Who Is Luke Jacobson in She-Hulk? Meet Griffin Matthews’s Superhero Fashion Designer


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One of the most interesting things about She-Hulk: Attorney at Law episode 5 was the fact that Jen Walters was fighting two battles. The first was the infringement case that Titania filed against her, and the second one was the war against fashion because, let’s face it, Jen Walters doesn’t really dress well. That was when Luke came in to spice things up and attempt to make her look a lot better. But who is Luke Jacobson in She-Hulk?

Luke Jacobson is a fashion designer that creates costumes exclusively for superheroes and other similar clients. He relishes in designing only for an exclusive clientele, as he initially didn’t want to design a costume for Jen Walters but was eventually convinced that making a costume for a Hulk was a good opportunity.

While Luke might not have a big role in the series, his introduction allowed the storyline to progress and even tease one of the most popular Marvel characters out there. Of course, there is still a chance we might see Luke again in the future. So, with that said, let’s look at what we know about Luke Jacobson in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

Who Is Luke Jacobson In She-Hulk?

In episode 4 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, we learned that Jen Walters, who spent a good part of the series defending her clients, was now going to have to be the one who needed to be defended when Titania filed a case against her for infringing the She-Hulk name that she trademarked for her line of cosmetics. That was when she needed the help of Mallory Book, another lawyer working for GLK&H. 

Of course, while Jen had to fight a court battle in episode 5, there was another battle that she needed to win. Ever since she first learned that she was a Hulk, she struggled to find clothes that fit her. Even when she did find work clothes that were big enough for her, she didn’t look too good in them. Nikki, her best friend and paralegal, told her the same. Of course, the well-dressed Mallory also told Jen the same thing in episode 5. 


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Nikki herself went out of her way to find a person that could design clothes for Jen. With the help of Pug, another lawyer working for GLK&H, Nikki was able to find a secretive fashion designer that didn’t want to work with her. However, she told him that she was working for an Avenger who wanted a suit designed by him. That was when the mysterious fashion designer agreed to set up a meeting.

nikki and pug

Eventually, Jen and Nikki returned to his office so that they could have the appointment. That was when they finally met Luke Jacobson (played by Griffin Matthews), who was initially appalled when he saw She-Hulk. So, who is Luke Jacobson in She-Hulk?

Luke Jacobson is a secretive fashion designer that only designs and creates suits meant to be worn by superheroes. Of course, from the way he approached his business, he was probably working discreetly because of the fact that Nikki had to go through a lot just to find out about him. And he himself said that he has an exclusive clientele. 

That means that Luke is probably the guy that people that go to whenever they need superhero costumes for themselves. Of course, as mentioned, he only works with an exclusive list of clients. That means that he probably only works with clients that are actually the elite of the elite, regardless of whether or not they are superheroes. 

What Does Luke Do In She-Hulk?

Luke Jacobson didn’t have an incredibly large role in episode 5 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, but he did play a role in the progression of Jen Walters’s career as a budding lawyer/superhero. That’s because he is the one who ended up designing Jen’s suit.

As mentioned, Jen and Nikki went to his office to meet up with him for their appointment. Upon seeing Jen, Luke was appalled by what he saw as he initially didn’t want to work with her. And after learning that she was a lawyer, his interest nearly dropped all the way down to zero.


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But it was thanks to Nikki that he was convinced to design a suit for Jen. When Luke tried to send them away, Nikki told Jen to transform back to her regular form, as Luke was impressed by what he saw. Nikki told him that he had the opportunity to work on a suit for a Hulk for the first time, considering that he probably never had to work on a suit for Bruce Banner himself. As such, he was convinced that this was a chance of a lifetime, as he immediately went to work to design a costume that could fit both of Jen Walters’s forms.


After Jen won her case against Titania and had a few drinks with Mallory, she was reminded to return to Luke for her costume. Luke brought out a few suits that he wanted her to try out. He even gave her an extra suit that Jen initially thought she wouldn’t be able to use. Of course, as She-Hulk would probably want to save the big reveal of Jen’s suit, we didn’t see her wearing the suits that Luke designed for her.

While Jen was still in the changing room, Luke noticed an opened box with a mask in it. That was when he reminded his assistant of the importance of client confidentiality, as we got to see that the content of this box was a yellow Daredevil mask.

So, while Luke didn’t have the biggest role in the series, he was the one who made things possible for Jen to have a costume of her own so that she wouldn’t have to stick to overly large suits whenever she was going to work. And it was also Luke who teased the inevitable introduction of Daredevil to She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

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