Who Is Albert Wesker In Resident Evil Season 1? Meet Lance Reddick’s Character


Resident Evil is Netflix’s newest zombie action series as it was based on the best-selling video game franchise of the same name. In that regard, it wasn’t a surprise that there were characters in the series that were taken from the video games themselves, and one of them is Albert Wesker. The Resident Evil series takes on a different approach to this character. But who is Albert Wesker in Resident Evil season 1?

Albert Wesker was a scientist working for Umbrella Corporation and was helping them develop the Joy drug. However, the Wesker in the series is nothing more than a clone of the original version, who used to work for Umbrella and presumably died in an incident in a volcano in 2009.

The fact that the series follows Albert Wesker’s story and introduces an entirely different side to his character is one of the things that make Resident Evil interesting. Of course, we know for a fact that the entire Wesker family is the main focus of this series. So, with that said, let’s look at what we know about Albert Wesker in the Resident Evil Netflix show.

Who Is Albert Wesker In Resident Evil Season 1?

The Resident Evil series on Netflix is unlike any of the other live-action shows that are based on the best-selling Resident Evil video game franchise. That’s because this series actually takes place decades after the original Raccoon City incident and continues a storyline that may or may not be connected to the games at all. Of course, we also know for a fact that this series follows the storyline of a name that’s familiar to a lot of different Resident Evil fans, and that name is Wesker.

Netflix’s version of Resident Evil allows us to take a look at the Wesker family as Albert Wesker himself, one of the most prominent names in the history of the video game franchise, is raising two daughters in the form of Jade and Billie in New Raccoon City, a town run by Umbrella Corporation in South Africa. In that regard, the entire series is focused on Wesker and the story of his daughters. But who is Albert Wesker in Resident Evil?

Albert Wesker is a brilliant scientist who works for Umbrella Corporation as the only person who has the capability of providing Evelyn Marcus with the results she needed for the new Joy drug that the company was developing. That is why Wesker and his daughters relocated to New Raccoon City, which became the center of the Joy development as he is the one in charge of it.

wesker 2

For a good part of the first season of the series, Albert’s entire backstory was unknown. But it was clear that he knew something about the t-Virus because he knew its effects and what it did to the old Raccoon City as well as Tijuana, Mexico. And when Billie got bit by an infected dog, Albert was worried about the possibility of her becoming an infected zombie.

Nevertheless, as the series progressed, Albert Wesker’s backstory was revealed. It was shown in a video that was taken during the 90s that he took part in an experiment regarding the effects of the t-Virus on certain individuals. However, that was not the Wesker that the series heavily focuses on.


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Instead, the Albert Wesker that was the father of Jade and Billie was a clone. It was shown in an event during the middle of the 2000s that the original Albert Wesker, an enhanced individual, created three clones of himself to work on some sort of a research project. He kept the clones locked up in an isolated laboratory so that they could focus on the work that the original Wesker forced them to do. However, when Umbrella invaded the lab, they were able to rescue two of the three clones as the original Albert Wesker fled the scenes.

It was revealed that the Albert Wesker that became the parent of Jade and Billie was one of the clones of the original version of the character as he was allowed by Umbrella to have a life of his own in exchange for his continued work with the company. It was also revealed that the second clone, who is nicknamed Bert, was kept hidden by Umbrella for 17 years.

wesker and evelyn

When Bert escaped the lab, he was the one who revealed that the original Albert Wesker was presumably killed in 2009 in a volcano. Of course, this is actually true to the timeline of the Resident Evil games because Albert Wesker did indeed die in a volcano in 2009 during the events of Resident Evil 5.

Meanwhile, the series version of Albert Wesker, due to his nature as a clone, had cells that were rapidly aging as the original Wesker grew these clones in only a matter of six months. That was why he created Jade and Billie, as their blood was what prevented his cells from rapidly aging.

What Happened To Albert Wesker?

During the final events of season 1 of Resident Evil, Jade rescued Billie from Umbrella Corporation with the help of Simon Marcus, the son of CEO Evelyn Marcus. They were about to leave together with Bert. However, Bert convinced Billie to allow Albert to come with them because, despite the many secrets that he had kept hidden from his daughters, he still loved them in his own way.

As the group tried to escape the facility, Evelyn hunted them down with a group of Umbrella security personnel. Billie, who had been keeping the t-Virus at bay, suddenly attacked and bit Simon, who had become infected with the virus. Albert tried to reason with Evelyn to let the girls go and for him to try to find a cure for Simon. However, Evelyn chose to kill her own son instead of allowing the girls to go as both Albert and Bert used this opportunity to kill most of the security personnel so that they could escape.


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But when it became clear that they couldn’t completely escape Umbrella, Albert volunteered to stay behind so that he could spark an explosion that would destroy the building while allowing Bert and the girls to escape. In that regard, in a heroic moment, he set an explosion that killed most of the security personnel and allowed Jade and Billie time to get away from Umbrella as far as they could.

Who Plays Albert Wesker In Resident Evil Season 1?


The role of Albert Wesker was given to Lance Riddick, a veteran actor who has been in the industry since the middle of the 90s. You may be familiar with Lance Riddick as the manager of the Continental Hotel in the John Wick movies. Riddick also appeared in Godzilla vs. Kong.

This is not the first time that Lance Riddick was involved in a project involving a video game character. That’s because he also worked on video games like Destiny and Horizon Forbidden West as a voice actor. 

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