When & Where Is Dragon Age: Absolution Set?

Dragon age absolution takes place

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Dragon Age: Absolution is a new, upcoming animated series based on the successful Dragon Age video game franchise that is set to premiere on Netflix on December 9, 2022. Dragon Age has been a hit among gamers for years and this upcoming animated series is going to be a new addition to the larger narrative of the franchise. The story is set to feature new characters and will be an addition to the well-established narrative. In this article, we are going to tell you when and where the new series, Dragon Age: Absolution, is going to be set.

Although the exact chronology has not been confirmed, we know that Dragon Age: Absolution is going to be set during the Dragon Age, around the time of the game Dragon Age: Inquisition, i.e., not before 9:41 Dragon and probably somewhere around or after 9:42 Dragon, when the game is over. The location of the series is going to be the Tevinter Imperium.

The rest of this article is going to provide you with more details on the timeline and the world of Dragon Age: Absolution. The world of Dragon Age: Absolution is a truly intriguing take on the franchise’s story and we are here to give you all the information and the explanations you might need. This article is going to provide you with all the necessary information in one place.

When does Dragon Age: Absolution take place?

And while the location is known (see below), the exact timeline of the Dragon Age: Absolution is unknown as of this moment, as the series hasn’t yet aired. Netflix has not revealed the timeline of the show, but there are some details that allowed us to deduce when the story might be set, at least provisionally. Namely, although the story will follow a group of new and original characters, we already know that some familiar faces are going to appear in the series.

They are: Fairbanks, the leader of a group of Orlesian refugees who have lost their homes to the War of the Lions; Cassandra Pentaghast, a Nevarran of the royal Pentaghast family the Right Hand of the Divine, and; Leliana, an Orlesian bard. These three characters have already appeared in the series (the games) and have been characters in more than one iteration of the series. But, only one game – Dragon Age: Inquisition – connects all three characters, which is why we can deduce that the plot of Dragon Age: Absolution is going to be set in the period around Dragon Age: Inquisition.


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Now, the story of Dragon Age: Inquisition is set during the Dragon Age, starting in 9:41 Dragon and ending in 9:42 Dragon. We don’t know when exactly Dragon Age: Absolution takes place, but we know that it will take place during the Dragon Age. It could begin around 9:41 when Inquisition started, but it could also begin sometime between the beginning and end of the game. It could also be set after 9:42, which would make the most sense since it’s an original story with new characters and they would not have to retcon anything from the original games.

Where does Dragon Age: Absolution take place?

It has been officially confirmed that the plot of Dragon Age: Absolution is going to take place in the Tevinter Imperium. Now, we don’t know all the details, so we don’t know which parts of this large empire are going to be featured and whether some new locations will be added, but we can tell you something about the location to prepare you for what’s coming.


In Tevinter, whoever holds the power is right, so the leaders of the magical community, called magisters, do whatever they want. It was the Tevinterers who destroyed the legendary Arlathan and made the elves slaves, which led to the death of the elven culture. Slavery is still widespread in the Empire. The magisters of ancient Tevinter are also blamed for starting the Mors by creating the Darkspawn. It is believed that they desecrated the Golden City by trying to enter it. The history of their arrogance is the cornerstone of the Church’s faith. Centuries ago, Tevinter controlled almost all of Thedas.

Several Holy Marches and a protracted war with the Qunari led to the weakening of the Empire. It is still a relatively powerful state, but it is only a shadow of the powerful empire of the past. The Tevinter Empire has a reputation as Thedas’ most foul and demonized state due to its history of conquest, the role played by the magisters in the rise of the Blight, and the ongoing Schism. It is almost impossible to find records from Tevinter outside the country that have not been distorted or simply falsified. For most Thedasans, this state is a twisted and completely morbid magocracy that should be seriously feared until it changes.


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The remainder of Thedas is viewed by the Tevinter as uncultured, barbaric people who do not respect tradition or authority. In Tevinter, dragon imagery can be seen everywhere, in both historic and contemporary public buildings. The ancient gods of the magisters of old were represented as dragons, and even when the Cult of the Maker outlawed their worship, the dragon remained the emblem of the Empire.

In the initial period of their settlement on the mainland of Thedas, the distant ancestors of people peacefully coexisted with the elves. Gradually, people began to unite in communities. The Tevinterites, one such community, settled in the port city of Minrathous, which has since been ruled by a line of kings. The Tevinter were eager to develop their magical abilities. They were taught how to use lyrium to enter the Shadow by the elves. Magic soon spread to every aspect of existence. Magicians gathered in closed groups where they learned and developed their skills. The most influential of them came together to establish the Council of Magisters, which met in Minrathous to address different magic-related topics.

In 1195 of the Ancient Era, Magister Darinius became the first Archon, turning Tevinter into an empire, and all Magisters were ranked among the nobility. Gradually, the elves began to move away from people, and the empire was able to expand its territories. The Empire enslaved the elven people, taking over their land of Elvenan and destroying Arlathan along with all of its magic. During the reign of Darinius, Tevinter and Kal-Sharok traded extensively with each other. The Empire expanded its holdings to the south and east, to Ferelden and Rivain, enslaving the population of the occupied territories.

At the same time, the construction of the Imperial Highway began, which was supposed to connect all the occupied lands and trade routes, but the fall of the Empire did not allow this plan to be completed. In 620-540 Tevinter civil war broke out between two powerful magisters claiming the position of archon, marking the end of Tevinter’s golden age. Nevertheless, the Empire did not collapse, and order was restored. In the year 800 of the Tevinter reckoning, the Magisters decided to encroach on the domain of the Creator and entered the Fade, using a huge amount of lyrium and the blood of hundreds of slain slaves. They transformed into the original Darkspawn and returned to the empire, bringing with them a Blight that lasted 200 years.


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The empire was devastated, its power was shaken, and unrest among the people only complicated the situation. Ultimately, the order of the Gray Wardens was created, putting an end to the Blight. The weakened Empire became vulnerable to outside invasions. Led by the runaway slave Andraste and her spouse, Maferath, the barbarian armies from the north of Ferelden went to war against Tevinter. This event is known as the Holy March. In the cities of the empire, elves-slaves rebelled, inspired by the example of Andraste. However, the uprising was put down and Andraste, along with her generals, was publicly executed.

The cults of Andraste were expanding all across the earth while the empire fought Rivain. Archon Hessarian formally embraced the religion. Due to their entrance into the exclusive Mages’ communities, the Magisters have lost their influence. Finally, South Tevinter was broken, while North Tevinter was unaffected. The masters eventually submitted to the church, but only under their own terms. The Empire separated itself from the Orlesian Church during the Age of Towers and established its own Imperial Church, led by the High Priest Valhail. The white High Priestess of the Orlesian Church led several Holy Marches against Tevinter during the Black and Exalted Ages.

Serious conflict grew between the two churches. The Qunari armies launched their first attack on Thedas in 6:30 Steel, capturing much of Tevinter. The Empire did not accept the Llomerin Agreement, which would have ended the war. As such, there is still an ongoing war between the Empire and the Qunari over northern Thedas and the Isle of Seheron. In 7:34 Tempest, after the Magisters were elected Archon Nomaran by a group of sorcerers, political power again passed to the Magisters. Thus, the law that forbade mages from taking part in the affairs of the Empire was repealed.

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