Who Is America Chavez In Doctor Strange 2?


The newest Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness surprised a lot of people when it was released because it allowed us to see a lot of different scenes that made people speculate. One such scene included the upcoming MCU debut of America Chavez, who is one of the newer characters in the Marvel universe. So, who is America Chavez in Doctor Strange 2, and how does she fit into the movie?

America Chavez made her comics debut in 2011 under the Miss America codename. After that, she earned her own comic book series in 2017 and continued to appear in Young Avengers. In the movie, Chavez might be a member of the Young Avengers working together with Defender Strange in a different universe.

It appears that this Chavez in the Doctor Strange 2 movie is from a different universe. But in the comics, America Chavez has the ability to create star-shaped portals from one universe to another, and this could play a role in her appearance in the MCU. And the role she will play in the movie and the MCU moving forward could be quite interesting to follow. 

Who Is America Chavez?

One of the most amazing parts of the new Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Super Bowl trailer includes the appearance of new characters that may or may not be familiar to different Marvel fans out there. Of course, one such character is comparatively new to the Marvel scene, even when we are talking about the comics.

The character we are talking about here is America Chavez, who is one of the newer characters in the Marvel comics and is set to make her MCU debut in the new Doctor Strange movie. Her upcoming debut was not a secret. However, who exactly is America Chavez?

America Chavez is a character that first appeared in the Vengeance #1 comic that was released back in 2011. She was codenamed Miss America at that time. Since then, most of her appearances in the comics were more or less as a supporting character instead of as a lead.


Meanwhile, in 2017, America Chavez earned herself her own comic book series entitled America. She has also been quite prominent in the different Marvel comics. Of course, she was quite popular in the Young Avengers series.

What made America Chavez a novelty as a character in the comics is that she is the first Latin-American lesbian character, and she is also the first LGBTQ character of color to have her own comic book series.

As to her history, America Chavez was born a normal girl. Meanwhile, her mother, a well-known biologist, was experimenting on her and her little sister because they were both suffering from a genetic disease. They were taken to the facility of a billionaire named Mr. Gales. The experimental cure may have been a success, but America started displaying powers as she was recovering from her disease.

Gales began to encourage America to use her powers to the point that he was seemingly looking for a way to exploit her. This prompted her mother to plot their escape from the facility. However, America’s mother died, and she was forced to open a star portal. But before she could escape, her sister was taken from her.

There is no telling how America’s comic book origins will affect the character’s story in the MCU. However, there is a good chance that her abilities, history, and status as an LGBTQ character will come into play in the MCU moving forward.

America Chavez Powers & Abilities

As mentioned, we are not sure about how Doctor Strange 2 will portray America Chavez’s powers and abilities, given that there were points in the MCU where the powers of certain characters were changed as well. Then again, the good thing is that the full extent of America Chavez’s powers is yet to be defined in the comics, as that will give the MCU more flexibility.


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Nevertheless, here are some of the character’s known powers in the comics:

  • She has displayed the ability to fly at superhuman speeds without the use of any tool.
  • Superhuman speed has also been one of the powers that America Chavez was able to display, as even Monica Rambeau, who entered light form where everything should usually be still, noticed that Chavez was still fast enough.
  • As with most superheroes, America Chavez also has superhuman strength to the point that she could stand up to Loki in a fight. However, the full extent of her superhuman strength is yet to be explored, as there is a possibility that she isn’t completely up to par with the other MCU characters in terms of her strength.
  • One of the skills that America has been using in the comics is something she calls Power Stomp, which allows her to create a shockwave with her feet by focusing her energy on her legs and feet.
  • Among other things, America Chavez’s durability is quite impressive. She can withstand bullets and is unaffected by fire. On top of that, she can survive in space without the use of any suit.
  • Out of all of her powers, what seems to be the most interesting is her ability to create star portals, as America Chavez can create star-shaped portals that will allow her to travel between different universes, as this ability could come in handy in Doctor Strange 2, which is about the multiverse. In the comics, she could also use this power offensively by allowing it to cut through space.
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  • Another unique power that America Chavez possesses is the ability to infuse herself with her own energy. This allows her to increase her powers tenfold.
  • America Chavez has also displayed hyper-cosmic awareness, which is a metaphysical ability that allows her to have an insight into what is happening in the multiverse. Again, this can also come into play in Doctor Strange, especially when it comes to how she can possibly contribute to the entire multiversal narrative that Phase 4 of the MCU is looking to use moving forward.

How Will America Chavez Fit Into Doctor Strange 2?

In the trailer of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, one of the things we noticed was that America Chavez was facing down a weird multiversal monster and was seemingly holding her own. That means that she is indeed in the movie. But how does she fit into the film’s narrative?

If we look at her powers, it is easy to see how America Chavez fits into Doctor Strange 2, given the fact that she has the ability to travel between dimensions in the entire multiverse. She is most likely from a different universe and is set to become an ally to Doctor Strange.

america chavez doctor strange 2

Of course, considering that she does have hyper-cosmic awareness, it is possible that she joins the events of the movie because she sensed that there was something larger happening in the entire multiversal mess that Doctor Strange started all the way back in the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home. 

We don’t know how she will affect the movie, but we are almost certain that she will be one of the newer characters that Marvel will be banking on in the future, especially when we consider that there are younger heroes joining the MCU.

The different Disney+ series have been introducing younger heroes as we saw Kid Loki in Loki. Meanwhile, Patriot was possibly introduced in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier as well. In Hawkeye, we already saw the introduction of Kate Bishop. Then there is the possibility of Cassie, Scott Lang’s daughter, having a bigger role in the future. Of course, the Ms. Marvel series is set to get released sometime in 2022.


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From the looks of it, it seems like Marvel is looking to bank on the Young Avengers storyline, given the fact that more and more young characters are joining the MCU as we speak. America Chavez, despite possibly coming from a different universe, might have a role to play in the Young Avengers storyline in the future.

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