Who Is Kit in Willow? Meet Ruby Cruz’s Character

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One of the things that we know about the upcoming Willow series on Disney+ is that it’s going to be full of new faces and personalities because of the fact that the series is set to follow an entirely new adventure that follows up on the success of the film. So, with that said, there are going to be new faces more than 30 years since the release of the first movie. One such person is Kit. So, who is Kit in Willow?

Kit is a princess and is actually the daughter of Sorsha, who we met in the movie. In that regard, she is one of the new characters in the storyline and is going to continue the legacy of her mother, who was one of the main characters in the Willow movie. Kit is portrayed by young actress Ruby Cruz.

There are a lot of different fans excited about what the Willow series has to offer, especially because some of these fans grew up watching the movie. As such, it’s going to be exciting to see what kind of an adventure the series has in store for us as the release of this new adventure draws closer. With that said, let’s look at the things that we know about Kit in the Willow series.

Who Is Kit In Willow?

There is almost no doubt that one of the classic movies that seem to be underrated in today’s more modern world full of fantasy adventure films is Willow, which was released back in 1988 as an ambitious follow-up by George Lucas to the success of his Star Wars movies. Of course, Willow was successful in its own right and has garnered a lot of different fans due to how different it was from the sci-fi nature of Star Wars. Nevertheless, it never got the sequel that some fans were looking for it to have.

The good news is that the Willow movie has garnered enough nostalgia for Disney to work on a sequel series that continues the storyline of the movie. That is why the Willow series is set to get its own release soon and will expose fans, young and old, to a new type of adventure that is set to captivate imaginations. 


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Of course, it has already been 34 years since the release of the Willow movie, and that means that the people who were in the original film are now older. For example, Warwick Davis, who played Willow Ufgood, is now in his 50s but is still going to reprise his role as the titular character. However, because not all of the old characters will be returning more than three decades after the movie was released, it is expected that we are going to see new characters rising up as heroes.

One such character that is going to be featured as an important person in this entirely new storyline that follows up on the story of the movie is Kit. Despite the fact that we still don’t know a lot about what’s going to happen to Kit, let’s look at what we know about her character.

Based on the early information released about the Willow series, it is clear that Kit is an important character in the storyline because she is actually the daughter of Sorsha. That means that she is a princess, as we can expect Sorsha to be a queen that inherited her mother’s role after the events of the movie. Of course, it is important to learn more about Sorsha to understand who Kit is.

sorsha willow series

Basically, Sorsha was one of the three main characters of the Willow movie alongside Willow and Madmartigan. She started out as an enemy because she was the daughter of Queen Bavmorda, who was the evil queen that was trying to take over the entire land and place it under her dark influence. However, when Sorsha fell in love with Madmartigan and saw the evil ways of her mother, she betrayed her and fought for the side of good.

Eventually, the heroes defeated Queen Bavmorda, as Sorsha married Madmartigan and quite possibly became the new queen. Of course, it is more than possible that they also had children together while they were married, and Kit is one of their children.


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In that regard, Kit might be the daughter of both Sorsha and Madmartigan, even though we are yet to see whether or not Val Kilmer will be returning to reprise one of the roles that allowed him to rise as a well-known star in Hollywood. And because Kit is the daughter of quite possibly two of the main characters of the Willow movie, she is set to have an important role in this storyline.

What Is Kit’s Role In Willow?

At this point, we don’t know a lot about Kit except for the fact that she is a daughter of Sorsha and, quite possibly, Madmartigan. But we also know that she is going to be one of the most important characters in the series, considering that she is the daughter of an important character in the movie.

Based on what has been released about the Willow series, Kit is set to have a role that’s related to the grander scheme of things in the storyline as she sets out on a quest to find and rescue her twin brother. In that regard, her twin brother is certainly in a dangerous spot, and Kit decided to be the one to try to rescue him. That is probably the reason why a grand quest has been set into motion in this storyline.


Of course, the synopsis of Willow mentions the fact that six unlikely companions team up to try to save the world while facing their own inner demons. That could mean that Kit’s quest to find and rescue her brother is one of the subplots in the grander scheme of things in this entire storyline. As such, we can expect that Kit will be playing a huge role in relation to the grander quest that involves saving the entire world.

It is also quite possible that Kit is going to have to come to terms with the fact that she also has inner demons that she needs to face. That’s because she is still the granddaughter of the evil Queen Bavmorda, who tried to conquer the entire world and plunge it into darkness. As such, there is a good chance that one of Kit’s stories involves the fact that she has to accept this part of her life so that she can move forward and become a hero.

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