What Is the Pyramid Item That the Boy from the Prometheus Had?


One of the things that we saw in Netflix’s 1899 was the fact that there were plenty of different mysterious objects that people found confusing. During the earlier part of the series, we saw that the crew of the Kerberos was able to find a boy in the Prometheus. The boy was carrying a mysterious pyramid-like object that he was holding onto the entire time, and things in the Kerberos started to go weird from then on. So, what is the pyramid that the boy from Prometheus had?

The pyramid was a device that was capable of allowing the boy to control or stop time in the ship and use it to move from one realm to another while he was in the simulation. Then, near the end of the season, it was revealed that this pyramid was the key that people could use to exit the simulation.

During the entire 1899 series, the pyramid that the boy possessed proved to be the most important thing in the entire eight-part season as it was what could allow Maura to wake everyone up from the simulation that they were in. That was the reason why Maura’s father wanted the pyramid, as it would have allowed him to leave the simulation. So, with that said, let’s look at this pyramid in greater detail.

What Is The Pyramid In 1899?

There have been a lot of different mysterious things and happenings throughout the entire first season of 1899. Viewers were left wondering about different things the entire time while the series was ongoing, as it was clear that there were things that both the audience and the characters in the storyline could not understand.

The series started off like a period drama that takes place in 1899 and involves different characters that have their own complex personalities and pasts. This all takes place on a ship called the Kerberos. However, as the series progressed, it became clear that there was a mystery that was only going to continue to grow to become more complex. That was when the mystery of Prometheus entered the picture.


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During the early part of 1899, the Prometheus was introduced as a ship that had gone missing four months ago. However, the ship suddenly appeared when the captain of the Kerberos received a message from Prometheus. And when they got to the missing ship, all of the passengers were missing except for a mysterious boy that was locked inside a cabinet.

When they found this boy, he was carrying a mysterious black pyramid that he wanted to hand to Maura. However, Maura and the crew of the ship were actually quite puzzled about who this boy was, what he was doing inside the cabinet, and why he was the only one who survived the entire time Prometheus was missing for four months. They brought him back to the Kerberos as Captain Eyk was wondering what to do with the Prometheus, all while he was seemingly not in the best mental state because he started having visions of his dark past after returning from the mysterious ship.


While the boy himself was a mystery during the early part of 1899, what was equally a mystery was the black pyramid that he had in his possession. He didn’t want to part with this pyramid and was seemingly too silent about who he was and what this object was. And instead of replying to Maura’s questions regarding his identity and what had happened to Prometheus, the only thing that he did was a point to the pyramid, suggesting that it was the key to everything.

In that regard, it was clear that this pyramid was indeed an important part of the entire 1899 series, as there were a lot of weird things that happened ever since the boy and the pyramid were brought to the Kerberos. And when the weird things resulted in the deaths of numerous passengers, that was when some of the members of the crew and the passengers started a mutiny as they believed that this boy was the devil that was responsible for all of the strange things happening on the Kerberos.

All of the things that happened during the early part of 1899 suggest that this boy and the pyramid could be the key to something quite important to the storyline. And that was made clear when the boy was thrown overboard from the ship but seemingly returned unscathed.

What Does The Pyramid Do?

As mysterious as the boy may be, the pyramid that he had seemed to be the very object that answered the mysteries behind his identity and capabilities. This was seen when he returned to the ship after he was thrown overboard by the passengers. And Maura became a witness to its powers when the boy saved her life from the bullets from the guns of the passengers, as time stopped the moment the pyramid’s powers were used.

The boy was able to use the pyramid to stop time, as Maura was not even frozen the entire time. She was able to pluck a bullet in the air. That was when she realized that this pyramid was not an ordinary contraption and that it could be a key to something bigger.

As the series progressed, both Maura and Eyk were able to discover more about the powers of the pyramid, as it was able to create portals in the ship so that the boy could move from one place to another. It even came to a point where they were able to move to an entirely different realm from within the ship, as things only got weirder and weirder. And they also realized that this pyramid was something that Maura’s father, who was in charge of the ships and was observing them from a remote location, coveted this pyramid.


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Maura and Eyk used the different portals to try to get to Maura’s father so that all of their questions would be answered. But that was when they learned that the boy had been working with an equally mysterious man named Daniel, who revealed to Maura that he was her husband of 12 years. This only made things more confusing, as Daniel revealed one of the biggest mysteries of the series.

Daniel told them that the entire setup was just a simulation that was happening in the minds of the passengers and that they were all trapped in this simulation that had been looping and repeating over and over again with similar results every single time that it reset. That means that this pyramid had some sort of control over the simulation and was not a tool that could actually stop time. Instead, it had an influence over the events that were happening inside this simulated world.

Maura believed that the one who was in charge of the simulation was her father, and that was why she continued searching for answers. However, her father found the boy, who was actually her son named Elliot, as he convinced him that Maura had trapped him inside the simulation on purpose. But Maura didn’t know anything about Daniel or the boy because her memories were seemingly erased or distorted.

It was revealed by Maura’s father that this pyramid was a tool that could be used to exit the simulation, as all of them were trapped in it. He wanted the pyramid and the key that Maura possessed so that he could exit it. This was the reason why Elliot wanted to give the pyramid to Maura during their first meeting and why he was always pointing to it when she wanted answers. Luckily, before Maura’s father reset the entire simulation, Daniel had changed the code such that this black pyramid was already useless.

maura dad 1

The simulation reset, but Maura was transported to a place that Daniel said was the first simulation that they created together back in the real world. He told her that he had changed the code of the simulation to create a new pyramid and a key that unlocked it. The key was their wedding ring, as Maura used the new pyramid to exit the simulation so that he could stop it from the outside world and bring everyone back to reality.

And when Maura got back to the real world, she found out that she and the other passengers were on board a spaceship during the year 2099, as it was possible that this ship was heading toward a distant planet in the hopes of migrating an entire human population there. Maura’s brother, meanwhile, was the one in charge of the simulation, as her new goal was to stop him and bring everyone back to the outside world.

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