Where Was The Adam Project Filmed? Netflix Locations Explored (Map Included)

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The Adam Project is Ryan Reynolds’ newest film, as it talks about Ryan Reynolds’ character meeting his younger self several years in the past. This time-traveling adventure is full of fun and sci-fi excitement for the entire family. On top of the fact that this is a film that explores the possibilities of time traveling, it also showcases unique sceneries that are beautiful and very appealing. So, where was The Adam Project filmed?

The Adam Project was primarily filmed in Vancouver in the province of British Columbia, Canada. This is a very personal film for Ryan Reynolds because he himself is a native of Vancouver. The entire film took three months to film in British Columbia. It started in 2020 and concluded early in 2021.

One of the best parts about The Adam Project is the fact that it showcases a good mix of urban sceneries and forests. This is due in large part to how the film was shot in select places that allow us to see the beauty of Vancouver and British Columbia as a whole. With that said, let’s take a good look at where The Adam Project was filmed.

Where Was The Adam Project Filmed?

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One of the newest Netflix movies that you can stream today is The Adam Project, which stars Ryan Reynolds in a role that is quite new to him because he plays the role of a mature version of himself instead of the usual funny and wacky kind of character that we have become accustomed to when it comes to Ryan Reynolds.

That said, The Adam Project is a good film that was able to show a lot of different sceneries that include urban areas and, of course, the cabin where the Reed family lives. So, where was The Adam Project filmed?

The Adam Project was primarily filmed in the province of British Columbia in Canada. Ryan Reynolds himself is a native of British Columbia, as he grew up in Vancouver. This means that the film is quite personal to him because of the fact that he knows the area by heart.

Ryan Reynolds and the rest of the crew filmed The Adam Project for almost four months in Vancouver, as the movie wrapped up its filming in March of 2021 after it began filming during the latter portion of 2020.

That said, here are some of the areas of Vancouver where The Adam Project was filmed:

Metropolitan Vancouver

The Adam Project was primarily filmed in the metropolitan area of Vancouver as this is an urbanized and highly populous city that is located on the west coast of Canada, particularly in the province of British Columbia. It wasn’t a secret that the crew filmed a lot of different scenes in Vancouver, as residents of the city saw them filming in a lot of different areas in the metropolis.


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Vancouver is widely regarded as the Hollywood of the north because of the fact that it is a lot less expensive for production crews to film a movie there, especially when compared to the different locations all over the United States. As such, there have been plenty of different movies and TV shows that have been filmed in Vancouver. The list includes Peacemaker, Man of Steel, Titanic, Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness, and the Arrowverse television shows.

As such, regardless of whether or not Ryan Reynolds himself is a native of Vancouver, the city is simply one of the best places to film a movie because of how it is an urbanized area that can be the setting of any movie set in a modern city. On top of that, there are also different forested areas surrounding Vancouver.

Some of the different areas around Vancouver where the film crew was spotted filming include:

1. Jack Poole Plaza

Jack Poole Plaza on Canada Day 2010

This is a local landmark in Vancouver and is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in the entire province of British Columbia.

2. Park Royal


Park Royal is a local shopping center in Vancouver and is one of the top destinations for people who want to shop whenever they’re in the city.

3. Vancouver Convention Centre

Convention Centre Vancouver1 1

The Vancouver Convention Centre is right next to Jack Poole Plaza, and that’s why the film crew was also seen filming here.

4. University of British Columbia

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Adam’s father, who is played by Mark Ruffalo in the film, was actually working in the academe and was responsible for discovering the basics of traveling through time. As such, it is understandable why the crew would be filming at the University of British Columbia.


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5. The Beach House Restaurant

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The Beach House Restaurant is another one of the best local destinations in Vancouver because of its amazing ambiance and great food. 

6. The Blarney Stone

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The Blarney Stone is a popular pub in Vancouver and is arguably the most recognizable pub in the entire province of British Columbia.

Lynn Valley, North Vancouver

lynn valley North Vancouver

On top of the fact that the film takes place in Vancouver, some of the scenes were shot in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver, which is a naturally forested area that the government maintains well enough to provide Vancouver residents an escape from the city.

The reason why there are scenes that had to be shot in Lynn Valley is the fact that there are instances in the film that take place in a forested area. On top of that, the Reed family home in the movie is located in a forested area. This is why there had to be scenes that needed to be shot in the woods.

However, it should be noted that the Reed home was shot in the studio and not in the forest. A makeshift home had to be built inside the convention center, which served as one of the primary studios of the film.

Still, the scenes that needed to be shot in the woods were actually shot in Lynn Valley and not in a studio.

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