Who Are The Daughters of Ferrix in Star Wars: Andor? Explained

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Ferrix has been quite important in the overall storyline of season 1 of Andor because that was where the entire story started. As such, the ISB forces focused their search for Cassian Andor on Ferrix because of how important his mother was to him and how they were aware that his mother was an important part of Ferrix’s society as she was a Daughter of Ferrix. However, who are the Daughters of Ferrix?

The Daughters of Ferrix is a social group composed of some of the women that live on Ferrix. While we don’t know what the Daughters of Ferrix do, we know that they have an influence on the people of Ferrix. Maarva Andor, the adoptive mother of Cassian, used to be the president of this group.

While the Daughters of Ferrix aren’t exactly strong or powerful, they have always been important to the people of Ferrix as they have been strong leaders in the community. In that regard, that was the reason why people in the community respected and adored Maarva. So, with that said, let’s look at who the Daughters of Ferrix are and why they are important to Andor.

Who Are The Daughters Of Ferrix?

Ever since the start of the Andor series, one of the things that we saw in Cassian’s hometown in Ferrix was the fact that the community was quite close in the sense that everyone knew everyone. It was a small community that cared and looked out for one another. Of course, one of the people that were clearly influential in Ferrix was Cassian’s mother Maarva, who was respected well enough that the people of Ferrix warned Cassian about the fact that the Pre-Mor forces had barged into Maarva’s home.


After the entire Aldhani incident, the ISB was able to pinpoint how the attack on Aldhani could be related to the Pre-Mor skirmish that happened on Ferrix. That was when they listed Cassian Andor as a top suspect for the rebel activities that had been happening. And it was important for them to find Cassian because he could possibly lead the ISB to the one they called Axis, who is actually Luthen.


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As such, we saw that the ISB actually tried to interrogate Maarva into giving up her son. However, instead of taking her in and applying pressure on her, the ISB decided to let her be because they knew that Cassian would eventually return for her. On top of that, they were also aware of the fact that Maarva was a member of the Daughters of Ferrix. So, who are the Daughters of Ferrix?

The Daughters of Ferrix is a social group that’s composed of some of the most influential women in Ferrix. We don’t know exactly what they do, but there is a reason to believe that these women are respected leaders within the community and that they could possibly be elders that the people of Ferrix go to whenever they need their help or wisdom.

Maarva was not only a member of the Daughters of Ferrix but was actually a past president of this group. We also saw in episode 12 that Maarva’s holographic message said that she had been in Ferrix since she was a little girl. And this means that she was not only a Daughter of Ferrix but was also an elder within the community as well.

As such, for all the trouble that Cassian tends to cause in Ferrix, the people find a way to cover for him because they respect his mother. And when Maarva died, an entire funeral festival needed to be conducted in accordance with the traditions of Ferrix.

Still, we don’t know what the Daughters of Ferrix actually do. It is possible that they handle some of the traditional affairs in the community, such as festivals and funerals. After all, we did see some of the women of Ferrix participating in the funeral procession of Maarva.

Why Are The Daughters Of Ferrix Important?

Technically speaking, the Daughters of Ferrix isn’t really important if you only look at their lack of military power. But the fact is that Ferrix is a community that is tight-knit and has people that actually look out for one another. And that’s where the importance of the Daughters of Ferrix comes into play.

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The Daughters of Ferrix may lack any real power but what they have is influence. These women are so influential in the community of Ferrix that they are some of the most respected members of society. In a sense, they are leaders that the people of Ferrix are willing to listen to. And we saw that in episode 12.


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Before her death, Maarva recorded a video of herself monologuing about her death and what she thought the people of Ferrix should do. She wanted to be someone who could help people rise up even after her death. And that was when she urged the people of Ferrix to revolt against the Empire.

Maarva, as a former president of the Daughters of Ferrix, was so influential and important to the community that the entire town went out on the streets to pay their respects to her during the funeral. And when she urged them to fight, the people of Ferrix were more than willing to oblige as they respected not only her but the Daughters of Ferrix as well.

As such, the Daughters of Ferrix are important in the Andor storyline because they were able to help start a small spark that would eventually become a large fire called the Rebellion. The Daughters were so influential that one of their own was able to make the people of Ferrix rebel against the Empire. So, while these women aren’t exactly powerful in terms of military might, they have voices that the people are more than willing enough to listen to. And that’s why they are important in the entire Andor storyline.

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