Who Could Replace Amber Heard in Aquaman 2? Paris Hilton? Or Emilia Clarke?

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The internet, which hates Amber Heard down to her very core, has been quite adamant about calling for her replacement in Aquaman 2 by initiating petitions that probably won’t reach the ears of DC Films. However, there have been some rumors about the possible actresses that could replace Amber Heard if ever she would indeed get removed from the Aquaman sequel. So, who could replace Amber Heard in Aquaman 2?

Amber Heard won’t be replaced in Aquaman 2. Instead, DC Films has decided to reduce her role in the movie. That said, we are certain that the replacement won’t be Paris Hilton because she isn’t a talented actress. Possible replacements could include Emilia Clarke or Blake Lively.

At this point, we are unsure of Amber Heard’s career trajectory regardless of what will happen in her case against Johnny Depp. That said, let’s look at some of the names that could possibly serve as candidates for her replacement if DC Films decided to cut ties with her.

Will Paris Hilton Replace Amber Heard?

The recent developments surrounding the Johnny Depp defamation suit against Amber Heard have reached uncontrollable proportions when you look at the internet. In that regard, there have been plenty of petitions that are calling for her removal from the Aquaman 2 sequel because of the negative reputation surrounding her.

Of course, the internet, being as weird as it is, actually has rumors regarding one possible replacement. We are talking about the heiress herself, Paris Hilton. So, are there any truths to Paris Hilton serving as the replacement for Amber Heard in Aquaman 2?

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There are no confirmed reports regarding Paris Hilton replacing Amber Heard as Mera in Aquaman 2. While we do know that Paris is a popular celebrity due to her status as a reality TV star and as an heiress to a huge fortune, she is not a talented actress. It might be true that she has acted in a few movies and TV shows, but she doesn’t have the acting chops that could match Amber Heard, who isn’t even the best actress out there.

And there probably isn’t even a reason to replace Heard with Hilton because there are better actresses that are looking for a big break. It makes no sense to give the role to a woman worth $300 million instead of allowing an up-and-coming actress to make a name for herself by replacing Amber Heard in a blockbuster movie.

Will Emilia Clarke Replace Amber Heard?

Another name that has been surfacing on the internet is the Game of Thrones’ mother of dragons herself, Emilia Clarke. And it makes sense to replace Heard with Clarke if you’ve seen the first season of Game of Thrones.


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Jason Momoa, who plays the role of Aquaman, got his big break in Hollywood when he rose to prominence as Drogo in Game of Thrones. And his bride before his untimely passing at the end of the first season is none other than Daenerys, played by Emilia Clarke.

It was recently revealed by DC Films that the execs didn’t feel like Jason Momoa and Amber Heard have good chemistry together. Sure, they are capable of putting on a good movie, but the execs felt like they don’t seem to gel well together. And this could affect the future of the movie franchise, especially in future installments.

One of the things that people saw in Game of Thrones was that Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke have great chemistry. They also are quite fond of one another as they have a certain level of comfort that came from the fact that they worked on a successful series together and that they were able to get their big break in the film industry due to Game of Thrones.

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So, in that regard, if DC Films is looking for someone that could work well with Jason Momoa, then Emilia Clarke is a prime candidate. Then again, the rumors are still just rumors that have no basis right now.

Who Could Replace Amber Heard in Aquaman 2?

As of this moment, no one is replacing Amber Heard in Aquaman 2. She did claim that DC Films released her from her contract but was reinstated after she fought hard for her role. However, after that, it was decided that she would be getting a smaller role in the upcoming sequel of Aquaman.


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Her reduced role in Aquaman 2 could be a precursor to her eventual removal from the entire film franchise. And it might happen in the third movie, especially if the Johnny Depp defamation case will not work in her favor.

Right now, fans are looking at someone like Blake Lively as a possible replacement for Amber Heard. She already has experience working on a DC superhero film after she played opposite Hal Jordan (husband Ryan Reynolds) as the leading lady in the live-action Green Lantern movie in 2011.

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Considering that she isn’t a stranger to superhero films and that she has almost the same body structure and beauty that Amber Heard possesses, it wouldn’t be a surprise if she comes out as the leading candidate for Mera in the future. But, as of now, Amber Heard is still Mera. How long that will stay true is something that we don’t know.

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