Who Is Donny Blaze in She-Hulk? Is He Ghost Rider?

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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law once again introduced new characters into the series, especially considering that there are new legal issues to tackle every episode. After we saw Wong in episode 3, episode 4 allowed us to see him once again but in a different role because he now has to battle in court instead of in the mystical plane. His opponent this time is Donny Blaze, who he sued with the help of Jen Walters. So, who is Donny Blaze in She-Hulk?

Donny Blaze is an amateur magician working in Los Angeles as a performer. However, he actually has mystical powers because he once trained in Kamar-Taj before he got expelled due to his excessive partying and drinking. He used his brief training in the mystic arts to try to make a name in the industry as a magician.

The introduction of Donny Blaze was quite interesting because his name is similar to Johnny Blaze, who we all know as the Ghost Rider. However, Donny is not Ghost Rider as he is an entirely different person that’s original to the She-Hulk series. Now, with that said, let’s look at what we know about Donny Blaze and what his role is in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

Who is Donny Blaze In She-Hulk?

Episode 4 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law made things interesting once more with the introduction of new characters that were able to contribute to the issue at hand in the episode. As we know, the series is a legal comedy that explores different supernatural legal issues in every episode. This time, we are looking at a legal issue involving Wong once more, as he appeared in episode 3 in relation to the parole case of Emil Blonsky.

While Wong’s role in episode 3 was different because he was a witness to the Blonsky case, he is now the one on the aggressive side of the law in episode 4 as he instituted a case against a person he thought could be dangerous in the mystical sense. That was when the Sorcerer Supreme employed the legal services of Jen Walters. The one he filed a case against was Donny Blaze. So, who is Donny Blaze?

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Episode 4 opened up with the introduction of Donny Blaze, who was shown to be an amateur magician trying to make a name for himself in the showbiz industry. While his tricks were impressive, they paled in comparison to what the superpowered people all over the planet were capable of. As such, that was when Blaze brought out his Sling Ring and called for a volunteer from the audience. This volunteer was a girl named Madisynn, who he teleported to a different dimension using his Sling Ring.


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Madisynn ended up in Kamar-Taj while Wong was watching an episode of the Sopranos. While the Sorcerer Supreme didn’t care too much about what happened to Madisynn, who said that she found herself in a dimension of demons, it was when the drunk party girl spoiled the Sopranos episode to him that got him angry. That was when Wong instituted a case against Blaze.

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In Jen Walters’s office, Wong teleported using his own Sling Ring as they were able to have a conversation regarding Donny Blaze. Wong said that Blaze was once a student of the mystic arts, but he got himself expelled from Kamar-Taj a week later because of his excessive drinking and partying. So, in that regard, Donny Blaze did indeed receive training in the Mystic Arts, even though his training was quite brief.

What Happened To Donny Blaze In She-Hulk?

So, as mentioned, Wong was angry at the fact that Blaze was using his training for his own selfish goals, as he didn’t even care about what could happen to the space-time continuum if he continued to use the mystic arts for show purposes. That was why the Sorcerer Supreme instituted a case against him to cease and desist from using the mystic arts in his performances.

Jen and Wong brought the injunction order to Blaze’s office, only to get brushed off by the amateur magician. Meanwhile, the case was brought to court, where Jen and Wong presented Madisynn as a witness. The party girl said that she felt fun and excitement when she was teleported to the demonic dimension, and that was what Blaze’s lawyer argued in court. But while the judge decided to make her decision a week later, Blaze was allowed to use the mystic arts in his shows.

This proved to be Blaze’s downfall. During one of his shows, he ended up opening a dimension to a demonic world full of goblins. He failed to close the portal as the room flooded with goblin-like demons that brought chaos. Of course, the only person that Blaze could run to for help was Wong himself because the only thing that the amateur magician was capable of with his brief training was opening portals.


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As Wong struggled to close the portal while returning the goblins to their dimension, he was eventually able to get Jen to help him. She-Hulk smashed through the goblins (who couldn’t die) and helped send them back to their dimension, all while Wong closed the portal. During the entire time, Donny Blaze couldn’t do anything but hide.

After the successful battle against the goblins, Jen told Blaze to comply with their cease-and-desist order as payment for helping him in his problem against the demons. As such, Donny Blaze could no longer practice the mystic arts in his shows.

Is Donny Blaze Ghost Rider?

Fans of Marvel Comics would be familiar with the name Johnny Blaze because that person is Ghost Rider. Of course, the name Donny Blaze is very similar to the original Ghost Rider’s name. So, does that mean that Donny Blaze is Ghost Rider?

At this point, we don’t know for sure whether or not Donny Blaze will be Ghost Rider. What we do know is that he is not Ghost Rider, at least not at the moment. That’s because he was utterly useless in the fight against the goblins. If he was Ghost Rider, he would have helped out in that fight.


Of course, we don’t know what will happen to Donny Blaze in the future and whether or not he is only a one-time character in She-Hulk. There is still a chance that he might become Ghost Rider, considering that he does have the ability to open portals to demonic dimensions. As such, his ability to contact demons could be the origin story of his character as Ghost Rider. 

But, as of this moment, we are doubtful of that possibility. All we need to do is wait for what Marvel Studios has to say regarding the identity of Ghost Rider, who is an extremely popular character in Marvel lore. 

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