Where and When Is Netflix’s Kaleidoscope Set? Explained

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A lot of fans are excited about the upcoming Netflix series called Kaleidoscope because of how it stands as one of the most unique shows to ever be created. Of course, what makes it unique is the fact that it can be watched in any sequential order. While we are still waiting for the release of Kaleidoscope, it is important for us to know more about the series and its setting. So, where and when is Netflix’s Kaleidoscope set? 

Kaleidoscope is set in New York, specifically Manhattan, because that is where the heist was planned to take place. The heist focuses on a secured underground vault in Manhattan. And all of the events take place in 2012 during the height of Hurricane Sandy, as the thieves use the disaster as a cover.

The fact that Kaleidoscope was loosely based on a true story is what makes it easy for us to determine where and when it takes place. Of course, viewers should take the events of the series with a grain of sand because, as mentioned, it was only loosely based on true events. That means that it still is a fictional storyline. That said, let’s take a look at where and when it takes place.

What Is Kaleidoscope About?

While we know for a fact that Netflix is not a stranger to innovation, the streaming giant takes things to another level with Kaleidoscope, which is a series that can be watched in any order. That means that you can watch its episodes in any order, and you will still be able to understand what the entire storyline is all about. Of course, its storyline focuses on a heist.

The thing about Kaleidoscope is that it is based on true events that happened in real life, albeit quite loosely. That means that the surrounding events of the series happened in real life but the actual story is as fictional as any heist storyline can be. And the story follows the heist plotted by a master thief and his crew.


Kaleidoscope was loosely on Hurricane Sandy, which was responsible for a lot of money lost in the stock market during its height. In that regard, the hurricane itself caused billions in damage and losses. But the thing about Kaleidoscope is that it fictionalized the events of Hurricane Sandy by giving it an actual thief. That means that the stars of the series are the ones that were responsible for the stock market losses during the events of Hurricane Sandy instead of the losses being a product of the damage by the hurricane itself.


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Of course, the series follows a unique format that allows its viewers to watch the events of the storyline in a jumbled order. As such, its storyline and format make Kaleidoscope one of the most intriguing releases in recent memory.

Where Is Kaleidoscope Set?

At this point, you probably already have a clue where Kaleidoscope is set. As mentioned, the series is loosely based on the events that followed the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. While the hurricane itself damaged a lot of different places in America, the stock market losses incurred as a result of its destruction happened in New York, which is the stock market capital of the US.

Specifically, the series takes place in Manhattan, New York, but it is also possible that the Kaleidoscope storyline will take us to different places all over the country. Still, the heist itself focuses on Manhattan because that is where the stock market is. And that is also where the vault that the thieves are trying to break into is located.

It is also worth mentioning that the vault that the thieves are targeting in Kaleidoscope actually exists in real life. The same vault can be found in Manhattan, New York. It was damaged during the events of Hurricane Sandy due to the flooding that happened as the vault itself is located underground. This vault was largely a secret to the public until the events of Sandy allowed more people to know that it actually existed.

Of course, due to the highly fictionalized nature of Kaleidoscope, the thieves are already aware of the fact that this vault exists and is home to billions or even trillions of dollars worth of stock and bond certificates. As such, the thieves are likely after these certificates in what appears to be the heist of the century.

When Is Kaleidoscope Set?

Again, the fact that Kaleidoscope is loosely based on the events of Hurricane Sandy already gives us a good idea of when it takes place. Hurricane Sandy took place from the end of October up to the first days of November 2012. During that time, flooding happened in different parts of New York and the entire country.

hurricane sandy

As such, it goes without saying that Kaleidoscope, or the main heist portion of the series, takes place in 2012 due to the fact that Hurricane Sandy happened that year. But the thing about Kaleidoscope is that its events are set to take place over a long period of time.


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Considering that this is a big heist that involves a lot of money and targets a huge vault that is as secure as any vault can be, the heist in Kaleidoscope needed a lot of years of preparation. As such, based on the information released about the series, Kaleidoscope takes place during a span of 25 years, and that means that the heist probably took a very long prep time.

Of course, the main heist itself takes place in 2012 because that was when Hurricane Sandy took place. But we aren’t sure when the series starts and what year it ends. All we know is that the entire storyline takes place during a long 25-year span. 

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