Who Does Joseph Quinn Play in Stranger Things Season 4? Meet Eddie Munson

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Stranger Things season 4 has just been released, and many different fans have already binged through the seven episodes that are all as long as a feature-length film. That said, like any other season of Stranger Things, season 4 introduced new characters that played important roles in the season. This includes actor Joseph Quinn, who has one of the most important roles for a new character in the new season. But who does Joseph Quinn play in Stranger Things season 4?

Joseph Quinn is a British actor that plays the role of Eddie Munson in Stranger Things season 4. Eddie is one of the older friends that the trio of Mike, Dustin, and Lucas met when they began high school. He is the leader of a Dungeons and Dragons group called Hellfire, of which Mike, Dustin, and Lucas are members.

The introduction of Eddie Munson in season 4 of Stranger Things is an important one because a good part of the plot of the series revolves around him. In that regard, we are here to talk about what Joseph Quinn’s character’s role is and why Eddie Munson is an important part of Stranger Things season 4.

Who Does Joseph Quinn Play In Stranger Things Season 4?

Like any other series, Stranger Things has continued to expand the lore of the series by introducing new characters with the release of every new season. And these new characters often play important roles that allow them to become fixtures in the series because of how big their roles were during their introduction stories.

Of course, season 4 introduced new characters into the series, and these characters went on to play roles that were able to contribute to the overall flow of the newest season’s plot. One such actor that was introduced in season 4 as early as the very first episode is Joseph Quinn.


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Joseph Quinn, at the age of 29, isn’t a stranger (pun intended) to acting, even though his biggest acting project is that of his role in Stranger Things. He also isn’t a stranger to global-level series because he has worked on Game of Thrones, albeit in only one episode wherein he played the role of Koner in the episode entitled Spoils of War.

However, Quinn has been acting since 2011 and has seen his fair share of different shows and productions throughout his acting career. He appeared in the TV series entitled Dickensian before he appeared in Game of Thrones. Then, in 2018, he appeared in the action-horror movie Overlord as a supporting character in what was actually a pretty good film. And before he went on to make his Stranger Things debut, he also appeared in productions like Catherine the Great and Le Misérables.

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At this point, it does appear like Stranger Things is the breakout production he needs to become a more prominent actor in the industry, considering that this is a large production with a budget of $30 million per episode. But who does Joseph Quinn play in season 4 of Stranger Things?

Joseph Quinn plays the role of an older young man named Eddie Munson, who the main cast members were able to befriend off-screen before the events of season 4 of Stranger Things. While he isn’t as important as the Stranger Things kids, he still plays a somewhat big role in season 4 because of how a good part of the season revolves around him.

What Is Eddie Munson’s Role In Stranger Things Season 4?

As mentioned, Joseph Quinn plays the role of Eddie Munson in Stranger Things season 4. Despite his supporting role, Eddie is actually quite important to the events of the new season because there is a subplot that focuses on the character. But what exactly is Eddie Munson’s role in season 4 of Stranger Things?

Eddie Munson was first introduced as somewhat of an eccentric young man who goes to the same high school that the main characters go to. In his introduction arc, Eddie was shown to be friends with the duo of Mike and Dustin, as it was clear that they met during the one-year time skip between seasons 3 and 4. And it appeared that they met when Mike, Dustin, and Lucas were still in the early part of their freshman years in high school.

At first, Eddie was introduced as a young man that appeared to be a bad influence on the duo of Mike and Dustin because they previously indoctrinated Mike, Dustin, and Lucas into a group called Hellfire Club, which doesn’t sound like the friendliest group to be part of. It was also suggested that he was quite vulgar, rebellious, and academically challenged, as one of the Hellfire Club members said that he has been struggling to graduate from high school for years already.


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Nevertheless, in the middle portion of the first episode, he was actually portrayed to be somewhat kind, especially when he sold weed to a cheerleader named Chrissy. It was clear that he has a soft side that somewhat doesn’t seem to be obvious because of his metal rockstar appearance and due to the fact that he is the leader of the Hellfire Club. Still, he was quite nice to Chrissy in that scene.

Later on, it was revealed that Hellfire Club is just a Dungeons and Dragons club that doesn’t really do anything except play D&D. Considering that the trio of Mike, Dustin, and Lucas are big fans of D&D, it became obvious how they were able to befriend Eddie Munson and the rest of Hellfire Club. So, in that regard, Eddie is entirely harmless, despite his appearance and eccentric nature.

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However, during the course of the first episode, Eddie took Chrissy to his trailer home to sell her stronger weed. But that was when Vecna began attacking Chrissy from the Upside Down and eventually killed her in front of Eddie. With Chrissy dead, Eddie became the prime suspect. Meanwhile, there were several more deaths that happened throughout Hawkins, as all of these deaths were eventually blamed on Eddie, who was on the run from the cops.

Meanwhile, Jason Carver, Hawkins’ young basketball star and Chrissy’s boyfriend, began hunting Eddie down throughout the season because he believed that he was responsible for killing his girlfriend. At one point, he became a witness to how Vecna was killing his victims, but he still blamed it on Eddie Munson, who he said possesses the powers of the devil.

Jason eventually became responsible for starting an angry mob that hunted down Eddie, who was with Dustin, Lucas, Max, Steve, Robin, and Nancy the entire time. As the main characters were trying to find a way to stop Vecna and eventually clear Eddie’s name, Jason told the people of Hawkins that Eddie was the leader of a Satanic cult called Hellfire Club and that he was killing people for some sort of a Satanic ritual.

This caused a manhunt for Eddie Munson, who found himself joining Steve, Robin, and Nancy in the Upside Down after they found a small rift. And this led to an action-packed finale for the first volume of Stranger Things season 4, with Eddie included in the mix, of course.

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