When Is Morbius Coming To Disney+? (& Will It Be On Netflix & HBO)

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Morbius is now out in theaters, and it has been receiving mixed reviews to the point that some people may want to skip watching it in theaters. This means that there may be some people who would rather wait for it to become available on streaming to catch it. So, in that regard, when will Morbius come to Disney+?

There is no confirmation when Morbius will be coming to Disney+, and that could be around 18 months since the end of the movie’s theatrical release because Disney+ is in Sony’s Pay 2 window. Meanwhile, Morbius will be coming to Netflix sooner than to Disney+ because it is in Sony’s Pay 1 window.

The thing that people should know about Morbius is that this is a movie that isn’t a part of the MCU, and that means that Disney doesn’t own sole rights over it. Considering that Sony owns Morbius, it should be a while before the movie makes it to Disney+. That said, let’s look at what we know about when Morbius will be available for streaming.

When Is Morbius Coming To Disney+?


There are going to be a lot of different Marvel films that are going to be released in 2022, and that means that we are in for a good year of superhero movies and even series. While it isn’t an MCU movie and is actually a part of Sony’s Spider-Man franchise, Morbius is one of the comic book movies that we have seen getting theatrical releases in 2022.

Nevertheless, Morbius opened up with disappointing reviews, and we honestly believe that it is quite lifeless. Because of that, there might be some people who would prefer to skip Morbius in the theaters and would rather just watch it when it becomes available for streaming. And considering that this is a Marvel movie, you might be wondering whether or not it is coming to Disney.


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Morbius is indeed a Marvel movie and is part of the Spider-Man franchise. However, this isn’t an MCU film, and that means that it’s not a movie that Disney has any rights over, given the fact that Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man.

Nevertheless, the good news is that Morbius will indeed come to Disney+. That’s because Sony and Disney inked a massive deal that will allow Disney+ to stream multiple Sony titles, which include movies that are related to the Spider-Man franchise. However, Disney+ is in Sony’s Pay 2 window, which means that it would be a while before Morbius is streaming on Disney+.

Based on what has been revealed about the deal that Sony has with Disney, it is possible that Morbius will be available for streaming on Disney+ sometime around 18 or more months from the end of its theatrical release date. This means that we won’t be able to watch Morbius on Disney+ until the latter part of 2023.

Will Morbius Come To Netflix?

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When people think about streaming, the first name that people often think of is Netflix because this is the biggest streaming service provider in the world. Of course, there are plenty of different movies and shows that have made their way to Netflix, and that means that it’s only logical for anyone to think that any movie will appear on Netflix’s library.

The good news is that Morbius will indeed be coming to Netflix. When we mentioned the massive deal that Sony inked with Disney, the complex deal also included Netflix, which is actually one of the priority streaming services that Sony made a deal with. 

The deal involves multiple streaming service providers because Sony doesn’t have its own streaming service. As such, Sony decided to partner up with multiple streaming service providers that each have their own markets. Netflix was a logical choice for Sony, considering that it’s still the most dominant name in the industry.

When Will Morbius Come To Netflix?

Given the fact that Morbius will indeed be coming to Netflix, you might be wondering when it will be available for streaming. So, the good news for Netflix subscribers is that Morbius will be coming to Netflix earlier than it will be available on Disney+.

The reason why Netflix has priority over Disney is the fact that it is part of the Pay 1 window in the deal with Sony involving multiple streaming service providers. In that regard, it should be possible for you to catch Netflix sooner than you think.


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Then again, what we do know is that we don’t know when Morbius will be arriving on Netflix because there hasn’t been a schedule that has been released by either Sony or Netflix. However, we can make an assumption based on what we know about movie release windows.

In the past, it was normal for films to have a 90-day theatrical release window before they were made available on digital or are released on streaming sites. However, today, most films that aren’t real blockbusters usually stay in theaters for around 45 days only due to the effects of the pandemic.

As such, we may be able to speculate that, after the 45-day window, we may be able to catch on Netflix around nine months from that end date. This could be sometime in the final part of 2022, but we believe it should be around the early to mid part of 2023. In that regard, while Morbius will indeed be available on Netflix sooner than it will be on Disney, fans should still wait for a while before it becomes available for streaming.

Will Morbius Be On HBO Max?

Unfortunately, Morbius will not be on HBO Max because this is a Sony movie and is not owned by Marvel Bros. HBO Max also isn’t part of the massive deal that Sony inked with multiple streaming service providers.

And even if HBO Max owned Morbius, it is unlikely that it’s going to stream the movie anytime soon because HBO has decided to skip out on simultaneously streaming their movies together with their theatrical windows in 2022. As such, even if Morbius were to make it to HBO Max, it might have the same release date as Disney.

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