Who Is Nada in The Sandman? Meet Deborah Oyelade’s Character

Netflix’s The Sandman has now been released, and it allows us to get to know one of the most prominent characters in Dream’s life in the form of Nada, who played a crucial role in the King of Dreams’ character development in the comics. Of course, the showrunners purposely only showed Nada in one scene so that the interests of the people who haven’t read the comics would only grow. So, who is Nada in The Sandman?

Nada was one of Dream’s true loves throughout the long lifespan that he has lived. He met Nada 10,000 years ago when she was still the leader of an ancient tribe called the First People. She called Dream Kai’ckul, which is one of the many names he used. However, she ended up in Hell after refusing his love.

Yes, even Dream of the Endless can fall in love, and that was what happened between him and Nada, who was one of the few people that he truly loved. Nevertheless, the love story between the two characters never ended on good terms, as the series seeks to shed some light on it in the next season. Before that, let’s shed some light on Nada’s character in The Sandman.

Who Is Nada In The Sandman?

The Sandman has just been released, and fans are already loving the fact that the series tried its best to stay true to the source material, which is the comic book series that Neil Gaiman wrote. Of course, the entire storyline focuses heavily on the character of Dream, who is also called Morpheus and is the King of Dreams. Of course, there were also plenty of other characters featured in the series because a lot of different people were involved in Dream’s story in the comics.

One such character that got people confused, especially if they had never read the comic books, is Nada. She was seen during the events when Dream and Matthew went to Hell so that the King of Dreams could recover his helmet from a demon that acquired it in a trade long ago. It is worth noting that the first half of the series focused on Dream’s quest to regain his power by getting his tools back because he needed to repair the Dreaming, which got damaged when he was imprisoned for more than a century. His tools contained a large portion of his powers.

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As Dream and Matthew were on their way to Lucifer‘s palace in Hell, they went through a part of the realm where those who were forced to spend their lives in eternal damnation were being kept. That was when a woman named Nada called out to Morpheus by calling him Kai’ckul. Nada was seemingly familiar with Dream, who she pleaded with to get her out of Hell. So, who is Nada in The Sandman?

Matthew the Raven was just as equally curious about Nada as we were, as he asked Dream who that woman was. That was when Dream told him about her briefly. According to him, Nada was the queen of a tribe that called itself the First People. This tribe existed 10,000 years ago.

That time, Dream fell in love with Nada when he saw her while she was watching through the window of her tower. Nada fell in love with Dream at first sight, as did Dream. That was when they began a relationship, as Nada eventually became one of the few people that the Lord of Dreams truly loved throughout his lifetime. As he told her when they met in Hell, Dream still loved her even after 10,000 years.

However, the story of the two was more fleshed out in the comics, as their relationship was told in “Tales in the Sand,” which is a prologue story before “The Dolls House,” which is the volume that the second half of The Sandman series was based on. 

In the prologue story, it was told that Nada was searching for a man called Kai’ckul, who was the Lord of Dreams. Eventually, they saw each other in the Dreaming, where Nada confessed her love to Dream.

However, Nada eventually rejected Dream’s love for her when she found out that he was a member of the Endless. She feared that they would never end up being together because Morpheus was immortal. That was when the love story between the two became more complicated.

Why Does Nada Call Dream Kai’ckul?

In the scene where Nada saw Dream, she referred to the King of Dreams as Kai’ckul. Of course, Dream accepts this name, and even appears differently to Nada, as the actor that plays the character is quickly replaced by Ernest Kingsley Junior. So, who does Nada call Dream Kai’ckul?

The reason why Nada calls Dream Kai’ckul is due to the fact that he took on many names throughout his entire lifetime. This is also similar to the fact that he takes on different appearances to different people and entities. There was even a chapter in the comics wherein Dream appears as a cat to another cat. This goes well with his name of “Morpheus,” as he can morph his appearance depending on the person seeing him.

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As such, Dream appears as a different entity to Nada because that was how she saw him. She also calls her Kai’ckul, which is the name she gave to the Lord of Dreams. In that regard, that identity was only one of the many faces that Dream carried in his lifetime, as the Endless don’t really have a true form or appearance.

Why Is Nada In Hell?

The story of Dream and Nada is quite the tale as it eventually led to Nada getting imprisoned in Hell, as seen from the fact that the next time she and Morpheus met was when the King of Dreams was in Hell to get his helm back.

In the comics, after Nada returned to the Waking World when she found out that Dream was an Endless, Morpheus was the one who went to her so that he could offer her to be his queen in the Dreaming. However, their relationship led to the destruction of the First People, as the entire tribe was killed by a meteor. That was when Nada realized that they could never be together.

Nada eventually took her own life as a way of refusing Dream’s offer to be his queen in the Dreaming. However, Dream followed Nada’s soul into the realm of Death so that he could ask her once again to be her queen in the Dreaming. But Nada refused his offer yet again, and that was when Dream decided to punish her.

Dream condemned Nada’s soul to Hell, where she was supposed to spend eternity. That was why Nada was still in Hell 10,000 years after their relationship. However, the live-action series is yet to tell this story because the plan is to flesh out Dream’s relationship with Nada in the second season of The Sandman.

In the comics, Dream and Nada rekindled their story in the fourth volume, which is “The Season of Mists.” Considering that this part is important to Dream’s character development and story, the showrunners realized that it would have been best to save the storytelling of their past love so that they could show it in season 2.

Allan Heinberg, one of the people behind The Sandman series, said: “Well, for me, that is such a huge part of the next arc, which is ‘Season of Mists,’ it made more sense economically to use ‘Tales in the Sand’ as part of Morpheus’ ‘Season of Mists’ journey. So our hope is that if we get to season two we’ll be able to tell their love story in full as part of the ‘Season of Mists.'”

As such, we are going to eventually see more of Nada in season 2 of The Sandman because of how important her relationship is to Dream’s overall development as a character.

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