Who Is Graydon Hastur in Willow? Meet Tony Revolori’s Character


The new Willow series that you can watch on Disney+ is one of the most intriguing shows for those who want to watch fantasy adventure storylines. While it might be true that Willow is named after Willow, there are other characters that are also as important as him and have their own stories to tell in this grand adventure. One such character is Graydon Hastur. So, who is Graydon in Willow?

Graydon Hastur is a prince of Galladoor, which was one of the kingdoms that Bavmorda once wanted to conquer during her reign. In the Willow series, Graydon is the son of King Hastur and Queen Arianna and is set to marry Princess Kit to unite the kingdoms of Tir Asleen and Galladoor.

While it might be true that Graydon understands the importance of his role as a prince of his kingdom, he is actually like Kit in the sense that he never wanted to enter into a forced marriage for the sake of convenience. He also has his own story to tell in this grand adventure, as that is something that we are yet to see. But rest assured that Graydon’s own storyline will unfold before our eyes.

Who Is Graydon Hastur In Willow?

When the Willow series was announced as the follow-up story to the massively underrated 1988 Willow movie, one of the things that we learned was that this series was going to follow the stories of six main characters that are going on a journey together. Of course, the movie revolved more around Willow. But the series seeks to follow the story of a total of six main characters, including Willow himself.

It was already clear before the start that a good part of the series would be focused on the strong female trio of Kit, Jade, and Dove (Elora Danan). However, the other members of the questing party are also very important to the storyline. One such character that is set to have a big role in the events of Willow is Graydon Hastur. So, who is Graydon in Willow? 


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During the early part of the Willow series, we learned that Kit was forced to attend a banquet by her mother as they were to welcome the king and the prince of the kingdom of Galladoorn. Of course, those who have been following the Willow series would be familiar with Galladoorn, as this was one of the kingdoms that Queen Bavmorda attacked during the events of the Willow movie. 

However, after Bavmorda’s defeat, Galladoorn was restored, with King Hastur and Queen Arianna leading the kingdom. And out of all of the kingdoms in the Mother World, Galladoor was second only to Tir Asleen in terms of how prosperous it was during the events of the Willow series.

To make sure that the two most prosperous kingdoms were united, Queen Sorsha and King Hastur arranged the weddings of their children, as Princess Kit was set to marry Prince Graydon. Of course, Kit thought that she would be marrying the other brother, but Graydon replaced him because the other one fell off a tree. In that regard, the wedding was set to take place a day after the banquet.

tir asleen dinner

Kit wasn’t exactly happy about the fact that she was forced to marry Graydon, considering that she was in love with Jade. So, when Jade told her that she would be leaving soon to begin her knight training, the princess lashed out at Graydon and even subtly told him that she didn’t want to marry him and that she wanted to be able to choose her own fate. Of course, while Graydon and his family were insulted, the prince didn’t seem to be too affected by what Kit said.


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Later that night, Tir Asleen was attacked by the Gales, who were the forces of the Crone, as they ended up kidnapping Prince Airk. Graydon, of course, was the only witness to the kidnapping as he saw one of the Gales taking the prince from Tir Asleen. He was the one who told Sorsha what happened to her son, and that was how the quest to rescue Prince Airk began. 

What Is Graydon’s Role In Willow?

As mentioned, Queen Sorsha ordered a questing party to rescue Prince Airk from the Gales. The party was primarily composed of Kit, Jade, and Boorman. Graydon initially didn’t want to join the quest because he was never a fighter. However, when his father whispered something to him, he was convinced that he needed to be on that quest as well.

But while Kit, Jade, and Boorman are great fighters in their own right, Graydon isn’t. That’s the reason why he wasn’t even involved in the defense of Tir Asleen when the Gales attacked the kingdom. While we aren’t sure whether or not he was trained as a fighter, what we do know is that he is more interested in reading and learning things about the world. He even said that he was skilled in different languages and had a lot of knowledge related to the arcane.


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During the quest, Graydon spoke to Kit and told her that while he thought that she was very beautiful, he didn’t want to marry her as well. As such, they both agreed that they didn’t want to marry one another but were only forced to do so. Graydon also told her that they could find a way to unite their kingdoms in another way once they became the rulers of their nations in the future. In that regard, it was clear that Graydon was interested in following the beat of his own drum as well.

When the questing party was able to recruit Willow, who wanted to join the team so that he could train Dove (who happened to be Elora Danan the entire time), Graydon was one of the only ones who actually made the prophesized empress feel better about herself. Elora told Graydon all of the things that she doubted about herself, and that was when the prince told her that she was a very special person and that the only person who didn’t think that she was special was Elora herself.

elora and graydon

In that regard, while he was never a great fighter, Graydon is one of the most sensible persons on that questing party. It also seems like he is the most intelligent out of all of the members of that party as he has always been more of a scholar than a fighter. That means that his role on the team is more of the brains rather than the brawns, and we all know that this team already has a lot of brawns.

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