Who Is Boorman in Willow? Meet Amar Chadha-Patel’s Character


The thing about the Willow series on Disney+ is that it is actually a storyline with an ensemble cast of different characters that all have their own stories to tell in the grander scheme of things. In that regard, the series revolves around six main characters that are on a journey to save a kidnapped prince and the entire world. One such character is named Thraxus Boorman. So, who is Boorman in Willow?

Played by Amar Chadha-Patel, Thraxus Boorman was introduced as an imprisoned criminal that ended up getting mixed up with the quest to save Prince Airk from the creatures that attacked Tir Asleen. However, it was revealed that he was once the squire of Madmartigan when they went on a quest together.

While we were all wondering who Boorman was when he was first introduced, things about him became clear when he revealed the connection that he once had with Madmartigan, who is still missing in the storyline of Willow. Of course, Boorman’s new role as one of the guides of Kit in her quest to save her brother puts her in the middle of the events of the storyline as it unfolds. Now, let’s take a good look at what we know about Boorman in Willow.

Who Is Boorman In Willow?

One of the things that we saw in the original 1988 Willow movie was the fact that the entire storyline, although entitled after Willow Ufgood, is actually more of a film with an ensemble cast of different characters that are all unique in their own way. Of course, when the Willow series was announced, it was also mentioned that this storyline would not only revolve around Willow but also five other characters that have their own roles to play in this grand story.

We already know that Willow is still an important character. Then there’s the fact that the series will also revolve heavily around the storylines of three powerful young women in the form of Kit, Jade, and Dove (Elora Danan). But we also know that one of the characters that are going to be important in the storyline is a man named Thraxus Boorman, who doesn’t seem to fit in with the lot. So, who is Boorman in Willow?

The first time we saw Boorman was when Queen Sorsha was in the prison cells of her castle in Tir Asleen. She was speaking with someone who was quite familiar with her as she was sharing some of the feelings she had bottled deep inside her. This person was also quite familiar with Madmartigan as he mentioned how the queen married Madmartigan several years ago. The person that Sorsha was speaking to was, of course, Boorman.

boorman and sorsha

For some reason, Boorman was imprisoned despite the fact that he was clearly quite familiar with Queen Sorsha and that the queen was somehow also friends with him. This only adds a layer of mystery behind the circumstances of his imprisonment, as he doesn’t seem to be a bad man.

During the attack on Tir Asleen, Thraxus Boorman escaped his prison cell and, to some degree, helped in fending off their attackers. However, Prince Airk was captured and taken by their attacks. And this is where Boorman’s story begins.

What Is Boorman’s Role In Willow?

In the aftermath of the attack on Tir Asleen, Queen Sorsha allowed Kit to go out on a mission to find and rescue Prince Airk, as she was accompanied by Jade, Prince Graydon, and the kingdom’s best knight. However, during that time, the guards found that Boorman tried to escape the kingdom as he was taken before Sorsha. And because Sorsha knew that Boorman had experience in the areas that are outside the barrier that protects Tir Asleen, she ordered him to accompany her daughter to serve as her guide.


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As such, it was clear that Sorsha was indeed quite familiar with Boorman because she knew that he had experience in the areas outside of the barrier. That was the reason why he was given the task of accompanying Kit and the others. It was also clear that he had knowledge regarding the world, as he was able to help the group escape an attack by the raiders when he used a foreign language to order their horses to stop before they reached a cliff. As such, Boorman is an experienced traveler that knows a thing or two about the different places well outside Tir Asleen.

With his poleaxe, Boorman also showcased his abilities as a fighter. That means that he is more than just a guide to the questing party but was also a bodyguard that can fend for himself and protect the princess from harm. But his story was given more light during the middle portion of episode 2.

It was in that episode that he revealed to Kit that he wasn’t a thief but was more of someone who collected rare artifacts. In short, he was a treasure hunter, and that was probably the reason why he got into trouble so much during his youth. He was a person that became interested in something called the Kymerian Cuirass, which is a magical armor that had powerful capabilities.

boorman and kit

Earlier in the storyline, it was revealed that Madmartigan didn’t leave the kingdom to accompany Elora Danan (because she was in the kingdom the entire time). Instead, he went out with a squire to go looking for the same Kymerian Cuirass that Boorman was interested in. And that’s because Madmartigan believed that it had powers that would allow them to fend off the evil that was coming for the kingdom in the future.

Boorman revealed to Kit that her father didn’t think that the legend of the Kymerian Cuirass was not a stupid bedtime story because they were both together for five years when they went out looking for him. That was when it became clear that the squire that Madmartigan was traveling with for five years was actually Boorman. And Boorman mentioned to Kit that he believes that Madmartigan found the cuirass.


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While it isn’t clear why Sorsha had Boorman imprisoned, it still is interesting to note that he has a connection with Madmartigan, who is missing from the series for very good reasons. This is why the series creator once said that Madmartigan’s presence is still very much felt in the storyline of the Willow series, as a lot of the different things surrounding the narrative were affected by his actions. In that regard, Boorman is one of the people whose storyline is connected to Madmartigan’s own storyline, as he was once his squire.

Of course, we don’t know what’s up with Boorman and what the storyline has in store for him. But the thing that we do believe is that his past will eventually come back to haunt him, as there must be a very good reason why he was imprisoned by Sorsha and why he ended up returning to Tir Asleen alone and without Madmartigan. And because the Willow series is said to revolve around characters that all have their different stories to tell and inner demons to conquer, Boorman’s entire history should be made clearer in the coming episodes.

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