‘Loki’: What Is the Meaning of Flower That Timely Gave to Ravonna? Theories Explained

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One of the things that we saw in episode 3 of ‘Loki’ season 2 was the return of He Who Remains in the form of Victor Timely, who we last saw during the post-credit scene of ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.’ Of course, we also saw that Timely could connect with Ravonna Renslayer, who was adamant about trying to win him over for her own sake. We also saw Timely giving Ravonna a paper flower. So, what is the meaning of the flower that Timely gave to Ravonna?

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  • Victor Timely likely fell for Ravonna Renslayer, especially after he learned that she was the one who gave him the TVA handbook when he was just a child.
  • However, while Timely did indeed have feelings for Ravonna, he realized that neither he nor Ravonna had legitimate feelings because this was all for the sake of self-gain.

Timely fell for Ravonna

The early and middle portion of ‘Loki’ season 3 explored how Ravonna Renslayer and Miss Minutes could actually affect the course of the TVA’s history when they had a backup plan for the return of He Who Remains. They went to the time when a Kang variant was still a young boy living in Chicago. Ravonna affected the course of this young variant by giving him a copy of the TVA guidebook written by Ouroboros.

Moments later, Loki and Mobius went to the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893 because they believed this was where they could find Renslayer. What happened was that they ended up meeting Victor Timely, whom Loki was able to quickly recognize as the man he knew as He Who Remains. And that was when they tried to win Timely over to their side because he could help them fix the Temporal Loom with his Temporal Aura.


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Nevertheless, a mad scramble for Timely happened. Ravonna and Minutes wanted the Kang variant to go with them because they had plans for his rise to power as He Who Remains. Meanwhile, Sylvie also appeared out of nowhere to try to kill Timely because she didn’t want him to rob her of her freedom ever again.

Still, at the end of a mad scramble, Timely ended with Ravonna and Miss Minutes. It was clear that Timely could see Ravonna as a friendly person he could trust, especially after learning that she was from the TVA. When they crossed the lake to get to Timely’s lab so that he could get his greatest invention, Ravonna admitted that she was the one who left the TVA guidebook for Timely to use as a guide for his inventions.

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While they were going to Timely’s lab, Timely gave Ravonna a paper flower. This was one of the ways he showed his affection and gratitude toward her because he wouldn’t have been able to become a genius inventor without her help. And it was clear that Timely had a thing for Ravonna, as all Kang variants were likely destined to develop romantic feelings for all of the Ravonna variants as well.

Timely didn’t want a “partnership”

Of course, we also saw how Ravonna was quite hopeful about the possibility of her and Victor Timely working together in the future because the contingency plan involved turning Victor into He Who Remains. As such, Ravonna told Timely that she was looking forward to their “partnership.”


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Moments later, Timely and Minutes dropped Ravonna’s boat into the lake. That was because Timely didn’t want a partnership with Ravonna, as it was clear that neither he nor Minutes were thinking of allowing her to work together with him as his equal.

So, while it may be true that Timely was attracted to Ravonna, as evidenced by the fact that he seemingly had a soft side for her and even gave her a paper flower, what was clear was that his affections were not genuine. This is symbolized by the fact that he gave Ravonna a paper flower instead of a genuine flower. 

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Paper flowers are also much more fragile than regular flowers, as they clearly symbolize how fragile the relationship between Timely and Ravonna is. This was made clear when Ravonna returned near the end of the episode to confront Timely and threatened to prune him if he didn’t listen to her orders.

As such, the paper flower told the story of how this relationship would never be genuine and was all based on the different advantages one could get from the other. Ravonna wanted Timely to become He Who Remains so she could join him as his “partner.” On the other hand, it was clear that He Who Remains didn’t want to share an equal role with Ravonna, as it was clear that he may have seen everyone who wasn’t as brilliant as he was as people who were below him.

Timely is still a Kang variant

We mentioned how Victor Timely didn’t want to become partners with Ravonna. This is likely because Timely saw himself as a person above the rest of humanity because of his incredible mind, which he thought was generations ahead of its time. This means that Victor was still just a Kang variant at the end of the day.

Kang has always been a megalomaniac who wanted to become the most powerful person in the multiverse. This explains why he wanted to conquer and destroy entire universes and why He Who Remains and the other Kang variants went to war with one another. In Timely’s case, he was still a Kang variant deep inside because he quickly changed his mind about Ravonna when he learned she wanted a partnership.


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Of course, while Ravonna was integral to Timely’s rise as a genius inventor, he still saw her as someone beneath him, even though he may have had feelings for her. It was also true that Timely may have differed from all the other Variants, as Sylvie realized he could still be a good person. 

But at the end of the day, his inner megalomaniac can still surface at any given moment because he was still a Kang variant. The paper flower that he gave Ravonna is a clue in relation to the fact that he never saw her as someone he was deeply invested in sharing power with.

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