Who Is Mr. Knight? Steven Grant’s Moon Knight Version Explained


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Episode 2 of Moon Knight allowed us to see a more lighthearted moment in what is supposed to be a darker take on a Disney+ Marvel series. This was when Steven Grant donned the Moon Knight suit and came out as Mr. Knight, a character that’s seemingly Steven’s version of the vigilante hero. So, in that regard, who is Mr. Knight in the Moon Knight series?

Mr. Knight is basically just Steven Grant’s version of the Moon Knight suit and is his perception of what the suit should be. However, in the comics, Mr. Knight is Moon Knight’s public alter ego and is the “face” of the vigilante whenever he is talking to the police and the media.

It should be noted that the one thing that makes Moon Knight so intriguing is the fact that Steven/Marc has multiple personalities that are all unique from one another. In this case, we are talking about Steven and Marc. As such, let’s look at what we know about Mr. Knight in the Moon Knight series and how he compares to his comic book version.

Who Is Mr. Knight In Moon Knight?

One of the things that Marvel Studios wasn’t shy about when Moon Knight was announced is the fact that the main character in this series struggles with dissociative identity disorder (DID), which allows him to assume different identities that are unique from one another. In this case, we are introduced to the identities of Steven and Marc, who share the same body but cannot be more different from one another.

Steven Grant is portrayed to be a meek and passive man who works as a gift shop receptionist in a museum in London and is quite knowledgeable when it comes to Egyptian mythology. However, he doesn’t know how to fight and is quite a pacifist. Steven also lacks the aggressive trait that most other superheroes tend to have.

On the other hand, Marc Spector is a mercenary who is as aggressive as they come. He is a strong fighter and knows how to take control of a situation. However, he does lack the same kind of knowledge that Steven has when it comes to the Egyptian gods.


Moon Knight (Marc Spector): Powers, Weapons and Equipment

That said, in episode 1, we were able to see Marc Spector displaying his prowess as a fighter when he switched with Steven Grant in the chase scene involving Harrow’s men. He was able to knock people out quite easily, as Steven was left wondering what happened. Then, in the final scene of the first episode, Marc pleaded with Steven to allow him to take control of the body so that they could fight the jackal monster that Harrow summoned. This was when we saw the Moon Knight for the very first time.

In episode 2, Harrow’s men took Steven to their headquarters in London, as the villain was once again asking him to give him the golden scarab that he had in his possession. However, Layla arrived just in time to help Steven, and that was when Harrow once again summoned a beast to fight them. Layla, who obviously knew about the Moon Knight, asked Steven to “summon the suit,” which was something that confused him.

Nevertheless, Steven eventually summoned the suit and quite literally did so when he summoned a suited version of the Moon Knight instead of the hooded one. This prompted Layla to say that he looked different and Marc telling Steven that they looked good. But Steven in this suit didn’t prove to be too much of a fighter, although his physical capabilities were indeed augmented. He still had to switch with Marc for the normal Moon Knight suit to appear and for them to defeat the summoned beast.

moon knight mr knight mirror.jpg copy

So, who is this suited Moon Knight who is affectionately called Mr. Knight?

As the series portrays, Mr. Knight is basically Steven Grant’s version of the Moon Knight. It was the Moon Knight suit that he summoned when Layla was telling him to summon the suit. And he quite literally did so when he used his powers to summon a Moon Knight version that was actually wearing a suit instead of the usual hooded cape that the Moon Knight wears.


Moon Knight: “Wagwan” Meaning Explained

In a sense, we get to see how truly different Marc and Steven are from one another through their versions of the Moon Knight. Marc wears the classic Moon Knight costume that allows him to wear a masked figure with a hooded cape. This shows the vigilante side of the character because of how Marc’s version is indeed dressed for battle. On the other hand, Steven’s version showcases a more passive version of the Moon Knight in the sense that he seems to be dressed for an evening gala than for a fight.


This is where Marvel truly allows us to see that Marc and Steven are unique from one another. Of course, we might see more of this dynamic playing out throughout the rest of the series, as both Marc and Steven might have to reconcile their differences to meet their goal.

How Different Is Mr. Knight From His Comic Book Version?

While the Moon Knight series isn’t shy about introducing new characters (such as Layla), the thing that people should know is that Mr. Knight isn’t entirely a new character because he does have a comic book counterpart that is also called Mr. Knight.


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In the comics, what we know is that Marc Spector has more than two personalities. In that regard, Marc is the Moon Knight that fights crime, while Steven is the character’s public face and the one who is responsible for funding their missions (considering that Steven Grant is a millionaire in the comics).

So, the fact that Marc Spector has the vigilante version of the Moon Knight means that Steven Grant also needs his own version. That’s where Mr. Knight comes in as the public face of the character.

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In the comics, Mr. Knight is the one responsible for handling the hero’s affairs with the police whenever they are in the middle of an investigation. He is also the one responsible for talking with detectives and reporters. Basically speaking, Mr. Knight is the spokesperson of Moon Knight.

Given that fact, there is a difference between the Mr. Knight of the TV series and the one we see in the comics. Mr. Knight in the live-action version is more of a less-aggressive version of the character because Steven is the one controlling it. On the other hand, the version of the character in the comics is more of a public face that has an entirely different role compared to the traditional Moon Knight.

Then again, since we are still early in the series, we still don’t know what Steven Grant is truly capable of when he is wearing the Mr. Knight suit. It could be possible that he is going to be more than just a masked character in a sharp evening gala suit as the series moves along. And that’s something that we are all excited to see. 

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