Who Is Chernobog From The Witcher TV Show?

Who Is Chernobog From The Witcher TV Show?

We all know that monsters are the lifeblood of The Witcher because if there weren’t any monsters, there would be no Witchers. As such, monsters of different types and races are often introduced to The Witcher TV show. One such monster introduced in season 2 of the series was a creature that resembles a Chernobog. But what exactly is a Chernobog?

The Chernobog in The Witcher is a flying dragon-like monster. What people don’t know is that the Chernobog is entirely new to the live-action series of The Witcher, as it isn’t found in the books or the games. However, the Chernobog in the series is derived from the Slavic “god of bad fates or omens”.

While a lot of the things we see in The Witcher come from books or games, what you should know is that the Chernobog that we see in season 2 is entirely original to the series. As such, knowing more about the Chernobog and where it came from would be a good way for fans of the books and games to understand what it is.

What Is A Chernobog Monster From The Witcher TV Show?

One of the things that we love about The Witcher is that this is a series that isn’t shy when it comes to giving us different types of monsters that come from different folklores and mythologies. Of course, it is only proper that The Witcher is full of monsters, given the fact that Witchers themselves make money out of these monsters. In short, we wouldn’t have Witchers if there were no monsters for them to kill.

Of course, The Witcher series introduces different monsters regularly because it would be extremely boring if we were to see the same old monsters every single season. One of the new monsters that we encountered in season 2 of The Witcher was a monster that proved to be quite difficult for Geralt to slay.

In episode 6 of season 2, we see Geralt and Ciri traveling to the Temple of Melitele to go see Nenneke in the hopes that they can get more answers regarding the powers and abilities that Ciri possesses. While they were on their way to the temple, they were traveling in a forest seemingly undisturbed. However, Geralt suddenly notices something is stalking them.

If you can recall, at one point in season 2, Geralt had to leave Ciri behind in Kaer Morhen so that he could get answers regarding the monoliths. When Geralt and Ciri defeated the myriapod that killed the leshy responsible for infecting Eskel, they discovered that the same kind of substance called stellacite was present in the remains of these monsters. Triss tells Geralt that stellacite can only be found in the monoliths scattered all over the continent. To that, Ciri tells them the story of how her scream toppled a monolith just outside of Cintra.


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Geralt goes to the mage Istredd to get some answers. As such, both the Witcher and the wizard travel to the site of the monolith in Cintra, where they find a huge chasm. Geralt remarked that there were no remains or evidence that monsters were there in the site, and this led Istredd to theorize that the monoliths are gateways to other worlds and that the monsters go through such gateways to get to the continent. This was proved when a winged creature suddenly popped out of nowhere when Ciri screamed back in Kaer Morhen.

Going back to the forest, it appeared that this same winged creature was the one stalking Geralt and Ciri, as it was seemingly after the princess. Geralt told Ciri that this monster was some sort of a Chernobog. But what exactly is a Chernobog?

As it stands, we don’t have a lot of details regarding the Chernobog but what we can say is that this is a winged dragon-like creature that uses its claws as its main weapons. It used those claws to full effect when it dealt a mortal wound to the horse, Roach. And while it does resemble a dragon, the Chernobog seemingly doesn’t have the capability to attack from a distance, as it needed to close in on Ciri to attack the princess when Geralt used her as bait.


What Is Chernobog In The Mythology?

As it stands, the Chernobog that we see in The Witcher is actually a monster that is inspired by real-life mythology or folklore. This has always been the case for most of the monsters found in The Witcher, as the author simply drew inspiration from the monsters that we often read or see in different types of mythologies and lore all over the world.

In the case of the Chernobog, this monster was taken from Slavic folklore. In Slavic folklore, they have something called Chernobog, which is also called the “black god”. This black god is actually the bringer of death and woe. That means that Chernobog in Slavic lore is a god of bad omens.

While the Chernobog in The Witcher doesn’t resemble the god that Slavic folklore describes, it still is a bringer of death and woe, as it took the combined effort of both Geralt and Ciri to kill this flying beast.

Is Chernobog In The Witcher Books Or Games?

One of the things that you will easily notice in The Witcher is that most of the monsters seen in the series are actually from books or video games. However, the Chernobog is unique because it cannot be found in either the books or the games.

However, in the games, the Chernobog can be found in a minor reference, as there is something called a Chernobog runestone, which is a runestone that you can obtain in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. But, other than that, you can neither read about nor encounter a Chernobog in both the books and the games.

In short, this means that the Chernobog you see in the series is entirely new and unique to the live-action version of The Witcher. 

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