Who Are the Hunters in Werewolf by Night? (& Who Plays Them)


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We reported the last time that there was going to be a black and white project that Marvel Studios was working on, and that came true when we learned that the project was going to be Werewolf by Night, which is supposedly a Halloween special on Disney+. Of course, we know that this special is adapted from the Werewolf by Night comics involving a character that has the ability to transform into a werewolf. But we learned in the trailer and the premise that the special will revolve around a group of hunters. So, who are the hunters in Werewolf by Night?

The hunters are a group of different people that were gathered in Bloodstone Castle after the death of their leader. There are also hunters that appear to be the Time Variance Authority. We know that the TVA handles changes in the timeline, and that could be a major issue in Werewolf by Night.

One of the most interesting things about Werewolf by Night is that it does seem like it will follow a mystery kind of premise that will revolve around the hunters guessing among themselves who the werewolf is. So, with that said, there is a chance that not even they know who is masquerading as a hunter. Now, let’s look at what we know about the hunters in Werewolf by Night.

Who Are The Hunters In Werewolf by Night?

A few weeks ago, we learned that Marvel Studios was working on a black-and-white project that could be released just in time for Halloween. Of course, we learned that this was indeed true as Werewolf by Night is going to be released early in October in what appears to be a project that Marvel Studios has never had before. Of course, this is due to the fact that the special is going to feature more gore, brutality, and horror than any of the other MCU projects of the past.

Of course, we don’t know a lot about the project at this point in time because the only thing we know about it can be found in the trailer and the plot description. But what we learned is that the special will be featuring the titular Werewolf by Night character. Nevertheless, it does seem like there is a new twist in this project because it’s going to be a “who’s hunting who” kind of special that makes you wonder who is the werewolf in a group of different hunters.


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The entire plot of Werewolf by Night revolves around a group of hunters that were called to Bloodstone Castle for a meeting. However, a woman named Verussa told the hunters that there was someone who was not like them, and that could mean that one of the hunters is actually Werewolf by Night, who is a man that can change into a werewolf due to a curse inflicted upon him.

This makes the entire storyline quite similar to the deduction game called Werewolf, which involves players picking guards to know what their roles are in the game. They should keep their roles a secret, as one of the players in the game is the werewolf that the players need to deduce. In that sense, Werewolf by Night does seem like it’s going to follow a similar format in the sense that these hunters are going to have to find a way to deduce who the werewolf among them is.

Of course, we did see a lot of people in the trailer, but the only hunter that we learned about is Elsa Bloodstone, who is one of the most popular monster hunters in the pages of Marvel Comics. Meanwhile, the other hunters (save for Jack Russell/Werewolf by Night) are not yet named. But it does seem like Elsa will be the main hunter in this special, as she tries to deduce the identity of the werewolf that’s been attacking them, as the trailer suggests.

However, the trailer also suggests that there will be a different group of hunters that will be in Werewolf by Night. As you can see in the photo below, the man that seems to be attacking the titular werewolf character wears the same uniform and wields the same weapon as the TVA Hunters that we saw in the Loki series.

tva loki.jpg

We all know that the TVA Hunters are tasked with hunting variants of different people running around the timeline. They have to bring these people to the TVA so that they can either turn them into TVA employees or dump them together with all of the other variants in a dead space in the timeline so that they won’t be able to touch the sacred timeline.

In that regard, if the TVA is going to get involved in this special, there is a good chance that Werewolf by Night has something to do with the sacred timeline and the existence of a variant within the timeline. Of course, this also suggests that the special may be set in the past because, as we know, the sacred timeline is no longer being followed in the MCU after Sylvie allowed the birth of the multiverse to happen.


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There is a good chance that the TVA is going to get involved in the larger scheme of things in Werewolf by Nightdepending on the plot of this Disney+ special. And these Hunters are going to be taking the role of the other hunters in the sense that they are probably more equipped to handle the titular werewolf character, who might have something to do with the timeline as well, considering that the trailer did allow us to see that they are most likely after him.

Who Plays The Hunters In Werewolf by Night?

At this point, the cast of Werewolf by Night is still up in the air, especially when it comes to the hunters. The only hunter confirmed is Elsa Bloodstone, who will be played by Laura Donnelly. Other than her, the other hunters in Werewolf by Night are still unknown. But we’ll keep you up to date once we get to learn more about the identity of the other hunters and the TVA Hunters that will be appearing Werewolf by Night.

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