Who Is Old Legend in The Boys? (& Is He a Stan Lee Parody)

The Legend

One of the things that we know about The Boys is that this is a parody series that has different characters that were made to be parody versions of their Marvel and DC counterparts. As such, most of the supes in The Boys have similarities with the heroes found in the popular comic books. With that said, a character named Old Legend is set to make his debut in The Boys series, but he has always been a staple in the comic book version of The Boys. So, who is Old Legend in The Boys?

Old Legend is an old man who is running a comic book store in The Boys comic book. He is someone who knows everything there is to know about the supes, as he is often one of the people that Billy Butcher goes to whenever he needs intel. It is said that he is a horny and disrespectful parody of Stan Lee.

Even someone like Stan Lee was not spared by the author of The Boys as they also created a parody version of the comic book legend. In that regard, there is a reason why Old Legend is called “Old Legend,” as he basically embodies Lee’s status as one of the legends in the comic book industry. Now, let’s get to know more about Old Legend in The Boys.

Who Is Old Legend In The Boys?

The Boys season 3 has introduced a lot of new characters into the story, especially because they have some sort of connection with the ongoing narrative that focuses a lot on Soldier Boy. Of course, almost all of the different new characters that were introduced this season were taken from the comic book version of The Boys, even though there have been a lot of changes introduced in the live-action version.

One of the new characters set to make his debut in The Boys series is Old Legend, who has been a staple in the comic book version of The Boys, even though he doesn’t have the biggest role in the story. Still, fans were wondering why he was absent throughout the first two seasons, as it took three seasons for The Boys to introduce him. But who exactly is Old Legend?

In the comics, Old Legend is an old man that’s running a comic book store in New York. The fact that he is a fan of supes and is running a comic book store means that he has a wealth of knowledge related to all of the supes. In fact, in the comics, he knows everything there is to know about all of the different supes, and that seems to be something that is quite amazing. Where he gets his intel is unknown, but the fact that he knows everything there is to know about the supes made him an important asset in the comics.

Old Legend

As such, Billy Butcher and the rest of The Boys go to him for intel regarding some of the supes that they plan on killing. That’s because he knows all there is to know about them, especially their powers, abilities, and weaknesses. But the catch is that Old Legend refuses to talk to anyone except Billy Butcher.

His real name in the comics is unknown as Butcher himself said that he doesn’t have a name but has a legend instead. That means that he is highly respected by everyone in the universe of The Boys, and that could also mean that even the supes respect him.


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Old Legend seems to have a disrespectful and sour demeanor, which is a staple among almost all of the characters in The Boys. He doesn’t respect anyone and seems to have a grumpy disposition in life. And despite the fact that he is quite old, he is still quite horny and is actually a dirty and perverted old man.

However, in the live-action series, we don’t know what kind of a character Old Legend will be but what we do know is that he will be called The Legend in the series. He is set to make his debut in episode 5 of the live-action series, and it is quite possible that he will have the same role that he has in the comics. That means that there is a possibility that he could also be someone with great knowledge or intel about the supes in the universe of The Boys.

Is Old Legend A Parody Of Stan Lee?

While it was never really outrightly mentioned, the standing belief is that Old Legend is actually a parody of Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee, who we all know was one of the progenitors of the legendary comic book company and was one of the greatest comic book authors of all time. Stan Lee was also famous for all of the different cameo appearances he made in the MCU movies before his untimely passing.


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Of course, the fact that The Boys takes all of its characters from famous comic books found in Marvel and DC means that it isn’t beyond the authors to create a character based on Stan Lee himself. And calling the character “Old Legend” befits Stan Lee’s status as one of the biggest legends the comic book industry has ever seen.

Who Plays Old Legend In The Boys?

As Old Legend is set to make his debut in the live-action version of The Boys, it has been confirmed that Paul Reiser is the one portraying the character. However, this is yet to be credited on his IMDB page.

paul reiser

Paul Reiser is a veteran in the acting industry as he has been around since the 1980s. He has appeared in productions like Aliens, Whiplash, and Beverly Hills Cop. However, he is probably a familiar face for a lot of different TV series fans out here because he was last seen in season 4 of Stranger Things.

In Stranger Things, Paul Reiser plays a supporting role as Dr. Sam Owens, who used to be the head of the Hawkins Laboratory. In season 4, he was the one who convinced Eleven to find a way to get her powers back so that she could help her friends back in Hawkins. Of course, his role in The Boys could be a lot different from the one he plays in Stranger Things, considering that Old Legend is said to be a rude and disrespectful old man.

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