Who Is Mr. Immortal in She-Hulk? Meet David Pasquesi’s Character

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As a comedy series, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law isn’t short on obscure characters that came straight out of the pages of Marvel Comics. Of course, the series itself has also introduced a lot of different weird characters that only added to the comedic touch of the series. So, with that said, Mr. Immortal was the latest obscure character to officially become part of MCU canon. But who is Mr. Immortal in She-Hulk?

Craig Hollis, who goes by the name Mr. Immortal, is literally an immortal being that can die but will immediately resurrect upon dying. In that regard, he just continues to keep on living over and over again after dying, and that was how he got himself in trouble by killing himself to get out of his marriages.

Mr. Immortal’s introduction in She-Hulk added a comedic touch because of the fact that his legal case with GLK&H was quite unique and amusing in its own way. Of course, he was merely a minor character that allowed a different part of the storyline to progress while Jen Walters was away for a wedding. So, with that said, let’s look at what we know about Mr. immortal in She-Hulk.

Who Is Mr. Immortal In She-Hulk?

Ever since the entire She-Hulk: Attorney at Law series began, we already knew that the storyline was going to introduce obscure and weird Marvel characters, especially after learning that someone like Leap-Frog would be making his MCU debut in this series. And the fact that She-Hulk is a comedy series made it quite obvious that this was going to introduce such characters to add to the comedic touch of the storyline.

Episode 6 of She-Hulk, entitled Just Jen, allowed us to see a side story developing in the series as we got to meet a new character during the storyline involving Nikki Ramos and Mallory Book, who covered for Jen Walters for a divorce case while she was away for a wedding with a childhood friend named Lulu. Of course, considering that Jen’s division involves handling superhumans, it was obvious that the divorce case involved a superhuman.


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The superhuman that is the subject of the case here is a man named Craig Hollis, who prefers to be called Mr. Immortal. As such, he is the newest Marvel Comics character to be introduced in the MCU. So, who is Mr. Immortal in She-Hulk?

Mr. Immortal (played by veteran actor David Pasquesi, who you may remember as the majordomo in The Book of Boba Fett) is, as the name suggests, an immortal being that has lived for a very long time because his first wife was still a baroness (Baroness Cromwell) and because he said that he had experienced marriage more than any other person in the world. As such, he is literally someone who cannot die due to old age. And he also showcased that he cannot die due to any means at all during the episode.

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While Mallory and Nikki were chastising him for treating marriages like they were things that he could easily enter and exit at will, he jumped off the window of the GLK&H building. He was able to immediately recover from his injuries and simply walked off like it was nothing, as he proved that he was indeed immortal.

Of course, as mentioned, She-Hulk is not short on characters that are quite obscure but are still part of Marvel Comics’ canon. That’s because Mr. Immortal is indeed a Marvel Comics character but is actually a minor one that first appeared in the West Coast Avengers comics in 1989. He eventually realized that his calling was to become a superhero when he joined the Great Lakes Avengers.

Mr. Immortal is, as the name suggests, immortal because he isn’t capable of dying due to old age or any other means. But that actually isn’t exactly true because he can die due to any other means other than old age. It’s just that when he dies, he immediately returns to life, as this automatic regeneration is one of the traits that allow him to be bold and reckless whenever he is in a fight. In that regard, he can die, but he simply has automatic regeneration, as it is once said that he was fated to see the end of the universe.


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In that regard, Mr. Immortal’s regenerative powers are arguably the most powerful among the different non-god or non-cosmic entities in Marvel Comics. Of course, She-Hulk was able to showcase this power properly when the series allowed us to see Mr. Immortal dying when he fell off a building. And he even said that he could die in a legal sense because he does indeed die when he dies but simply resurrects.

The only difference here is that, in the comics, Mr. Immortal tends to be full of rage when he resurrects because of the pain he feels from dying and resurrecting. In She-Hulk, however, he simply felt no pain at all when he regenerated after falling several stories from the window of Mallory Book’s office.

What Is Mr. Immortal’s Role In She-Hulk?

Mr. Immortal in She-Hulk is what we would call a minor character that simply allowed a side-story to progress. So, while he may have become MCU canon with his introduction in this series, it is unlikely that he will see another minute in the storyline. Nevertheless, he did have a funny and entertaining role in the episode.

As mentioned, Mr. Immortal was introduced as the client that Mallory had to handle while Jen was away for a wedding. His case was a divorce settlement involving a lot of different ex-partners that he was able to escape when he faked his death multiple times by literally dying and then coming back to life. Of course, he also assumed many different identities throughout his different marriages, and the latest one happened to be the name, Craig Hollis.

The case involved eight women and one man, as Mr. Immortal had a relationship with all of them in the past and even had a child with one of them. All these women were looking for financial compensation from Mr. Immortal, and this was what allowed Mallory and Nikki to work together on the case quite smoothly.

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In that regard, while this case was merely a side story in episode 6, it allowed us to see Mallory and Nikki get to know more about each other through the way they worked on this case. Mallory even showed a lot of trust in the paralegal, who she allowed to sit with her on the case. It was also Nikki who found a way to settle the case with the nine different people that Mr. Immortal had a relationship with in the past, as Mallory herself was impressed with the way she handled things.

It was also the case involving Mr. Immortal that allowed us to learn something about the larger narrative in the She-Hulk series. That’s because one of the former spouses introduced a website called Intelligencia, which had a lot of different information regarding superhuman beings. And that was where Mallory and Nikki saw a page that was dedicated to ruining and possibly even killing She-Hulk, as the paralegal was concerned about her friend’s safety, only to be told by the lawyer to keep this a secret from Jen.

Of course, Nikki told Jen about this, but we never saw her learning about the Intelligencia page because she was busy flirting with Josh at the wedding. It is safe to say that this page in Intelligencia could have something big for us in the future.

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