Who Is Lonni Jung in Andor & Is He a Rebel Spy?


One of the things that we already know about the Andor series is that it was never meant to be a lighthearted Star Wars story. Instead, it was supposed to allow us to see how human the characters can be and how both sides of the war between the Empire and the Rebels have their own dark and grey areas. In that regard, one such character that we saw getting himself into a somewhat dark situation he didn’t want to be in was Lonni Jung, who seemed to be a background character but was more important than we originally thought. So, who is Lonni Jung in Andor?

Lonni Jung is a human male working as an ISB Supervisor and is in charge of working together with the other officers of the ISB to try to catch potential rebels. However, it was revealed in episode 10 that he was actually a mole or a double agent planted by Luthen Rael to serve as his ears in the ISB.

The thing about Lonni is that he is somewhat who has and will experience the darker and greyer side of things in the world of Star Wars as he is in the middle of a situation that he knows will cost him his life, regardless of who between the Empire or the Rebels will kill him. That’s because his entire life itself is a symbol of the grey areas of Star Wars. So, with that said, let’s take a good look at who Lonni Jung is.ß

Who Is Lonni Jung In Andor?

While Andor may be entitled after Cassian Andor, we know that there are other personalities involved in what has clearly become an ensemble cast of different people that have allowed us to see the early beginnings of what is eventually going to be a galaxy-wide rebellion against the Empire. That means that every single person in this series has a contribution to the storyline and how the rebels are eventually going to rise up to form an official Rebellion.

One such character that has somewhat been relegated to the background of the storyline is Lonni Yung, who was introduced quite early as someone who didn’t seem to be important. Lonni is actually an ISB Supervisor that also holds the rank of lieutenant. In that regard, he worked as a high-ranking officer for the Empire, as the ISB was an important part of the Empire’s efforts in making sure that any early signs of a rebellion would get snuffed out.

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Lonni was first introduced during an ISB meeting wherein Major Partagaz discussed the importance of the ISB in relation to the grander scheme of the Empire. Early on, it was clear that Lonni did not seem to be as enthusiastic at his job as someone like Dedra Meero. And fans were quick to believe that he just didn’t love what he was doing as much as any of the other ISB Supervisors did.

When the Imperial payroll of an entire sector was stolen by Cassian Andor and his crew over at Aldhani, Lonni was one of the officers that were called by Partagaz for a meeting that involved what they needed to do to get to the bottom of what had just happened there. Of course, he was privy to what was happening in the meetings of the ISB Supervisors because he was there when the other officers presented their findings.


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Later, Lonni once again attended another meeting involving all of the ISB officers, as Colonel Wullf Yularen was now the one presiding over the meeting when he declared that the ISB should have no problems accessing Army or Naval resources. Lonni also heard what Yularen said about the multiple consequences as a result of what happened over at Aldhani.

There was another meeting where Lonni and his fellow ISB officers provided three theories to Partagaz regarding why he had trouble keeping pace with the other sectors within the vicinity. After he requested guidance from the major, Lonni was asked for a complete audit of all of the hyperspace lanes that led to Ord Mantell. And Lonni was once again present in another meeting where Dedra Meero presented her theory regarding the rebel she called Axis and how he has been stealing Imperial equipment for the sake of mounting smaller rebellions and attacks against the Empire.

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After Dedra succeeded in extracting information from the people who knew Andor, she presented her documents in another meeting, as Lonni actually noticed that Cassian’s name could be seen throughout the entire document. That was when Dedra suggested that there was a connection between Aldhani and Andor because of the fact that the latter returned to Ferrix with a lot of money that might have come from the Imperial garrison over at Aldhani. 

There was also a point where Lonni attended another meeting where they discussed what they needed to do regarding a captured pilot that was said to be working with Anto Kreegyr, who was known to be the leader of a rebel cell. Lonnie was the one who pointed out that Kreegyr would be able to notice that the pilot was missing and would be suspicious about the actions of the ISB. That was when Dedra suggested that the ship would be used as a means to draw out Kreegyr and his men.


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As such, throughout the entire time that the ISB has been meeting and talking about the different things that they needed to do to snuff out any signs of rebellion, Lonni Jung was there and was privy to everything that the different officers were talking about.

Is Lonni A Rebel Spy?

After the success of the plan involving the captured pilot because Kreegyr took the bait that Dedra planted, Lonni secretly traveled to the undercity area of Coruscant, where it was clear that he was speaking to Luthen Rael through a radio while he was still in the elevator.

That was when he and Luthen met in person as he told the rebel leader about what the ISB had in store for Kreegyr and his men. However, Luthen clearly told Lonni that the rebels would be proceeding as planned and would not do anything in relation to Kreegyr and his men because that would mean that the ISB officers would sense that someone among them could be working with the rebels. Luthen told Lonni that he was far more valuable than Kreegyr and his men, and that was when it was clear that Jung had been working as an undercover agent or a mole for Luthen.

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Lonni said that he had worked his way up to the position of Supervisor for six years and was no longer interested in working for either the Empire or the rebels, not only because he was disgusted with what Luthen had planned for Kreegyr and his men but also because he wanted to be there for his baby daughter, who was just born.

However, despite the fact that Lonni was clearly more concerned about being able to live the rest of his life with his newborn child, Luthen didn’t care about what he wanted to do because he had groomed him for far too long to simply let him go. That is when it became clear that Lonni had gotten himself entangled with forces that he should never have worked with at all. This is where it becomes clear that even the rebels of Star Wars can be dark, as Luthen himself is someone who works in the grey areas where all that matters to him are the results of their efforts against the Empire.

Luthen, of course, knew that he was not a hero, and that was the reason why he rejected Lonni’s request to leave his position as a Supervisor and as a mole for the rebels. The rebel leader said that the rebels needed heroes, and Lonni was one of the heroes that he had been seeking out the entire time. As such, it is clear that Lonni is headed toward a dark fate where he would die both as a traitor to the Empire and as a hero to the Rebels.

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