When Is Werewolf by Night Set, & Is It MCU Canon?

One of the newest projects confirmed by Marvel Studios is Werewolf by Night, which is going to be a Halloween horror special that was adapted from the comic book of the same title. Of course, we know that this series is going to be part of Phase Four of the MCU, but the thing is that we aren’t sure about where it falls in the grander scheme of things. So, when is Werewolf by Night, and is it even canon in the MCU?

There is a chance that Werewolf by Night is set in the past, but probably not in the distant past. We also believe that it isn’t set in the present MCU timeline because of the presence of the Time Variance Authority Hunters in the trailer. As such, it might be from an entirely different timeline in the past.

The presence of the Time Variance Authority (TVA) in the trailer of Werewolf by Night is what makes the entire special interesting because of how we know that the TVA is no longer controlling the timeline after the events of Loki. This could mean that Werewolf by Night is set before the events of Loki and in a different timeline that’s separate from the main MCU timeline.

When Is Werewolf By Night Set In The MCU Timeline?

In the past, we talked about how there was a black-and-white project that Marvel Studios was working on. Just recently, Marvel Studios announced Werewolf by Nightwhich is an adaptation of the comic book series of the same name. This is a black-and-white horror special that was quite possibly created specifically for Halloween. And while we don’t know a lot about this special, we do know that Werewolf by Night is an entirely different Marvel Studios project when compared to the other MCU films and series that we’ve seen so far.

Basically, the premise of Werewolf by Night revolves around a group of different monster hunters that were called to a castle. In the meeting, they were told that one of them was a werewolf and that it was up to them to hunt down the monster in a competition that would allow them to win a rare and powerful relic. Of course, the hunt was on, but the trailer did show that even the ones who were hunting the monsters were also the hunted.

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The premise of Werewolf by Night makes it seem like it is a special that takes place in a setting that is unlike what we’ve seen from the MCU projects that have been released thus far. So, when is Werewolf by Night set in the MCU timeline?

At this point, we don’t know a lot about the overall setting of Werewolf by Night. But we do believe that the special was set in the past, and probably well before the time when the MCU was launched. And the reason why we believe this to be so is the fact that there are a lot of indications that can possibly show that Werewolf by Night might be set in the past.

First off, the fact that these monster hunters exist means that the world is yet to accept the presence of beings and creatures that are far beyond their own comprehension. During the events of the MCU movies and series, the world steadily began to accept that there are beings and creatures that exist beyond what normal human understanding is capable of. So, the fact that the hunters in Werewolf by Night are hunting a werewolf could mean that the world is yet to accept that supernatural creatures also exist in the world.

Second, the trailer of Werewolf by Night shows the presence of the Time Variance Authority Hunters. The TVA is an organization that exists well outside any known timeline as the people behind this group monitor one sacred timeline to make sure that there are no other timelines that would sprout out of any variances in the sacred timeline. That is why the TVA, as we saw in Loki, is in charge of apprehending variants in different timelines and resetting the timeline so that the sacred timeline will be followed.

However, when Sylvie killed He Who Remains in the events of Loki, the sacred timeline was allowed to give birth to numerous timelines. These timelines became different universes that exist in parallel to the main universe. That is why the multiverse in the MCU exists. Of course, right after this happened, the TVA lost all control over the timelines.

Considering that the TVA still exists in Werewolf by Night, it is possible that the story is set before the events of Loki or probably before the MCU itself. If it happened after Loki, then the presence of the TVA Hunters is questionable because the TVA had lost its control over the timelines upon the death of He Who Remains. 

So, with that said, there is a good possibility that Werewolf by Night does indeed take place in the past, and that is probably the reason why the black-and-white theme was used for it so as to give it a more retro appeal that’s similar to the older monster movies that we saw during the 70s and 80s. 

Is Werewolf By Night Canon?

While we don’t know a lot about Werewolf by Night and its overall effect on the MCU, the one thing that we know is that this special could take place in a separate timeline that isn’t the same as the one we’ve seen in the other MCU projects.

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So, with that in mind, we can say that Werewolf by Night is canon because of how the MCU is comprised of different timelines and universes. But there is a good chance that this isn’t canon to the main MCU timeline, especially if it takes place in a timeline that’s entirely separate from Universe-616. And the presence of the TVA is the biggest determinant of whether or not Werewolf by Night is canon.

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