Who Dies in the House of the Dragon Finale? (& How)

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The season 1 finale of House of the Dragon is about to surprise the world and wrap up what has been a successful season for the series. Of course, there will be plenty of surprises in store for fans of the series as the final episode of the season is set to draw first blood in the Dance of the Dragons. In that regard, there will be some important characters that will die, especially when it comes to the members of each faction. So, who dies in the House of the Dragon finale?

Prince Lucerys Velaryon and Princess Visenya Targaryen will die in the House of the Dragon finale. This was hinted at by the trailer when Jacaerys was seen talking to Rhaenyra to send them to the other lords to demand their allegiance. Luke will be sent to Storm’s End, but Aemond is already there and will kill him.

The fact that Prince Aemond Targaryen is the one responsible for Lucerys’s death is poetic justice for the character who lost his eye to his nephew all those years ago. Of course, Luke’s death also marks a series of different deaths that will occur as both sides will be trading punches with one another to take revenge for their fallen allies and family members. Now, let’s look at how Lucerys dies in the season 1 finale.

Who Dies In The House Of The Dragon Finale?

In terms of their political ambitions, the Greens had already landed the first blow in the upcoming Targaryen civil war when they installed Aegon II as the new Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, as they basically stole the crown from Princess Rhaenyra, who was always the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. But it was Princess Rhaenys’s escape at the end of episode 9 that proved to be crucial on the part of Rhaenyra, as this allows her to know what the Greens have done. As such, the ball is on the side of Rhaenyra’s Blacks to counter the move of the Greens.

Of course, as episode 9 focused more on the Greens, the season 1 finale will most likely focus more on the moves and the reactions of the Blacks. We saw this in the episode 10 preview, as Rhaenyra and her family were together to talk about what they should do to respond to what the Greens did when they installed King Aegon II on the Iron Throne. But we also know that things won’t end up too well for the Blacks. So, who dies in the season 1 finale of House of the Dragon?


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According to the book, the first death will be Visenya Targaryen, who we haven’t met yet because she is still in the womb of Princess Rhaenyra. Her death should come as soon as Rhaenyra hears about her father’s passing and how the Greens basically usurped the Iron Throne to install King Aegon II as the new Lord of the Seven Kingdoms.

However, in the episode 10 preview, it does seem like there is one more death that is to come, as this was hinted at when Prince Jacaerys told Rhaenyra to send them to the different lords all over the Seven Kingdoms to ask for their allegiance. We’ve already seen the Greens doing the same in episode 9 when they demanded the lords of the Crownlands to bend the knee to Aegon, as it is possible that Rhaenyra will do the same to the other lords all over Westeros. But the most efficient way for her to do so was to send out her dragonrider sons, as this would allow them to travel faster while also intimidating the lords with their dragons.

With that said, both Prince Jacaerys and Prince Lucerys will be sent out on their dragons to talk to the different lords all over the realm. And that means that it is Luke who will end up dying in the events of the season 1 finale.

How Do Visenya And Lucerys Die In The House Of The Dragon Finale?

Chronologically speaking, the book says that Visenya Targaryen will die shortly after Rhaenyra hears about her father’s passing and what the Greens did. She will be forced to go into labor early because of her sorrow and rage. Because of this, Visenya was stillborn and died right after Rhaenyra gave birth to her. There were even accounts in the book that says that she was a deformed and hideous baby when she was born.

Meanwhile, Prince Lucerys’s death will come as a form of karma on his side. As mentioned, Rhaenyra will send out her dragonrider sons to meet the different lords all over the Seven Kingdoms so that they could demand their allegiance to the Blacks. This is where it gets interesting because the Greens also had a similar discussion back in episode 9.


What Dragon Is Daemon Singing to in House of the Dragon?

It was mentioned in episode 9 that Borros Baratheon, the proud lord of the Stormlands, would not bend the knee to Prince Aegon so easily. Of course, the Baratheons are known for being too proud to easily bend the knee and have always been quite partial to Princess Rhaenys back in the events of the Great Council. That meant that they had to send out their most intimidating emissary as well.

In the book, the Blacks sent out Lucerys Velaryon to meet with Borros Baratheon over at Storm’s End. But what he didn’t know was that Prince Aemond Targaryen was already there as well. While in Storm’s End, Aemond tells Luke that he owes him an eye, as he was basically goading the young boy into fighting him. However, Lord Borros doesn’t want any bloodshed under his roof, as Lucerys was allowed to walk away from Storm’s End.

Lord Borros’s daughter, however, told Aemond that he was a coward, as that was what forced the one-eyed Targaryen to go after Lucerys, who was about to escape on his dragon Arrax. Vhagar, being the bigger of the two, was easily able to catch up to Arrax, as that was how Aemond killed his nephew.

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The book never said anything about how Aemond and Vhagar killed Lucerys and Arrax. But the only thing that we know is that the book said that the fight was short, as Vhagar easily dominated the two. The bodies of Luke and Arrax were found washed up on shore after the fight, as Aemond avenged the loss of his eye by killing Lucerys.

This death was what prompted Daemon to ask for the help of Mysaria. That’s because Rhaenyra was inconsolable after the death of his second-born son. As such, Mysaria used Blood and Cheese as her agents to assassinate Prince Jaehaerys in the Red Keep.

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