Where Is The Penguin At The End Of The Batman?

Colin Farrell Penguin

The Batman is full of different DC characters that have become a part of Batman’s rogue’s gallery in the comics. While he may not have been the main villain of the movie, one of the characters that played a huge role in The Batman is the Penguin. However, while he may have been important to the plot of the film, the Penguin was noticeably absent during the final portions of the movie. So, where is the Penguin at the end of The Batman?

At the end of The Batman, the Penguin was not in the picture because it wasn’t important for him to be there. However, his introduction and role in The Batman allow us to see how he will step up to the hole left by Carmine Falcone and will become the next big crime lord controlling Gotham’s underworld.

It is important to note that the Penguin will have his own spin-off series that will most probably detail the character’s rise to power following the events of The Batman. As such, omitting him from the climax portion of the film was probably a conscious decision that was intended to leave us asking about the Penguin. In that regard, let’s get to know more about the Penguin in The Batman.

What Was Penguin’s Goal In The Batman?

Even before the premiere of the movie, we already knew that the Penguin, played by Colin Farrell, was going to be in the movie. But the capacity of his appearance was something that viewers were left wondering. Even though we already knew that the Riddler was going to be the main antagonist, we were wondering how the Penguin would fit in the movie.

Of course, when The Batman was released, one of the things we saw was the fact that the Penguin was not one of the villains that the film focused on. We know for a fact that the Riddler was always going to be the main villain, but we did see Carmine Falcone playing the secondary villain role in the film. In a sense, the Penguin was there, but he was introduced as a mob boss that may have been doing illegal things in Gotham but was not loud enough to have Batman and the police on his back.

The Penguin in his fancy home in a still from Batman 2022

We were made aware of the fact that the Penguin may have had a history with both Falcone and Maroni in the film, as it was implied that he knew something about the other crime lords in Gotham. But, at that point, he was yet to reach the top of the crime ladder in the city because Falcone was the one who was at the apex, especially after Maroni was imprisoned. Nevertheless, the Penguin has climbed high enough in the ladder that he became a part of Falcone’s operation.

The film introduced the Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge, which is a high-end nightclub where the criminals, dirty cops, and politicians were making deals regarding certain illegal operations that were happening in the city. And considering that Falcone was the one who was controlling the illegal drug operations in Gotham, he was basically using the Penguin as a right-hand man.


Who Are The Falcone & The Maroni Crime Families In The Batman?

Nevertheless, even though the Penguin was implied to have a reputation as one of the top mobsters in Gotham, it was never really explored what his goals were and what he was doing, aside from the fact that he was acting as a middleman in the dealings between the shady individuals of the city. 

What we do know is that, like any crime boss, the Penguin’s goal is to reach the top of the ladder by controlling most, if not all, of the different illegal activities happening in Gotham. But considering the fact that Falcone is the one holding that top spot and was seemingly going to hold it indefinitely (until he was busted by Batman and Gordon), the Penguin settled on his place as a rising crime boss that couldn’t quite get to the top.

What Happened To Penguin At The End Of The Batman?

Before the movie’s climax, the trio of Batman, Gordon, and Selina Kyle was able to discover the dealings that Falcone was making behind the curtain, as he was using Thomas Wayne’s fund to cut deals with politicians and policemen. He was revealed to be the rat that tipped the police off on Maroni’s illegal activities, and that was what the Riddler was trying to have Batman solve.

When the police were taking Falcone into custody for his crimes, the Penguin saw him getting taken and realized that he was the rat all along. Nobody likes a rat, and that was when the Penguin tried to take matters into his own hands by attempting to shoot Falcone. The Penguin was unsuccessful in doing so, but the Riddler used the confusion to shoot Falcone from a distance. After that, the Penguin was hardly ever seen in the film’s climax because he had already played his role.


What Happened To Riddler At The End Of The Batman?

By the end of the movie, Falcone is dead, and the Riddler has succeeded in flooding Gotham City. The people are also demoralized because of the revelation regarding the dirty cops and politicians running the city. As such, there is a huge hole left in the city not only in terms of the trust that the people had for their leaders but also in terms of the illegal operations happening in the city. And this is where it might get interesting for the Penguin.

Will We See Penguin Again In The Batman 2?

As of the moment, there is no telling whether or not we will see the Penguin again in the next installment of the film. What we do know is that The Batman is going to quite possibly set the next chapter in the Penguin’s story, which will be seen in the upcoming HBO Max spin-off series.

The possibility is that the series will explore the events after the flooding of Gotham, where the city is still recovering from the effects of the Riddler’s terrorist attacks. That means that the politicians and the police are going to be busy repairing the city and trying to regain the people’s trust, which they lost during the events of the Riddler’s attacks.

Screenshot 2021 12 28 12.23.29 PM.png 1

In that regard, this leaves a prime opening for the Penguin to try to take over the city’s criminal underground. Falcone is dead, and Maroni is in prison. As such, the most powerful crime boss left is the Penguin.

And considering that the city is still in shambles and the different peace-keeping individuals, such as the police and Batman, are busy helping out wherever they can, it will become easier for the Penguin to take over. This might be something that the spin-off series will explore.

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