What Were the Creatures Grogu Saw During Hyperspace Jump?


Season 3 of The Mandalorian has just been released, and we are treated to another Star Wars adventure involving our favorite duo of Din Djarin and Grogu. But while the focus of the first episode of The Mandalorian was on the duo’s journey to try to redeem Din’s honor as a Mandalorian, one of the most interesting things that we saw was that Grogu was observing weird creatures that were all over them when they were in hyperspace. So, what were the creatures that Grogu saw during the hyperspace jump?

The creatures that Grogu saw were Purrgils, which are semi-sentient whale-like creatures that live in deep space and can travel from one star system to another because they can enter hyperspace without the need to rely on a hyperspace drive.

It is worth mentioning that Purrgils were an important part of the Star Wars: Rebels storyline, which will see a continuation in the Ahsoka series that will be released anytime this year. As such, seeing the Purrgils allowed fans to see the connection between The Mandalorian and the other Star Wars series that we have seen in the past. That said, let’s talk more about these creatures.

What Were the Creatures That Grogu Saw in Hyperspace?

The first episode of season 3 of The Mandalorian opened up in the best way possible as we saw Mandalorians in action as a group for the first time since season 1. The Children of the Watch were set to indoctrinate a new child into the cult until a gigantic crocodile creature appeared out of the water to attack them. Of course, the creature was seemingly immune to the attacks of the Mandalorians, no matter how many were trying to bring it down.

It took until Din Djarin’s arrival to neutralize the creature as he used his N-1 Starfighter to defeat it. Still, the Armorer saw Din as an apostate that could not be redeemed even though he rescued the other Mandalorians from the beast. And that was why Din said he had a good reason to believe that Mandalore was not as cursed as the Mandalorians thought it was.


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In that regard, Din set out on a journey to try to get to Mandalore so that he could redeem himself in the waters under the mines of that planet. First, he needed to return to Nevarro for something important that he needed to do before going to Mandalore. And that was when he and Grogu entered hyperspace to reach their destination.

While Din was asleep as his ship was traveling in hyperspace, Grogu was awake to observe their surroundings. Normally, hyperspace tunnels are just plain blue lights that have nothing interesting, and that was why Din took the time to rest while they were on their way to Nevarro. However, Grogu observed that there were creatures around them while they were in the hyperspace tunnel, and these creatures caught the child’s attention. So, what were the creatures that Grogu saw during the hyperspace jump?

The creatures that Grogu saw are called Purrgils. For those who aren’t that deep in the Star Wars lore and ecosystem, Purrgils were first introduced during the events of Star Wars: Rebels. And while they seemed to be creatures that were just interesting to see and watch, they ended up helping Ezra Bridger, and the rebels defeat Grand Admiral Thrawn in the final battle.

Of course, we know that Ahsoka Tano is still searching for Thrawn, as we learned during the events of season 2 of The Mandalorian. Due to the actions of Ezra and the Purrgils, the young Jedi Padawan and the Grand Admiral have been lost in space since the end of the Rebels series. And Ahsoka’s next chapter in life might take her on a journey to look for Ezra.

This is why the Purrgils were interesting easter eggs in the first episode of The Mandalorian, as they give us a clue of what we can expect sometime in the future when the Ahsoka series is released.

What Are Purrgils?

Again, those who watched Rebels would understand what Purrgils are and why they were in the hyperspace tunnel together with Din Djarin and Grogu while in their N-1 Starfighter. So, what are Purrgils?

Purrgils are whale-like creatures that are semi-sentient, which means they are capable of independent thought and pretty intelligent. They are gigantic animals that live in deep space and can fly and float both in space and on a planet with a gravitational pull.

But the most interesting capability that Purrgils have is their ability to enter into hyperspace. These creatures can travel in hyperspace without needing to use any special ship or a hyperdrive. Instead, their bodies are hyperspace drives because they can enter hyperspace at will.

This is why Purrgils are nomadic creatures that don’t have permanent homes. They travel as groups and are known to move from one star system to another. And the fact that Purrgils tend to stay on planets on the outskirts of the galaxy makes them incredibly rare.


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Back in Rebels, Ezra used the ability of the Purrgils to enter into hyperspace at will as he used his Jedi powers to communicate with the animals to convince them to help them. This was how he took Grand Admiral Thrawn away from the battlefield as the Purrgils took his ship to unknown parts of the galaxy. That explains why both Ezra and Thrawn are still missing in action during the events of The Mandalorian, as they could be anywhere in the galaxy and have no way of leaving the system, they are currently in.

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