Who Is Jade in Willow? Meet Erin Kellyman’s Character

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We know that there is going to be a Willow series that is set to follow up on the storyline of the classic 1988 Willow movie that starred Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer, among others. Of course, considering that this new Disney+ series is set to release 34 years after the movie, it is obvious that it will involve new characters that will be going on an adventure alongside Willow. One such character that is set to have a starring role is Jade. So, who is Jade in Willow?

Jade is a young girl that is on her way to becoming a knight, and that means that she is a capable fighter. She is also the best friend of Kit, who is also going to play an important role. As such, it is possible that Jade will be accompanying her best friend in what is a quest to rescue Kit’s twin brother.

At this point, we don’t know a lot about what Jade’s role is and what will be happening to her in the storyline. The only thing that we know is that she is set to be three of the main female characters of the series and that she will be involved in a grand quest that involves saving the world. That said, let’s look at what we know about Jade in the Willow series.

Who Is Jade In Willow?

Fans were excited to hear about the fact that the Willow movie was given a continuation in the form of the Willow series. The movie was quite popular among the 80s and early 90s kids and teenagers as it was supposed to follow up on the success of George Lucas’s Star Wars trilogy. However, the film didn’t get a sequel after it was released back in 1988. Despite that, fans of the movie wished for it to have a continuation.

It took 34 years for Willow to finally have a continuation to its 1988 storyline as the Willow series that will be released on Disney+ is supposed to be the sequel to the movie that became a hit among different fantasy adventure fans. Of course, because the series is going to be released more than three decades after the release of the 1988 movie, it is clear that its storyline will be new and will include new characters that will be working alongside Warwick Davis, who is set to reprise his role as Willow. 

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One of the new characters that will be joining this grand Willow series is a girl named Jade. Of course, she is not the only one that’s set to join the storyline as a new character. But who. Is Jade in Willow?

At this point, we still don’t know a lot about Jade and what her role will ultimately be in Willow. The only thing that we know is that she is set to be one of the new characters that will have a big role. But we also know that there have been a few details released about her character.


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From what has been revealed regarding Willow, Jade is actually a common girl or a servant that ended up befriending Kit, who is a princess and the daughter of Sorsha, who is set to return in the series. Jade is also said to be the best friend of Kit, as we believe that the princess has a grand role to play in the greater scheme of things in Willow.

We also know that Jade is not only a common girl but is also an aspiring knight. That means that she is still training to be one, considering that she is still quite young. But that also means that there is a good chance that she is a great fighter.

What Is Jade’s Role In Willow?

At this point, it is still too early to tell what Jade’s role will be in Willow because of the fact that the information that has been revealed about the series is still quite minimal. But we can make a few speculations regarding what has been revealed about her character and her relationship with Kit.

As we all know, Kit is the daughter of Sorsha (and quite possibly Madmartigan). She also decided to go out on a quest to rescue her twin brother, who was quite possibly kidnapped. It is even possible that this quest is unsanctioned by Sorsha because she would want to make sure that her daughter doesn’t endanger herself while on a quest to rescue her brother. 

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Considering that Jade is said to be Kit’s best friend, it only follows that she would accompany her to find her brother, and it is possible that she only does so because she wants to make sure that her friend is safe throughout the entire journey. It is even possible that Jade will serve as some sort of bodyguard to her best friend.

But we also believe that something bigger is in store for Jade in the Willow series because the entire storyline involves a grand quest to save the entire world. That means that it isn’t only about Kit and Jade rescuing Kit’s brother, but it is also something more important that involves the fate of the entire world.

Considering that Lucasfilm and Willow have always involved characters that are seemingly ordinary but end up becoming great heroes, it is possible that Jade will have her own heroic tale in this storyline despite the fact that she may seem to be a commoner and an ordinary young girl that wishes to be a knight.


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Because the Willow series synopsis also says that the characters are set to face their own inner demons, there is a good chance that Jade also has to face inner demons of her own in her quest to become a knight and a hero to the entire world.

Who Plays Jade In Willow?

Jade is set to be portrayed by young actress Erin Kellyman, who has seen her own fair share of acting roles in what has been a good career for her. And the thing is that this is actually the second time for her to appear in a Lucasfilm project, as she previously appeared in Solo: A Star Wars Story as Enfys Nest.

Another fact that fans might find interesting is that this isn’t the first time that Erin Kellyman has played a character alongside Warwick Davis. That is because they both appeared in Solo: A Star Wars Story as important supporting characters.

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As such, Erin is not new to working with Disney and Lucasfilm and playing a character alongside the veteran Warwick, who has had a lot of different roles in Lucasfilm throughout his career as an actor.

Of course, considering that Erin Kellyman played supporting characters in her earlier movies and shows (such as the 2019 mini-series Les Misérables), it is possible that her role as Jade in Willow is going to be one of her biggest projects as a young actress that is on the rise.

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