What Is the Noor Dimension in Ms. Marvel & How Is the Djinn Connected to It?

What Is the Noor Dimension in Ms. Marvel & How Is the Djinn Connected to It?

The new Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) series Ms. Marvel has introduced a superhero Ms. Marvel, who possesses mystical powers with many references made to her djinn bloodline. But what is the Noor dimension and how is the djinn connected to it?

The Noor dimension is the homeworld of the djinn, mystical beings with great power that inhabit Earth. The MCU has dealt with the djinn in many storylines, noticeably the ClanDestines in the comic books, and Ms. Marvel is also a djinn herself.

Join me as we explore the MCU’s latest update on the djinn, and we’ll also consider how Ms. Marvel fits into all of this, as well as looking at the mystical object that seems to have awoken her powers, a bracelet from her ancestors.

What Is the Noor Dimension?

The Noor dimension was mentioned in Ms. Marvel by Najma in episode 3. Not previously appearing in the MCU, this is a new bit of information that links back to established MCU canon, the djinn.

The djinn, or genies, are mystical beings that inhabit the Noor dimension, which is stated as being an alternate dimension to the one that Earth exists in. 

The Noor dimension is their home, and specifically in regards to Ms. Marvel it is the home for Najma, Aisha and several other characters, but subsequently have been exiled from.

Genies are generally connected to an object and must serve the owner of the object, thus being unable to do much until the object is found, or destroyed. They have great powers which can take the form of wish granting, but it depends on the djinn.

What Is the Link Between Ms. Marvel, the Djinn and the MCU?

Ms. Marvel, or Kamala Khan, has gained her superhero powers via a bangle received from great-grandmother. The actual link or origin of the power is unclear, as Kamala’s own family are not very forthcoming with information about this ancestor.

This bangle is the link between Ms. Marvel and her djinn link in the MCU.

This differs significantly from the comic book version of Ms. Marvel, who instead has polymorph abilities like being able to change in size, elongate limbs and other similar abilities.

In the live action version, Ms. Marvel instead can manipulate what is referred to as ‘purple harad-light’ in a similar fashion to characters such as the Green Lantern.

The bangle was sent from Pakistan, and the link back to other Marvel superheroes like Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau are clear, as the visual effects of a cosmic aura and the lighting up their eyes are very similar.

This harnessing of mystical energy is very common for powers bestowed upon or received from the djinn. Episode two did reveal that it doesn’t seem like the bangle gave her the powers, but more like the bangle unlocked the dormant powers within her.

More information will need to be garnered from future episodes, but it is likely that Ms. Marvel is actually an Inhuman, prehistoric humans experimented on by the Kree after they detected life via their base on Uranus.

This is how she was portrayed in the comic book version, but the MCU version seems to be pushing her more as a djinn.

Ms. Marvel was informed that in 1942, her great-grandmother found a way to get back to the Noor dimension with Najma via the bangle. 

The djinn’s power on the MCU Earth is diminished, as right now all they really possess is a way to significantly slow down the aging process.

This means that a way to get back to the Noor dimension through the bracelet is very important to members of the djinn who are on Earth. Najma even went so far as to crash Kamala’s brother’s wedding to get the bracelet back.

Ms. Marvel’s research also pointed to the opening up of the portal back to the Noor dimension possibly causing massive damage to Earth.

What Is the Noor Dimension in Ms. Marvel & How Is the Djinn Connected to It?

The djinn feature in several MCU storylines, most notably the ClanDestine canon involving Adam Destine and the djinn Elalyth.

After a farm accident, Elalyth restored Adam’s health and blessed him with a fate of great destiny, which eventually led to him destroying the object that Elalyth was trapped inside, and they thereafter fell in love and had several children.

Adam was also given immortality and invulnerability at this point, and his children all developed certain mystical powers as well as having extraordinary long lives.

The stories regarding the children of this union have been explored in several comic books, but not all children have been given backstories and so there is both an opportunity to introduce these lesser known characters in via the Ms. Marvel series.

Fan theories have also posited that Ms. Marvel herself may be related to the ClanDestine family, which is not beyond the realm of possibilities. ClanDestine have tried to stay under the radar and used various methods to hide their identity, including family separation.


ClanDestine Origin, Enemies and Powers in Marvel

However, it is likely that the creators of Ms. Marvel are just expanding the djinn presence in the MCU and won’t be taking this opportunity to focus on ClanDestine specifically.

Ms. Marvel, her mother and grandmother are all from the same family line as the djinn Aisha, meaning they have djinn blood as well as are able to activate the power within the bangle.

Another link back to the MCU came about during the initial discovery of the bangles by Aisha and Nadja. As they picked their way through a cave in 1942, it was revealed on screen that the floor clearly had the Ten Rings symbol.

This is a reference to Shang-Chi, who used ten magical rings to communicate with another dimension, so the same could certainly be true of the bangle.

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