Who Is Matthew the Raven? Meet Patton Oswalt’s Character


The release of Netflix’s The Sandman was a success, especially due to how well fans and non-fans of the comic book series received it. Of course, critics also had good things to say about the series due to how massively ambitious yet well-delivered the series is. Of course, the characters that surround Dream are also some of the factors that make the series so great, and one of them is Matthew the Raven. But who is Matthew in The Sandman?

Matthew the Raven was the Raven that Lucienne sent to help watch over Dream while he was in the Waking World looking for his stolen tools. At first, Dream didn’t want Matthew around because he was traumatized by the death of his last raven. However, he eventually learned to trust Matthew.

One of the best parts about the entire The Sandman series was Dream’s character development from a cold character to a more open one that was willing to accept the help and company of the people around him. Matthew was one of the people that he learned to trust during the series. Now, let’s get to know more about Matthew the Raven and what his role is in The Sandman.

Who Is Matthew The Raven In The Sandman?

The Sandman series on Netflix proves to be very intriguing due to how the overall narrative and atmosphere were done right. Of course, it was also great that the series was able to portray the characters very well, especially when it comes to the character of Dream, who is also called Morpheus and the King of Dreams. And a good part of the first season of The Sandman focused heavily on Dream’s character development.

At the very start of the series, it was clear that Dream was not going to be the nicest person because of the fact that he was imprisoned by Roderick Burgess, who actually wanted to trap Death but ended up capturing Dream instead. Through the use of amateur magic and a few tricks that the Corinthian taught him, Burgess was able to keep Dream trapped while keeping the King of Dreams’ tools away so that he wouldn’t be able to muster up the power to escape.


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During his imprisonment, Dream was carefully watched over by a Raven named Jessamy, who was so loyal to its master that it stayed outside the Burgess household while Morpheus was trapped in it. The raven constantly watched over him for a decade while trying to find a way inside so that it could help Dream escape and return to his realm in the Dreaming.

However, Jessamy’s loyalty proved to be its downfall. When the raven was nearly able to break Dream free from his prison, Alex Burgess shot and killed it to please his father. Dream was visibly affected by the death of his loyal raven, as it was clear that he was going to hold onto this grudge for decades.

Dream was eventually able to escape the Burgess household and return to the Dreaming. He was weak upon his return due to the fact that he didn’t have his tools, which were stolen from the Burgess household. As such, he decided to go on a quest to search for his tools. But Lucienne, his loyal librarian in the Dreaming, suggested that he would carry a raven with him because ravens can freely travel between the Dreaming and the Waking World.

Still grieving about Jessamy’s death, Dream told Lucienne that he would never carry another raven again because Jessamy was the last. It was clear that he didn’t want to go through the pain of losing another loyal raven, even though the King of Dreams is always said to carry a raven with him wherever he goes.

However, when he went to the Waking World to meet Johanna Constantine so that he could retrieve his sand, a raven was following him around. Constantine assumed that the raven belonged to Dream because she knew that the King of Dreams always had a raven with him. That was when Constantine approached the raven to ask it who it was, to which the bird replied that his name was Matthew. So, who is Matthew the Raven in The Sandman?


Matthew the Raven was the new raven that ended up serving Morpheus after Lucienne acquired his services and sent him to watch over their master while he was in the Waking World. At first, Dream didn’t want Matthew around because he was still grieving over the loss of Jessamy, who we could presume served him for a very long time to the point that he formed an attachment with it. Matthew, of course, knew for a fact that his new master was still upset over Jessamy’s loss, but he still continued to serve him loyally.

During the early part of the series, Dream wasn’t too fond of Matthew watching over him while he was in the Waking World. But it was during their trip to Hell that made him realize how important the raven was. When Dream was losing a battle to Lucifer in Hell, Matthew was the one who reminded him about what could survive anti-life, and that was when Morpheus thought about hope, which is the only thing that could survive something so powerful that it could wipe out an entire universe.

Since then, Dream has become more tolerant of Matthew’s presence. During the second half of the first season, Morpheus gave Matthew the job of watching over Rose Walker so that they would be aware of what was happening to the Human Vortex at all times. In that regard, Dream learned to trust the raven during the latter part of the series.

Of course, Matthew wasn’t all too good at his job at that point in his life because he was still confused regarding what he needed to watch out for while he was spying on Rose. Nevertheless, he still proved to be quite useful in the entire Rose Walker storyline because he was able to communicate to both Dream and Lucienne whatever was happening to the Vortex.

Who Was Matthew Before He Became A Raven?

Throughout the entire The Sandman storyline, one of the things that we learned was that almost all of the entities that exist in the Dreaming were creations of Dream himself, as he was the one who created the world and the different Dreams and Nightmares that reside in it. However, it seems like the ravens are different.

The fact that Dream was not familiar with Matthew when he first met him was proof that the ravens are probably not of his creation. In fact, Jessamy died, while all of Dream’s creations were immortal and could only be killed when he unmakes them. As such, both Matthew and Jessamy were not created by Dream. If that’s the case, where did Matthew come from?

In the comics, Matthew was a man named Matthew John Cable. He appeared in the Swamp Thing comic book series before he made his debut in The Sandman. However, Matthew found himself in a car accident and was tricked by his wife’s evil shapeshifting uncle into being possessed by him.

matthew comics

However, because Matthew didn’t want his loved ones harmed, he was able to break through the possession. But the injuries of the car crash manifested, and that was when he fell into a coma. While Matthew was in the hospital, the staff harvested some of his organs, as it was clear that he wasn’t going to survive. That was when his wife decided to end life support.


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During his death, Matthew was still in the Dreaming. But in the comics, it was Dream himself who offered the chance for him to become a raven, and that was something that Matthew accepted as he became a raven down to his very core. In that regard, it was Dream that turned Matthew into a raven in the comics, although we aren’t quite sure where he came from in the live-action series of The Sandman.

Who Plays Matthew The Raven In The Sandman?

Matthew the Raven is played by Patton Oswalt, who has seen his fair share of successful roles as an actor and a voice actor. His most prominent performance was when he was the voice of Remy the Rat in Disney and Pixar’s Ratatouille. However, he also lent his voice and appeared in productions like Kim Possible, Community, 22 Jump Street, BoJack Horseman, and American Dad.

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