What to Expect from Attack on Titan Episode 79?

Attack on Titan next episode, 79, will be premiered on January 30th, on Sunday and is titled Memories of the Future. The latest episode, 78, which is episode 19 for the fourth and final season of one of the most popular Shonen anime of all time, was one of the most exciting by far. The dynamics of the episode must have kept every fan on the edge of their seat as we watched some of the biggest twists unravel before our eyes. What to expect from Attack on Titan episode 79?

Eren ended up in the blue realm of the Paths where the Founder of Titans resides. Mistaken and convinced by Zeke that he is the one who can command the Founder, Eren reveals his true intentions, which collide with Zeke’s. Zeke then reveals that he had been testing Eren, and because his brother doesn’t agree with him, Zeke will most likely leave him in the realms for good. The preview of the upcoming episode promises to take us with the Jaeger brothers on a journey through time.

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The appearance of Frieda Reiss in the preview suggests that the royal family should play a role in the upcoming episode as Eren and Zeke are unraveling the truth. The fandom will get answers to numerous questions, while the manga fans already know the outcome of the tense and action-packed story. The preview also reveals Grisha Jaeger, while it is yet not clear what the brothers will discover in the next episode. The sneak peek also shows scenes from Eren’s childhood, including Armin.

The next episode might somehow tie the show altogether and make sense of the entire story and the base plot. We might be discovering more about the characters in the series, specifically Eren and Zeke, and how their past and future connect and unravel. Attack on Titan episode 79 (season 4 episode 20) will premiere on Crunchyroll for premium users only an hour after it airs in Japan.    

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