Who Is Airk Tanthalos in Willow? Meet Dempsey Bryk’s Character


We know that the Willow series that was just released on Disney+ on November 30, 2022, is a story about a new generation of heroes that Willow accompanies on a grand quest that could have the fate of the entire world on the line. Of course, this quest also involves the rescue of Airk Tanthalos after the forces of the Crone kidnapped him from Tir Asleen. But who is Airk Tanthalos in Willow?

Played by Dempsey Bryk, Airk Tanthalos is a prince of Tir Asleen and is the son of Queen Sorsha and Madmartigan. He is also the twin brother of Kit, who is on a mission to rescue him from the forces that kidnapped him in episode 1. His namesake is Airk Thaughbaer, who was the late best friend of Madmartigan.

The fact that Airk was named after his father’s best friend is a good way to pay homage to an important character in the events of the 1988 Willow movie. Of course, Airk is also a character with a personality similar to his father, as it is clear that he is indeed Madmartigan’s son. So, with that said, let’s get to know more about Airk Tanthalos and what his role is in the Willow series.

Who Is Airk Tanthalos In Willow?

One of the things that we already knew about the Willow series was that the storyline follows the adventures of a new generation of heroes that basically follow the footsteps of the heroes that we met during the events of the 1988 Willow movie released 34 years ago. Of course, while 34 years have passed in real-world time, only 20 years have passed in the universe of Willow, as the new characters, who are connected to the old-generation characters, are still quite young. One such character is Airk Tanthalos.

The first time we heard the name Airk Tanthalos in the Willow series was during a scene where he was said to be “hunting” by one of the knights that came to fetch Kit and Jade during one of their sparring sessions. However, Kit was already aware of what Airk was doing the entire time because he was her twin brother.


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Of course, considering that Kit is the daughter of Sorsha and Madmartigan, it only follows that Airk is the son of the duo of heroes that we met back in the events of the original Willow movie. That means that Airk is a prince of Tir Asleen. And it was clear in the first scene involving Airk that he was truly the son of Madmartigan.

The first time we saw Airk, he was making out with a young girl while they were lying in a garden. This young girl, of course, is a lady that he calls Dove. It was later revealed in the episode that Airk doesn’t even know her real name, as he only calls her Dove as a nickname. And the reason why Airk didn’t even know her real name was the fact that he was always known as a womanizer.

elora and airk

Throughout the first episode of Willow, the fact that Airk was a womanizer was often mentioned and shown, as even Dove was aware that he had a reputation for flirting with the women of the kingdom of Tir Asleen. During the betrothal party of Kit and Graydon, Airk was seen flirting with a number of women. Of course, Dove wasn’t too happy about the fact that Airk was flirting with girls other than her.

In that regard, Madmartigan’s flirtatious personality rubbed off on Airk, even though the prince and the princess grew up without their father being around. But, of course, like Madmartigan, Airk fell hard for a woman that he seemed to be truly in love with. And yes, we are talking about Dove.

What Is Airk’s Role In Willow?

After the night of the party in Tir Asleen, Dove was seen with Airk as she tried to break things off with him because of how jealous she was when she saw other women flirting with him. That was when Airk told her that he was truly in love with her and that his feelings for her were different from what he had felt with other girls in the past. As such, he actually proposed to Dove despite the fact that he doesn’t even know her actual name.

elora and airk 2

However, the forces of the Crone attacked the kingdom, and a fight between these attackers and the kingdom knights started. During the action, however, Airk was said to have been kidnapped by the forces of the Crone. And that was the reason why Sorsha sent Kit and a few other brave fighters to rescue Airk from the people that kidnapped him.

During that time, Dove overheard the plans to rescue Airk from the Crone. That was the reason why she snuck herself into the party that was supposed to rescue the prince. And the reason why she wanted to come with them was the fact that she was in love with Airk.


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Of course, the questing party wasn’t quite happy with the fact that Dove wanted to come with them as she was useless in a fight. She was only useful as a cook, as she worked as a kitchen maid in Tir Asleen. But when they got to Willow’s village, it was revealed that Dove was Elora Danan all along.

That means that the young lady that Airk claimed to be in love with was actually the prophesized empress of the kingdom. Of course, it was the fact that Airk professed his love for Dove/Elora that forced the young lady to join the questing party, despite the fact that she was supposed to stay in the kingdom.

So, while the initial quest involving Kit and the others began because Airk was kidnapped by the forces of the Crone, it eventually became a mission involving the fate of the entire world because Elora was now involved in it. As such, while Airk’s role is that of a prince in distress, it was the fact that he was kidnapped that allowed the storyline to progress as the quest no longer just involves rescuing the prince but also keeping Elora safe and training her to become the prophesized savior she was always meant to be.

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