Who Is Kurouma in One Piece? Meet Director Tensei!

Who is Kurouma in One Piece? Meet Director Tensei!

We all know that the stories from Oda’s One Piece series are truly fascinating. The series is one of the most interesting ones you’ll come across and that makes it so special and that is why this series has become so popular. The characters of One Piece are likewise interesting, which is why they actually deserve more attention and that is what inspired this article. In this article, we are going to present a new character that has been introduced in the recent Chapter 1054 of the manga, a new member of the Marines. He is Tensei, or Kurouma, the director of the Marine Criminal Investigative Service, and in this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about him.

Who is Kurouma in One Piece?

Tensei, also known by his Marine alias Kurouma (lit. “Black Horse”), is the director of the Marine Criminal Investigative Service. Kurouma is a middle-aged man with slicked-back light hair, a somewhat pointed nose, and solid dark eyebrows. He appears quite tall, with a size comparable to Sakazuki. He wears a black suit, a standard Marine cape, and sunglasses.

Kurouma has a calm and serious disposition, being able to report shocking events in a mostly level-headed manner. He advocated for the Marines to take more action against the Revolutionary Army and rationalized why Admirals Fujitora and Ryokugyu couldn’t go all out while fighting on Mary Geoise.

Like the admirals, Kurouma’s appearance is based on a real life actor. In this case it is about Akira Kobayashi in his role as Akira Takeda in the film saga Battles Without Honor and Humanity. His real name, Tensei, is probably a reference to the Tensei Coalition political party founded by Takeda in Battles Without Honor and Humanity: Final Episode. Although Tensei is not an admiral, his alias, Kurouma, follows the same dynamic as the aliases of said officers, being a color and an animal. It is very likely that he was a candidate for admiral, as were Chaton and Momousagi.

What is Kurouma’s role in One Piece?

At Marine Headquarters, Tensei, Sakazuki, and Borsalino discuss the grave situation with the Revolutionary Army: the former suggests to the Grand Admiral that they cannot let the revolutionaries go free and Sakazuki agrees, however the Navy doesn’t have enough troops to deal with it and the whole world acclaims Sabo, “the flamboyant emperor”, who has become a hero since he apparently killed Nefertari Cobra during the Levely, the only descendant present of the twenty families who formed the World Government, a gesture that has enormous significance for the revolutionaries.

Tensei recalls that a few hours earlier, Sabo and the four commanders broke into the residential area and destroyed the flying dragon’s hoof in the sky, eventually freeing Bartholomew Bear despite Fujitora and Ryokugyu’s joint efforts. Tensei admits that it must have been difficult for the Admirals to fight in Marijoa, but Sakazuki replies not to apologize for them, only to ask him about Princess Nefertari Vivi.

Tensei therefore explains that she disappeared during the murder of her father and investigates the correlation of the two events. Sakazuki feels sorry for the Alabasta Kingdom and Tensei replies that the ship is still in the Red Harbor and they cannot set sail. Borsalino instead asks him if they can consider the matter of the attempted murder of Saint Charlos closed, so Tensei reveals that the “Knights of God” intervened in the trial of Saint Donquixote Mjosgard for making the escape, which complicated the matter; Sakazuki orders to let them.

Tensei therefore wonders if Sabo is hiding behind all these events, revealing that the world is shaking, so much so that in the previous days they attacked kings returning from Reverie, in what has been called “the revolt of the eight nations”, highlighting how the seed of rebellion germinates and that Sabo is worshiped as a god, who has gained influence equal to that of Dragon.

Borsalino also adds that it is similar to the one obtained by Luffy, who became Emperor. Sakazuki is annoyed by all of this and points out that it’s a strange time to become a Grand Admiral, but that it will somehow annihilate those threats.

Kurouma’s powers and abilities

As the director of the Marine Criminal Investigative Service, Kurouma has authority over this division, allowing him to learn the information obtained by his investigations. Although he is a new character and we do not know much about him, we can assume that he has all the same powers as other high-ranking members of the Marines, including the use of Haki.

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This is all that we know about Kurouma at this moment. He is a new character to the series, and although he is a high-ranking officer within the Marines, he is still new to the series and we’ll have to see how important his story is going to be for the series.

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