Who Is Charlie The Gorilla From Peacemaker?

Who Is Charlie The Gorilla From Peacemaker?

Superhero movies and shows often give us plenty of different easter eggs from time to time, regardless of whether or not these easter eggs have a purpose. HBO Max’s Peacemaker does the same, as we were treated to a scene where we hear in the news in the background that a gorilla named Charlie the Gorilla went missing in a local zoo. But who is Charlie the Gorilla from Peacemaker?

There are no exact answers regarding Charlie the Gorilla’s identity because no DC gorilla character is named Charlie. However, it can be speculated that Peacemaker is looking to introduce Charlie the Gorilla as either Gorilla Grodd or Sergeant Gorilla, who are both supervillain characters in DC.

Even though none of the characters in Peacemaker makes any mention of Charlie the Gorilla, one would easily notice that the show focused quite a bit on the news of Charlie going missing in the local zoo. As such, considering that filmmakers don’t often put things on their movies or shows for no reason, we can speculate that Charlie the Gorilla is going to be an important character.

Who Is Charlie The Gorilla In Peacemaker?

One of the standard things that are pretty common when it comes to superhero movies and shows are easter eggs and early teasers that connect to the possibility of future characters appearing in the movie or show. Most of these easter eggs and teasers tend to be difficult to catch, but that was not the case in episode 4 of Peacemaker. 

Peacemaker, as crazy and as over-the-top as it may be, follows the same trend that most superhero shows do in the sense that it tends to give out a few easter eggs here and there as well. This is what we were talking about when we mentioned episode 4 of this series.

In episode 4 of Peacemaker, shortly after Peacemaker and Vigilante left the team’s HQ following the success of their first mission, the duo of self-proclaimed superheroes went back to August Smith’s (aka the White Dragon) home so that Christopher Smith could pick a few things up.

As Peacemaker realized that nobody was home, he decided to pick the lock on the door himself. He walks through the house, noticing that his father wasn’t home, but the television was left turned on. During that time, we could audibly hear the news on the television saying that a certain gorilla named Charlie the Gorilla went missing in a local zoo.

Now, this wasn’t something that was simply placed in the background as part of the props. This was something that was deliberately done, as the screen even focused on the television to show us the news that Charlie the Gorilla was missing. And the news anchor’s voice throughout the entire scene was clear and audible as well, even though the news of a gorilla going missing wasn’t something that was important at that very moment.

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That said, who in the world is Charlie the Gorilla?

As of this moment, there is no information regarding Charlie the Gorilla, as it is yet to be confirmed whether or not this ape is going to play a bigger role in the series moving forward. That said, there are some theories that can possibly point to the identity of this gorilla.

The first gorilla that you might be thinking of is Gorilla Grodd, who is the most prominent gorilla in the entire DC universe. This is a gorilla with the intellect of a supercomputer and is capable of doing things that gorillas aren’t normally capable of, such as telepathy and other similar psychic powers.

Meanwhile, the second gorilla that you might be thinking of is Monsieur Mallah. This is a super-intelligent gorilla supervillain working under the Brain. However, Mallah has already made an appearance in HBO Max’s Doom Patrol. Given the fact that there is a good chance that Doom Patrol and Peacemaker belong to the same universe, the chances of Charlie being Mallah is low because Mallah has already been introduced.

Finally, there are some people that think that Charlie the Gorilla could be Sergeant Gorilla, a minor character that appeared only once in DC during the 60s. Now, while some of you might be thinking that this is impossible because Sergeant Gorilla is a very minor character, take note that we are talking about Peacemaker and James Gunn here. 

Peacemaker himself is a minor DC character, but he earned himself a TV series ahead of the more popular characters in DC. Considering that Sergeant Gorilla himself is also a minor character, he fits the bill of what James Gunn might be looking for in this series, considering that Peacemaker is a show that is full of D-list DC characters that fit the overall theme of the story.

Are Charlie The Gorilla And Gorilla Grodd The Same Characters?

Gorilla Grodd

While it might be tempting to think that Charlie the Gorilla could be Gorilla Grodd in the Peacemaker series, there are some facts that may suggest otherwise.

Gorilla Grodd’s origin story is in Africa and not in an American zoo. But this can still change, depending on how the writers write him into the Peacemaker story.

Then there is the fact that Gorilla Grodd is too prominent of a supervillain to be making an appearance on a superhero show that is all about the characters on the lower end of the ladder when it comes to their popularity.

Remember that Peacemaker is a show that focuses more on the characters that aren’t given a lot of focus, and that is why you might not have even heard of Peacemaker or Vigilante before this series.

As such, putting Gorilla Grodd in Peacemaker kind of defeats the purpose of introducing D-list characters on a show full of D-list personalities.

Why Was Charlie The Gorilla Mentioned?

If you are wondering why Charlie the Gorilla was even mentioned in episode 4 of Peacemaker, then you should know that there was a good reason why the news of him going missing was given a good amount of screen time despite the fact that it wasn’t relevant at the very moment it was shown on screen.

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The possibility is that the show might be setting Charlie the Gorilla up as the next villain that Peacemaker and the rest of the team need to take down. And this might be connected to the butterflies.

Remember that the butterflies are alien creatures that most probably invade people’s minds. It could be possible that a butterfly might invade or have already invaded Charlie the Gorilla’s mind. This will set him up as an important character that fits the silliness and over-the-top comedy that is quite prominent in Peacemaker.

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