Who Are the Biggest Young Stars in Hollywood Right Now? New A-List Finally Revealed!

Who Are the Biggest Young Stars in Hollywood Right Now? New A-List Finally Revealed!

Each generation has its sweethears and each generation has its proper stars. This is a normal thing when Hollywood is concerned and whether you’re 20 or 80, you will certainly know most of the popular names from each acting generation you’ve witnessed during your lifetime. This generation is, of course, not an exception and the current A-list of the biggest young stars in Hollywood at this moment has been published by The Hollywood Reporter, finally revealing the most sought after names whose appearances are more or less a guarantee of a movie’s success at the box office.

Since this is undoubtedly a major event in the movie industry, we have decided to provide you with the names on the list and give our own impressions on whether these names deserve to be here or not when compared to some other colleagues. A lot has to be taken in here – popularity, social influence, relevant projects, success, etc. – so making such a list is not easy as there are no clearly measurable parameters that one can hold on to, but we will do our best to explain everyhing. The names on this list will be listed in alphabetic order.

1. Austin Butler – The Golden Boy

image 2024 05 25 004134180

Although his first major project was Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood…, Austin Butler probably entered the spotlight with his Oscar-nominated performance of Elvis Presley in the eponymous movie by Baz Luhrmann. Since then, Austin Butler has undoubtedly been one of the most sought-after young actors and his career is currently on an upward spiral. He recently appeared in Villeneuve’s Dune: Part Two, but we are soon going to see him in The Bikeriders, as well as Aronofsky’s upcoming thriller Caught Stealing, so he definitely does deserve to be on this list, despite the fact that he made a boom in a relatively short time, especially when compared to some other names on this list.

2. Timothée Chalamet – The Sure Thing

image 2024 05 25 004223051

When he appeared as a young version of Casey Affleck’s character in Interstellar, no one really thought that Chalamet would become such a high-profile name. But after some stellar appearances in Call Me by Your Name, Beautiful Boy, Lady Bird, and Little Women, Chalamet quickly became a high-profile name. Villeneuve’s Dune cemented his status, and his recent appearance in Wonka showed just how versatile he is and how he can be popular among all generations. Chalamet’s place is definitely deserved.

3. Jacob Elordi – The Shy Heartthrob

image 2024 05 25 004259281

Jacob Elrodi is an actor who has been building his status slowly, and while we wouldn’t necessarily agree that he is among the hottest names in Hollywood right now, he is certainly a relevant name. He probably surpassed the likes of Tom Holland or Barry Keoghan, for example, because of his specific charisma, as well as the successful projects he’s had in recent years, so while we don’t necessarily agree with this inclusion, we understand it completely and we can only confirm that seeing Elordi on screen is always great!

4. Paul Mescal – The Art House Prince

image 2024 05 25 004417015

Heck, who doesn’t like Paul Mescal? The guy is just charming in every way imaginable! The Oscar-nominated actor has it all – he is a great actor, his personality seems to be great, he is popular, and he is looks great! Aftersun and All of Us Strangers are two of his recently acclaimed projects, and the young star is steadily making a career for himself, especially in indie movies, which is why his inclusion here is all the more important, as indie actors don’t really enter the spotlight so easily, but we’re glad he managed to do it.

5. Jenna Ortega – The Gen Z Obsession

wednesday 1

It’s all Wednesday‘s fault, you know that, right? Jenna Ortega is the first actress on this list and we can actually confirm that she is definitely one of the most popular actresses currently. Thanks to her acclaimed interpretation of Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s series, which made her a Gen Z/TikTok phenomenon, Ortega has managed to expand her filmography, and we will soon see her in the sequel to Beetlejuice, as well as the second season of Wednesday. The only issue is that she is currently being typecast in similar roles, so she will have to do something to break out of that mold is she wants to remain a major name.

6. Glen Powell – The Megawatt Smile

Glen Powell Reveals Why He "Ran Away" from Hollywood and Why He Turned Down the New 'Jurassic' Movie

This is also an inclusion we’re not entirely sure of, as Powell doesn’t have the career highs to actually merit this inclusion, but we can understand it. Powell’ breakthrough role was in Top Gun: Maverick and he has since been typecast in very similar roles. Sure, the Anyone but You rom-com with Sydney Sweeney made his popularity explode, and Powell has been dubbed as the next Tom Cruise by some, but we think that he still has to work a lot to actually prove he is worthy of this inclusion.

7. Florence Pugh – The Chameleon

image 2024 05 25 004549882

Florence Pugh is there. She has appeared in numerous movies, both in more and less serious roles, showing an incredible versatility, as well as some incredible talent. Whether or not you think that she deserves a spot on this list in front of some other names, you cannot deny that she has the talent and the stance to be a major name in the industry. She knows how to stand up for herself and that is always something that we can appreciate and support.

8. Sydney Sweeney – The Hustler

image 2024 05 25 004655436

Her appearance in Euphoria was good and much more layered than you might think if you skimmed through her character in a superficial manner, but Sweeney still cannot shake off the impression that many have: that she succeeded primarily because of her looks. Her roles so far have, more or less, focused on that aspect, but she is incredibly talented and we think that she needs just one big break to fully merit her inclusion on this list in every way. Maybe the upcoming Christy Martin biopic will be it!

9. Anya Taylor-Joy – The Genre Queen

image 2024 05 25 004759913

We don’t know why THR called her the genre queen, as Taylor-Joy has proven herself capable of acting in many different genres. Sure, she likes strange and eccentric roles, but she has proven her versatility and her talent. Taylor-Joy is undoubtedly one of the most talented names on this list and we absolutely agree that she deserves to be here and that we will be able to see her in numerous upcoming projects in which she will prove her talents even more.

10. Zendaya – The Unicorn

Zendaya on the Romance Scenes from 'Challenger': "I loved it."

Her role in Euphoria would be enough to include her on this list, but Zendaya is much more than just an actress. She is an icon and she has managed to become one at a very young age, which is why her inclusion on this list is absolutely deserved. She has done many successful projects over the years, and she will – we are certain of that – definitely do even more.

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