Who Is Judomaster in Peacemaker? (Origins & Powers)

Who is Judomaster in Peacemaker? (Origins & Powers)

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HBO’s Peacemaker series continued the adventures of the titular character we first saw in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. Played by John Cena, the Peacemaker was a breakthrough character and Gunn decided to give him his own solo series so we could get a deeper insight into the character and his personality. Alongside some familiar faces from the movie, the series also introduced some new characters, like Judomaster, a relatively obscure comic book character.

Judomaster is a relatively obscure superhero/vigilante that appears in DC Comics’ stories. It is a stock name used by several characters throughout the history of DC Comics. His role in the Peacemaker series still remains a mystery, but we can deduce that he is, in the beginning at least, an enemy of the Peacemaker. He is played by Vietnamese actor Nhut Le.

The rest of this article is going to bring you everything we know and everything you need to know about the character of the Judomaster in the HBO Max Peacemaker television series. This article is going to be your ultimate guide to the character and his role in the series.

Who Is Judomaster?

Judomaster is a vigilante that appears in the Peacemaker TV series. The character is actually based on an obscure DC Comics superhero and we were, honestly, surprised to see the Judomaster in this DCEU adaptation, but it was quite refreshing. The character is still a big mystery. We don’t know his true identity and we don’t know his exact role in this story.

From what we can gather so far, Judomaster is going to be an opponent of the Peacemaker, as he does not agree with his violent methods. But, knowing that the Peacemaker is going to have to fight a much bigger enemy, the two of them might end up working together at some point; we’ll just have to wait and see.


Judomaster Vs. Vigilante: Who Would Win and Why?

Who Is Playing the Judomaster in Peacemaker?

Judomaster is a fairly obscure character, both in the comics and in the Peacemaker series. In the series, the masked hero is portrayed by Nhut Le, a Vietnamese actor whom we had never heard about, to be honest. Nhut Le has several television credits in his filmography according to IMDb, but his work on Peacemaker is certainly his biggest project so far.

Judomaster: Origins

Judomaster is a stock name used by several martial arts-focused superheroes. The original Judomaster was Ripley “Rip” Jagger, a sergeant in the U.S. Army during World War II with a little sidekick named Tiger. Rip Jagger was a member of the All-Star Squadron and the Living Assault Weapons, although he was killed by Bane during the Infinite Crisis.

The second Judomaster was an unnamed vigilante who helped the Justice League take down Andreas Havoc. Sonia Sato became the third Judomaster, a female member of the Birds of Prey and the Justice Society; she is the only female Judomaster to date. Rip’s son, Tommy Jagger, is an agent of Checkmate.

Judomaster was originally created by Joe Gill and Frank McLaughlin for Charlton Comics and first appeared in Special War Series #4 (1965). Since we don’t know the identity of Peacemaker‘s Judomaster, we’re going to talk a bit about the original Judomaster characters from the comic books.

Living Assault Weapons Vol 1 5

Ripley “Rip” Jagger was a sergeant in the United States Army during World War II. He rescued the daughter of an island chief in the Pacific and in return was taught the martial art of judo. Jagger used his judo skills to become the superhero Judomaster, often operating alone behind enemy lines in the Pacific.

Judomaster eventually got a little sidekick named Tiger. It is said that Judomaster was a member of the All-Star Squadron during the war, although no particular adventures are known at this time.

After World War II, Judomaster remained young because he lived in the hidden town of Nanda Parbat. He left his retreat to face his old buddy who had turned into the villainous Avatar that threatened world peace.


Who Is White Dragon in Peacemaker? (Origins & Powers)

Judomaster was killed when he participated in the gigantic Battle of Metropolis, where the supervillain Bane broke his back (the same thing he did to Batman, but the Caped Crusader survived it). Judomaster’s death left traces on his son Thomas Jagger, an agent of Checkmate, who later came into conflict with his father’s murderer, but resisted his desire to avenge Judomaster for the sake of honor and instead defeated Bane in a fight.

A second Judomaster was created by Paul Kupperberg and designer Michael Collins. In Justice League Quarterly # 14 (1994), Andreas Havoc, an enemy of (Thunderbolt) challenges Cannon to fight, feeling that his position as “Vajra” has been stolen by Cannon. Blue Beetle (Ted Kord), Captain Atom and Nightshade assist their friend in fighting Havoc during a psychic battle as the new Judomaster helps save heroes in the physical world.

Judomaster Sonia Sato 005

A female iteration of the character, Sonia Sato, appears in Birds of Prey #100 alongside Big Barda and Manhunter, all recruited by Oracle to break into a Mexican prison. In 2008, Sonia returned in Justice Society of America #11, which revealed her name, origins, and powers. Sonia’s metahuman talent allows her to project a “field of repulsion” that protects her against attacks specifically aimed at her.

She is shown in a relationship with Damage, kissing him even after her temporarily healed face reverts to her heavily scarred face. Sonia’s romance with Damage ends when he is killed by the resurrected Jean Loring during Blackest Night. Part of the JSA All-Star Magog Squadron, Sonia helps her teammates fend off the Black Lantern invasion of Manhattan.

Sonia and Atom Smasher scour the city for survivors only to come across Damage, now a member of the Black Lantern Corps, ripping a cop’s heart out. After the end of Blackest Night, a deeply disturbed and grieving judo champion considers returning to her earlier plan for revenge against Tiger, her father’s killer, as she feels that without Damage’s love she has nothing else to live a happier life.

She is stopped by King Chimera, who delivers the missing half of Damage’s last message, recorded before Blackest Night, in which Grant shares with Sonia his desire to have corrective facial surgery and build a simpler, happier life with him. she. I wish Sonia a better life in the event of death. Thus, King Chimera is able to convince Sonia to carry out Grant’s last wishes by leaving Tiger alive (albeit with heavy beatings).


Peacemaker Vs. Judomaster: Who Would Win and Why?

Also, Sonia decides to improve her English (believing that only Damage was kind enough to put up with her understanding of stilted, slow speech), and after delivering a eulogy to her lover, she begins donating several funds relief to people who The Damage unintentionally hurt over the years trying to silence him, using the money she “asked” for Tiger before having him locked up.

Judomaster: Powers

The Judomaster is not a metahuman. Whichever iteration you take, his biggest skill is his mastery of judo and his great combat skills. The Judomaster also knows military protocol and has a good mastery of different firearms. Aside from that, he is a pretty standard guy.

We don’t really know how the Judomaster will compare to Peacemaker in all of these categories, but when compared to some of DC’s better fighters (Deathstroke, Batman, Bane, Bronze Tiger) and marksmen (Deadshot), the Judomaster is significantly weaker.

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