The Mandalorian: What’s Next for Din Djarin and Din Grogu?

din and grogu

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One of the things that we saw at the end of The Mandalorian season 3 was that the Mandalorians were now able to reclaim their home planet and are now ready to rebuild Mandalore from scratch. However, Din Djarin and Grogu have entirely different plans in mind because the unlikely duo is now going on a different path than the other Mandalorians, who plan to stay in Mandalore to help usher in a new generation for the Mandalorians.

We saw that Din Djarin officially adopted Grogu as his son as the child is now called Din Grogu and is now an official member of the Children of the Watch. They were ordered to go on adventures together and leave Mandalore so that Din could help Grogu grow more as a person and a Mandalorian while going on missions. Of course, we know that the duo’s story is not yet over because there are more stories to be told in the Mando-verse era of Star Wars. So, with that said, let’s look at what’s next in store for Din Djarin and Din Grogu.

More Bounty Hunter Adventures

As mentioned, Din Djarin and Din Grogu were ordered to leave Mandalore for adventures allowing the titular character to train his adopted son and apprentice, just like his teacher did to him before he became a true Mandalorian. In that regard, the duo left the planet and went to Adelphi to propose a business deal with Captain Carson Teva and the New Republic Defense Fleet.


The fact that the New Republic couldn’t take care of the pirate problem on Nevarro and couldn’t even solve the problem regarding Moff Gideon’s growing influence meant that the new regime in the galaxy lacked the power and power resources to handle the threats that were still prevalent. And Din Djarin was well aware of this when he went to Adelphi to propose a quick solution to Teva.

He told Teva that he was willing to work with the New Republic as an independent contractor that could help solve some of the problems of the Defense Fleet regarding the Imperial remnants that were still growing in influence in different sectors of the galaxy. Even though Teva understood that this was highly irregular and would never get approved, he knew deep inside that he needed Din Djarin’s help because he didn’t have the men or the resources to handle all of the Imperials. On top of that, the New Republic was hampered by red tape diplomacy, making it difficult for the Defense Fleet to resolve problems related to the Imperial remnants.


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As such, Teva seemingly agreed to work with Djarin and make him the secret contact of the New Republic Defense Fleet regarding their problems with the Empire. That means that Din Djarin and Din Grogu will take on more adventures as bounty hunters that no longer need to work for the scum of the galaxy on shady missions. Instead, they will now take on bounties that are more morally acceptable.

More of Grogu’s Past Comes Into Light

During the events of The Book of Boba Fett, we learn about Grogu’s past and what happened to him when he was still with the Jedi Order. We discovered that he was living with the other younglings in the Jedi Temple during the age of the Republic. However, he ended up getting caught in the middle of Order 66.

In season 3 of The Mandalorian, we learned that it was Jedi Master Kelleran Beq that rescued him from the Jedi Temple as they escaped Coruscant together. But the events that transpired between Grogu’s escape from Coruscant and his eventual meeting with Din Djarin are still mysteries. We don’t know where he was and what he did during the height of the Empire’s power.


That means that any future storylines involving Din Djarin and Grogu will probably revolve around Grogu’s past. While the past isn’t necessary for him to become a Mandalorian, it is still important to note that the continuity needs to resolve this problem so that fans would understand Grogu’s entire history and how he survived the events of the Empire’s reign. In that regard, more and more of Grogu’s past will likely be revealed in the future of this Mandalorian duo.

Grogu’s Growth

We know that both Din Djarin and Din Grogu have chosen the path of the Mandalorian. Djarin was ready to allow Grogu to become a full Mandalorian by adding him to the Song. However, the Armorer said he was still far too young to recite the Creed.


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As such, Grogu will likely continue to grow more as the storyline of The Mandalorian progresses. We know that there will be a time when he will become old and capable enough to speak to recite the Mandalorian Creed and become a true member of the Children of the Watch. Let’s just hope that he doesn’t end up speaking in reverse as Yoda did.

We don’t know how long it would take for Grogu to mature far enough to learn how to speak, but we know he has been trying to learn how to talk. We saw earlier in season 3 that he tried to say, “This is the Way.” But let’s just wait and see if there would be enough time for him to eventually learn how to talk.

Clashing with Thrawn

We all know that Grand Admiral Thrawn is ready to make his Star Wars return and live-action debut during the events of the upcoming Ahsoka series. We also know that he is the “heir to the Empire” and is set to become the next big threat to the New Republic because of his overall power and influence over all of the members of the Shadow Council and the remnants of the Empire.

thrawn live action

While we know that he will be a threat in the Ahsoka series, we also know that there’s a good chance that he will be a long-term villain due to his popularity and power. No other Star Wars villain that’s currently alive in the timeline of the Mandalorian is as big of a threat as Thrawn. And this opens up the possibility of him becoming a threat to Din Djarin and Din Grogu.


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As mentioned, Djarin and Grogu will now work with the New Republic to resolve the issue regarding the Imperial remnants that are still scattered all over the galaxy. The fact that the Imperials will eventually rally around Thrawn when he returns suggests that the duo of Djarin and Grogu will eventually clash with them. Let’s just wait and see how this happens.

The Big Collaboration

One of the biggest announcements made by Lucasfilm during the Star Wars Celebration event is that there will be an upcoming collaboration movie that will conclude the entire Mando-verse. This means that all of the series that take place during the timeline of the Mandalorian are going to collaborate for one big movie that is set to become the culmination event of all of their storylines.

ahsoka mandalorian

We know there are still upcoming seasons and shows that will be set during The Mandalorian. This includes Ahsoka, The Skeleton Crew, and possible additional seasons of The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. As such, these shows’ storylines and additional seasons will likely allow us to see how they all connect with one another for this big collaboration event in the upcoming Mando-verse movie.

Of course, because The Mandalorian is the flagship series of Lucasfilm and Disney+, we know that Din Djarin and Din Grogu will be important characters in the upcoming movie. That is why their story will continue with a possible fourth season of The Mandalorian, allowing us to see how they are connected to the other characters in this upcoming film. And if Thrawn is going to be the big villain in the film, it should be fun to see how the star duo of The Mandalorian will find itself involved in this bigger galactic issue.

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