When Will Sauron Appear in The Rings of Power? Where Is He & Will We See Him in Season 1?

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All of us are thinking the same exact thing when we are talking about the finale of the first season of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Of course, we are talking about Sauron and his actual identity, as the series has done a fantastic job at keeping us guessing the entire time so that we enter each episode looking for new clues as to who he is. Nevertheless, we are at the final episode of the season, and we are still wondering who Sauron is. So, when will Sauron appear in The Rings of Power?

There is a good chance that the season 1 finale of The Rings of Power will finally reveal who Sauron is, as the clue can be seen in the final trailer that was dropped at the New York Comic Con. In that trailer, the Mystics from Rhûn seem to be talking to who they believe is Sauron in the background.

We have been fooled a lot of times in the past in relation to who Sauron is and whether or not the series is going to reveal him. In that regard, the trailer for the finale of season 1 seems to give us a hint that Sauron will be revealed. Then again, the series has been as deceptive as the dark lord himself, and it is still possible that we would have to wait longer to know who Sauron is.

When Will Sauron Appear In The Rings Of Power?

We have always been wondering ever since the very first episode of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power whether or not Sauron is still around or if he is actually going to be revealed sooner or later by the series. And that’s because the series has been spectacular at keeping his whereabouts and identity a secret from us and the different fans.

Season 1 of The Rings of Power has spent seven episodes making us wonder who Sauron is, as there are now a lot of different possible suspects regarding the identity of the dark lord. But while there are a lot of suspects right now, the thing is that, no matter how many suspects there are, our clues would be pointless if Sauron’s identity won’t revealed anytime soon. So, when will Sauron appear in The Rings of Power?

At this point, we really aren’t sure when Sauron will appear, but there is a reason to believe that he will appear in episode 8 of The Rings of Power. And the clue can be found in the season finale trailer that was released during the panel for The Rings of Power at the New York Comic Con.

In this trailer, you will be able to hear the words “You will be known at least for who you truly are, for you are Lord Sauron” in the background, while the trailer highlights the mysterious white-robed figures we know come from the lands of Rhûn. While the trailer doesn’t allow us to see the Dweller, the Nomad, and the Ascetic speaking, it is possible that it is their voice that’s saying those abovementioned words as they are talking to someone who they think is Sauron.


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In that regard, it is likely that Sauron will be revealed at the end of season 1, and that means that there is a good reason for fans to stay tuned to it so that they can finally have the answers to their questions regarding Sauron. And that could put to rest the many different speculations that some of us have in relation to the different suspects we have in our heads.

Will Sauron Appear In The Season 1 Finale?

As mentioned, the trailer seems to indicate and tease the possibility of Sauron appearing in the season 1 finale. Even the Twitter account of The Rings of Power seems to be teasing that Sauron will finally be revealed in the final episode of season 1, as that is the moment we have all been waiting for ever since the very first episode of the series.

But while all of us are excited to know who Sauron is, there is still a good chance that the season finale teasers won’t be as truthful as they may seem. Of course, we are talking about a series that has kept things secret for years, and that means that the people behind The Rings of Power have learned a thing or two about deception from Sauron. 

This could mean that there is still a chance that the series is just playing with us and that Sauron will not be revealed entirely in the season finale of the first season of The Rings of Power. It still is possible that the series will actually reveal who Sauron is but not in a way that’s entirely very open. What we are saying is that the big Sauron reveal could end in a cliffhanger with the white-robed figures talking to the person they believe is Sauron, only for the episode to end without actually revealing who Sauron is.


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In that regard, all that we’re saying here is that you shouldn’t actually keep your hopes up that the series will show all of its cards in the season finale, considering that The Rings of Power has done a great job at keeping us guessing. That means that it is quite possible that the series will make us wait for a long time before Sauron will finally be revealed in full in the next season. As such, better temper your expectations before the season finale gets released.

Has Sauron Already Been Introduced?

At this point, it is tough to tell whether or not Sauron has already been introduced but is merely hiding in the form of another person. But we do have our prime suspects in relation to who Sauron could be. And we are talking about Halbrand and the Stranger.

halbrand and the stranger

It is possible that Halbrand is Sauron in human form after he lost his other form when Adar “killed” him. This explains why Halbrand is so angry at Adar and why he wants to get back at him and win back the Southlands from the Uruk that betrayed him. And much of Halbrand’s backstory still remains a mystery to all of us.

Meanwhile, there is the Stranger, who has two possible identities as of this writing: Sauron and Gandalf. The possibility that he could be either of those two characters could be related to the reason why the white-robed figures from Rhûn are looking for him.

If the Stranger is Sauron, then that means that the white-robed women are simply looking for their master and want to reunite with him. But if he is Gandalf, that means that these Mystics are looking for him because they know that he is a threat to the survival of their master, as only a Maia is strong enough to match the power of another Maia.

Then again, it is also possible that neither Halbrand nor the Stranger is Sauron, as he could be hiding in the form of someone who we have either met or have not met. And The Rings of Power has done a great job of keeping us guessing every single week.

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