What to Expect from Dorohedoro Season 2?


Dorohedoro season 1 originally premiered on Netflix for international viewership, adapted from a manga series penned and illustrated by Q Hayashida. Dorohedoro turned out to be quite a success as the fandom was captivated by the fantastically violent and quirky world created by the talented mangaka. That is why it is no wonder that Netflix renewed the show for another season. The date for the new season is yet to be released, but what can the fans expect from season 2?

Dorohedoro anime series follows the story of Caiman, a reptilian-headed human-born magician killer – as quirky as it can get. Caiman, or Kaiman, as also known as Magician Killer, and the series follows his adventures with his friend Nikaido. Nikaido is helping Caiman retrieve his memories as he is trying to survive in a violent and strange world. Caiman is not the Magician Killer’s real name as anime fans already know, but it was given to him by Nikaido after he lost his memory.


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MAPPA Studios directed the first season of Dorohedoro, while the dark fantasy series became one of the quirkiest and most popular anime on the popular streaming platform, Netflix. Thanks to the fact that the mangaka has written and illustrated enough material, MAPPA can adapt at least two more seasons, including the second announced.

The first season ended with Chapter 167 from the manga, however, it is not certain which arc will be adapted in the second season of the show. Whichever the case, the first season only covers one-third of the original material. In addition, the first season had 18 episodes, which might be expected for the second season as well. Dorohedoro season 2 should premiere sometime at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023.