Who Is Doombreaker? Meet Superman’s Newest Villain


DC is now cashing in on Superman’s son, Jonathan Kent, as the newest hero to carry the Superman mantle. Of course, Jon Kent also needs to undergo his own Superman-esque trials and tribulations in the form of villains that are just as strong as the ones that his father had to face during his prime. One of the new villains that Superman must now face is Doombreaker. So, who is Doombreaker in DC?

Doombreaker is a massive opponent that Jon and Clark Kent will face in The Death of Superman 30thAnniversary Special. It seems to be a derivative of the original Doomsday but is far larger and comes with four arms. As of this writing, nothing has been revealed about Doombreaker and its origins.

The name already suggests that Doombreaker is somewhat related to the original Doomsday, which is a creature that was able to evolve as the ultimate killing machine after several generations of experimentation. In that regard, it is possible that Doombreaker is similar to it. Now, let’s look at what we know about Doombreaker and its origins.

Who Is Doombreaker In DC?

At this point in the history of DC, we are beginning to see how Jonathan Kent, the son of Clark and Lois Kent, is becoming his own character as the next-generation Superman, alongside his own father. And the thing about Jon Kent is that he needs to undergo the same kind of trials that his father went through for decades to ultimately become as great and as powerful as the original Superman was.

The latest chapter in Jon Kent’s life as Superman comes in the form of The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special. This comic book basically celebrates the iconic The Death of Superman storyline that was released in 1992. It was this comic book series that introduced Doomsday, along with other characters, such as Cyborg Superman, Conner Kent, and the new version of the Eradicator. The same storyline also allowed us to see how Superman “returned from the dead” after fighting Doomsday in a battle that wrecked the entire Justice League and killed both the monster and Superman himself.

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However, in The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special, Jon learns about the incident for the very first time in his life as neither Clark nor Lois ever told him about Superman’s death at the hands of Doomsday so many years ago. Of course, the entire storyline will also detail other stories on top of The Life of Superman, as it is possible that we are going to see more villains and familiar faces in this comic book special.

While we do know that DC is revisiting a familiar and very popular Superman storyline with The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special, what we also know is that it will explore and revisit another villain—Doomsday. However, we are not getting Doomsday in this comic book special because we are getting something else in the form of Doombreaker. As the original synopsis reads:


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“A young Jon Kent finds out in school that his dad had died years earlier, as his parents never told him about that fateful day. In the midst of dealing with this emotional news, Jon and Clark need to team up to fight a new villain connected to Doomsday called Doombreaker.”

In short, Jon ends up learning about the fact that his father died in the fight against Doomsday during the Death of Superman storyline. But, while he is still in the middle of dealing with a heavy and emotional news, a new villain in the form of Doombreaker emerges. As such, Jon and his father need to work together to fight Doombreaker.

At this point, we don’t know a lot about Doombreaker because the comic book special will be released late this year. In that regard, what we know about Doombreaker is purely speculative, as this villain is still shrouded in mystery, except for the fact that its appearance was already hinted at in what could be one of the cover arts of The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special.

In the cover art that was released, Superman (probably Jon Kent) is facing against the audience as he is facing down a villain that is most likely Doombreaker. This monster is depicted to be so much larger than the original Doomsday that Superman faced so many years ago but comes with some of the details of the creature’s trademark design. However, on top of the fact that Doombreaker is so much bigger than Doomsday, it has four arms instead of two.

Aside from that, we don’t know a lot about Doombreaker or where it came from because information on the newest villain is still scarce at the moment. Then again, we will keep you updated as soon as we learn more about this massive villain. 

How Is Doombreaker Connected To Doomsday?

The official synopsis of this comic book special says that Doombreaker is connected to Doomsday, as its name and appearance suggest that fact. But how exactly is Doombreaker connected to Doomsday?

At this point, we don’t know a lot about Doombreaker and how it could be connected to Doomsday. But we could make a few speculations based on what we know about Doomsday’s origin story and how its body works.


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One of the things that we learned about Doomsday’s origin story is the fact that this is a creature that was the result of an experiment conducted in prehistoric Krypton countless years ago. During those years, Krypton was an incredibly harsh environment where only the strong could survive. In that regard, an alien scientist managed to make use of this environment to create the ultimate creature.

The alien took a humanoid baby and forced it to live in the harsh environments of Krypton, where it got killed over and over again after the alien took its genetic sample and revived it before sending it out to the wilderness again. He repeated this process for around 30 years until he was able to breed Doomsday, who became the product of artificial evolution through its genetic material being used over and over again. And because of how it was killed over and over again, its hatred for life had become embedded in its genetic material, as it became a mindless creature that only knows how to kill and destroy to survive.

Another aspect of Doomsday that we know about is that it revives to become even stronger once something kills it. On top of that, whatever killed it before cannot kill it again, as this trait was something that it developed through the artificial evolution that it had to go through in the experiment that created it.

Going back to Doombreaker, it is possible that this creature is still the same old Doomsday that made its debut in The Death of Superman. However, it might have undergone countless experiences that allowed it to evolve to become even more powerful than before. It is possible that it died over and over again to become a new version of itself called Doombreaker, which is now a lot more powerful than the original Doombreaker.

This presents an opportunity for Clark to exact his revenge on the monster that killed him a long time ago while also offering an opportunity for Jon to grow and learn as a superhero as well. Of course, it is possible that one Superman is no longer enough to stop Doombreaker, and that’s why two Supermen need to work together to put an end to this monster once and for all.

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