Who Is a Better Lawyer, Matt Murdock or Jennifer Walters?


With the release of the trailer for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, we found out that a good part of the new Marvel series on Disney+ will be exploring Jennifer Walters’ legal career as she hopes to juggle between her identity as a lawyer and as She-Hulk. But we also know that there is another MCU superhero who plays the role of a lawyer—the Daredevil himself, Matt Murdock. So, who between Matt Murdock and Jennifer Walters is the better lawyer?

Both Matt Murdock and Jennifer Walters are excellent lawyers that have different skills that allow them to excel in the legal profession. However, in a comic book story involving Captain America as the defendant in a case, Walters represented him and won against Murdock.

The thing about being a lawyer is that there are some lawyers that tend to already be on the losing end before the trial even starts, depending on the merits of the case. That’s why it is completely difficult to assess who between Murdock and Walters is the better lawyer. Still, we have to look at this head-to-head bout in terms of their feats in the comic books.

Matt Murdock Legal Experience

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One of the more underrated MCU characters today is Matt Murdock, who we all know as Daredevil. He did have his own Daredevil series on Marvel Netflix, but we are unsure about the status of that series as far as the MCU is concerned, especially after Disney+ was launched. Nevertheless, what we do know is that Matt Murdock is now in the MCU after he was introduced in a cameo appearance during Spider-Man: No Way Home, wherein he played the role of Peter Parker’s lawyer.

In his own Daredevil series on Netflix, he played the role of a lawyer during the day and a vigilante at night. But we still know that he spent a good time of his life prosecuting criminals as a lawyer. And his story as a lawyer is given more emphasis in the comics.

Matt Murdock graduated from Columbia, which is one of the top law schools in the US. Despite being blind, he never allowed his condition to become a weakness whenever he was handling cases because he had the ability to use his heightened senses not only as a vigilante but also as a lawyer.

He and his good friend Foggy Nelson started the Nelson & Murdock law firm, which isn’t the biggest firm in New York but was still able to provide high-quality legal service. Still, Murdock doesn’t have the same resources that other lawyers working in bigger law firms have.

During his time as a lawyer, Matt Murdock has represented the likes of Spider-Man, Human Torch, and other different clients that are pretty high on the list in terms of their popularity. He also represented Black Widow, who he was able to prove not guilty even though there is a stigma when it comes to Russians. The fact that he got Black Widow’s murder charges dropped proves his ability as a lawyer.


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Matt Murdock’s biggest assets as a lawyer are his heightened senses. While he may not be able to see and read, his other senses are able to tell whether or not a person is lying. This has become quite useful when it comes to cross-examining a witness or an accused, as he can always find a way to prove whether or not that person is lying so that the jury would be convinced of that person’s guilt.

In that regard, Murdock is a good lawyer that has had plenty of experience in the tough streets of New York, where crime is a regular occurrence. He knows how to prosecute criminals and defend innocent people alike.

Jennifer Walters Legal Experience

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The release of the new trailer for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law gave fans a good look at what the plot could be. Unlike other MCU movies and shows, this new series could focus more on Jennifer Walters’ actual career as a lawyer instead of focusing on her the superhero aspect of her character. And this is an intriguing storyline to follow, especially considering that the trailer showed that there would be superhero divisions in the legal profession so that there would now be lawyers specializing in superpowered people.

Before Jennifer Walters became She-Hulk, she already had a pretty good career taking down criminals as a lawyer. And even after she became She-Hulk, she still continued to practice her career as a lawyer because she is capable of maintaining mental control whenever she transforms.

In the comics, she works for a large firm called the law offices of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, & Holliway, which specializes in superhuman law. As such, the series is seemingly going on the right path in terms of She-Hulk’s profession as a lawyer for superheroes in the comics.


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Due to her specialization in superhuman law, she has worked on a lot of different cases, such as the libel suit instituted by J. Jonah Jameson against Spider-Man. She also worked for Starfox, who was accused of using his powers of influencing other peoples’ emotions to take advantage of a married woman.

But Jennifer Walters’s best case would have to be the one that involved an old Captain America when a wrongful death claim was filed against him. She was the one who represented him in court as the prosecution side was represented by none other than Matt Murdock. Guess who won the case? Jennifer Walters herself.

Matt Murdock vs. Jennifer Walters: Who’s The Better Lawyer?

Now, when it comes to who between Matt Murdock and Jennifer Walters is the better lawyer, that is something that is incredibly difficult of a topic to explore because of the fact that the winner of a case isn’t necessarily the better lawyer. It might be true that Walters was able to prove Steve Rogers’ innocence against Murdock. Nevertheless, there are some factors that go into a conversation as to who between them is better.

It is important to note that Murdock works for a small firm that he and his friend started. That means that he doesn’t have the same kind of resources that a bigger firm has. In that regard, Walters has a natural advantage here.

Of course, Matt Murdock’s heightened senses do give him an advantage over Jennifer Walters, but that isn’t something that is necessarily going to win him a case all the time because the jury will always decide based on the merits of the case. As such, it still depends on how the lawyer is able to present the facts and evidence that pertain to the case involved.

Going back to the case involving Captain America, he was deemed innocent thanks to Jennifer Walters’s efforts as his defense lawyer. However, he also revealed that he wanted Matt Murdock to prosecute him because he wanted a prosecutor that didn’t hold back. Then again, he chose Walters as his defense lawyer because he didn’t want to lose.

In that regard, based on Steve Rogers’ assessment of the two, he believes that Walters is the better lawyer. But while Rogers is a good judge of character, we have to remember that cases are not always dependent on who between the two lawyers is the better one because there are a lot of actors that go into a case. As such, we cannot say for certain that Jennifer Walters is indeed a better lawyer than Matt Murdock.

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