What Is the Crystal Luthen Gave to Andor? (& Why Is It Important)


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Episode 4 of Andor continued to mix things up with the introduction of classic easter eggs from Star Wars, especially because Cassian Andor is eventually going to go up against the Empire as a Rebel. In that regard, one such item that Luthen Rael gave him was a blue crystal that he told him was the down payment of his total payment for taking the job that he gave Cassian. So, what is this crystal that Luthen gave to Andor?

Luthen called this crystal the Kuati Signet, which is actually made from a blue Kyber crystal. For those who’ve forgotten, a Kyber crystal is the same rock that powers a lightsaber. And as shown in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the Death Star’s super laser is powered by Kyber crystals.

At this point, it is tough to say how important this Kyber crystal is to the events of Andor, but we do know that it is very important to Luthen because he told Cassian that he wanted it back. As such, it could play an important role in the future, or it might be a premonition to the Death Star, which we know is powered by Kyber crystals.

What Is The Crystal Luthen Gave To Andor?

We saw in episode 4 that Andor picked up where episode 3 ended as Cassian Andor is on board Luthen Rael’s ship as the mysterious man was still trying to win Cassian over to his side, which seems to be the side of the Rebels. The one thing that got him to convince Cassian to join his cause was the promise of 200,000 credits because Andor only wanted to live and survive.

In that regard, Luthen told him that their mission involved stealing the payroll of an Imperial garrison, and that was the reason why he believed that he was going to get paid really well after that mission. And before Cassian and Luthen went their separate ways, the older man gave Andor a crystal. So, what is the crystal that Luthen gave to Andor?


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Luthen Rael called this crystal the Kuati Signet, but he also said that it was made from a substance called a Kyber crystal. Star Wars fans will be more than familiar with what a Kyber crystal is, as this has been around the Star Wars lore for a very long time already.

A Kyber crystal is a crystal that is attuned to the Force and can be found in caves on various planets all over the galaxy. The one thing that makes this crystal so familiar to Star Wars fans is the fact that this is actually the same crystal that powers a lightsaber. That means that lightsabers contain Kyber crystals, which are objects that allow the lightsaber to form its blade and connect it to the Jedi through the fact that it is attuned with the Force.

Star Wars Kyber Crystals

What makes Kyber crystals so special is the fact that, by using the Force that has been attuned with them, they are capable of concentrating energy and increasing it. That is why the Kyber crystal is capable of creating a powerful blade when it is used to construct a lightsaber. It basically concentrates energy and allows it to be released in the form of a blade that’s capable of cutting almost anything using heat.

However, while we do know that Kyber crystals form the basic foundations of a lightsaber, we also learned in the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story that these crystals are also capable of something destructive and dangerous. That’s because the Empire discovered that the crystals could also be used for a super weapon that is capable of planetary destruction.

We saw this in the form of the Death Star, which was introduced to us as early as the events of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. But A New Hope didn’t talk about what powers the Death Star’s laser, which is capable of devastating an entire planet. It was only in Rogue One that it was explained that Kyber crystals are being used to concentrate energy within the Death star so that this energy could be released in the form of a powerful laser beam that is capable of planetary destruction with a single shot.

Why Is Luthen’s Kyber Crystal Important?

As to why Luthen Rael has a Kyber crystal is unknown, but he did tell Cassian Andor that this was something that was incredibly valuable as it shouldn’t cost under 50,000 credits. He also told Cassian that he wanted the crystal back once the mission was done, as it was clear that this was something important to him. So, why is the Kuati Signet so important to Luthen Rael?

We saw in the middle of episode 4 that Luthen was actually a collector of antiques from different planets and that he sold these antiques to different people, which included Senator Mon Mothma, who is an important figure in the Rebellion. However, it was also shown that he was selling antiques to Mon Mothma under the guise of secret transactions between the two so that Luthen could send support to the different Rebel forces throughout the galaxy.


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It is possible that he was able to acquire the crystal due to his status as a collector and that this crystal is so important to him due to what it meant to the Jedi, who we all know are symbols of peace in the galaxy. The fact that Luthen wanted the crystal back could mean that it had something to do with the future of the Rebellion, which needed the strength of the Jedi. And because Kyber crystals were quite rare and had been monopolized by the Empire, it is possible that there was no way they could get their hands on more Kyber crystals, and that’s why this one single piece was so important to Luthen.

ezra crystal

But there is another possible reason why this is an important crystal, as it could be a premonition to the events that happened in Rogue One. As mentioned, Kyber crystals power the Death Star’s super laser, and that means that this particular crystal is a premonition of Cassian Andor’s death. 

In the events of Rogue One, Cassian and the other remnants of the Rogue One crew perished when the Death Star’s laser was used to heat the oceans of the planet. Cassian and Jyn died in each other’s arms as the surface of the planet called Scarif burned up and killed every living being on it.

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