good news is that it isn’t as brutal as some people would think, such that it isn’t suitable for children. That said, younger teenagers should be able to watch it unsupervised. So, let’s look at what we know about Moon Knight’s rating.

What Is Moon Knight’s Rating?

The newest addition to the MCU is Moon Knight, a series that explores the story of Steven Grant, who is also Marc Spector because he is suffering from dissociative identity disorder (DID). What Steven doesn’t know is that Marc was actually chosen by the Egyptian god of the moon, Khonshu, to be his avatar and to be the one who would dispense his brand of justice on Earth.

That said, considering that this Moon Knight character is the alter ego of Marc Spector, who worked as a mercenary, and that this is a superhero movie that explores the supernatural side of the MCU, it is expected that there would be plenty of action and violence in this series. This may make parents wonder whether or not Moon Knight is suitable for children to watch.


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Of course, it has been stated by Kevin Feige himself that Moon Knight will be more brutal than any of the other MCU movies and shows. And some of the other MCU movies and shows were already violent as they are because they contained plenty of action scenes and fights involving the different characters. So, what is Moon Knight’s rating, and is it a series that is friendly toward children?

True to what the Marvel boss said about Moon Knight being brutal, the series has a TV-14 rating. This means that children under the age of 14 should not be watching it. However, teenagers 14 or older should be able to watch it, but it is still strongly suggested that parents and guardians watch over children who watch Moon Knight because it may be suggestive of violence and sexual situations or may have strong dialogues that some teenagers might not be able to handle.

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But, based on what we saw in episode 1 of Moon Knight, it doesn’t seem like the series is something that is suggestive of strong and intense violence or may have sexual situations. Of course, like any comic book series, Moon Knight is supposed to have violent scenes, as seen in episode 1. However, the type of violence is neither gory nor scary to the point that it should be too much for teenagers 14 or older.

Why Isn’t It R-Rated?

For those wondering why Moon Knight didn’t receive an R rating, the reason is that it is a TV series. TV shows are rated differently compared to movies, and that means that the R rating doesn’t exist when it comes to TV shows.

Instead, the counterpart of the R rating in TV shows is TV-MA, which stands for mature audience. This means that only mature audiences 17 or older should be watching a series that has a TV-MA rating.

Why Doesn’t Moon Knight Need R-Rating?

As mentioned, Moon Knight was described by Kevin Feige as the most brutal MCU movie or series yet. So, if that’s true, why is it that Moon Knight isn’t rated R or that it has the R rating equivalent of TV-MA?

At this point, we are yet to see the brutal scenes that make Moon Knight more brutal than other MCU movies and series because we are still in episode 1. The pilot episode does have some violence in it, especially during the scenes wherein Steven/Marc were in Hungary and when Moon Knight was beating down on the jackal monster that Arthur Harrow summoned.


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However, we are yet to see the truly brutal scenes that are bloody and are quite gory. This may suggest that either Feige was exaggerating or that we are going to see those scenes later in the series.

Then again, Feige may not have been exaggerating but was simply stating that this is a tad more brutal than some of the other MCU movies and shows, despite the fact that it isn’t as brutal as some people may have expected it to be. As such, it only follows that its lack of intense violence makes it friendly enough to audiences as young as 14.

Of course, like a lot of the different MCU movies and shows, Moon Knight is yet to showcase any sort of scene that’s close to being sexual, and that means that the lack of sexual suggestions allows it to stay friendly toward younger audiences.

Then there’s the fact that it does lack some of the more mature themes, such as drugs, suicide, and other similar themes that could have made it more suitable for audiences that are on the more mature side of the audience age group. In that regard, due to the lack of mature themes in the series, it doesn’t need to be rated R or TV-MA.

As such, parents who have younger teenagers that are close to the age of 14 shouldn’t be worried about their kids watching Moon Knight on Disney+. After all, this is a series that can be suitable enough for younger teenagers. Still, we do suggest that you keep a close eye on your children when they are watching Moon Knight because it still is quite violent and has some suggestive content, such as Arthur Harrow’s cult.

Then there’s also the fact that the character is suffering from a mental disorder that might make the series quite mature for children younger than 14 or for teenagers that aren’t too mature to understand different psychological disorders and their concept.

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That is why we highly suggest that parents should still be there to monitor their children who watch Moon Knight because, despite being a rated TV-14, it might not be as friendly as all of the other Marvel movies and series out there.

But, as far as the violence and the sexual content are concerned, you don’t have to worry because Moon Knight keeps all of those on the more mellow side, even though this series should have plenty of fight scenes, just like all of the other movies and series that are based on comic book characters. 

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