Who Is Phee Genoa in The Bad Batch Season 2? Wanda Sykes’ Character Explained


The new season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch has just been released. Of course, like most shows, it was inevitable that The Bad Batch was going to introduce new characters to the storyline, and no time was wasted in introducing Phee Genoa, who was an important piece of the initial storyline of the second season. Phee was the sole reason why Clone Force 99 got into a big mess early on. So, who is Phee Genoa in The Bad Batch?

Voiced by Wanda Sykes, Phee Genoa is a pirate that fancies herself as a treasure hunter and adventure seeker that only wants to seek new and priceless artifacts. She worked together with Cid, the information broker that gives new jobs to Clone Force 99. And that was how the bad batch ended up going to Serenno.

Phee Genoa’s appearance during the start of season 2 of The Bad Batch was instrumental in putting Clone Force 99 in the middle of a new problem that they would have to try to resolve in the future. Of course, we don’t know how things will go down for them moving forward, but it should be interesting to see what kind of role Phee would have for the future of The Bad Batch.

Who Is Phee Genoa In The Bad Batch?

The second season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch has just been released, and it wasted no time in introducing new characters that played a role in the lives of Clone Force 99. Of course, one of them was a key figure in the early portion of the storyline of season 2, especially because she was the one that got the storyline to move forward. We are talking about Phee Genoa, who was introduced during the early parts of episode 1 of season 2.


Right after the bad batch returned to Cid from a mission during the early parts of season 2, they were greeted by a face they weren’t familiar with. This was Phee Genoa, who was already at Cid’s Parlor on Ord Mantell to meet and greet the members of Clone Force 99 upon their return from their most recent mission.

While Clone Force 99 was unfamiliar with her, Phee was already quite familiar with the members of Clone Force 99 as it was clear that she did her research about them or asked for information from Cid.


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Whatever the case may be, Phee is a female human that Cid describes as a pirate. However, despite being a pirate, Phee is said to be trustworthy enough, as Cid said that she is the most trustworthy pirate she knows. And that’s saying a lot because Cid is known for being a respected information broker in the galaxy.

Despite the fact that Cid calls her a pirate, Phee doesn’t see herself as such. Instead, she merely sees herself as a treasure hunter and an adventure seeker. In fact, she likes to be called a liberator of ancient wonders, as she often goes out seeking ancient treasures instead of stealing money and valuables from different people. So, in a way, she has an eye for ancient artifacts and was a key figure in the early portion of The Bad Batch season 2 because of her role in their latest mission.

What Is Phee Genoa’s Role?

Like many of the different characters that work with Cid, Phee Genoa is someone that wanted to hire Clone Force 99 for a mission that involved their expertise as mercenaries. Phee may be a pirate, but she has her limitations in the sense that she doesn’t seem to have the same kind of combat expertise and experience that the bad batch has. That was the reason why she went to Cid to hire Clone Force 99 on a special mission.

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Phee was the one that opened up the possibility of Clone Force 99 earning more money than they ever had in their entire lives as she told them about the war chest that Count Dooku left behind in his home planet of Serenno after he was killed during the events of the Clone Wars. The war chest was a collection of the loot that he obtained from Serenno and the different planets that the Separatists conquered. In that regard, this treasure was Phee’s target as she believed that it would be enough to give her and the bad batch more riches than they could count.

The problem was that Phee already knew that the Empire had sent a force to Serenno to collect the war chest from the palace of the former leader of the Separatists. In that regard, she needed the help of Clone Force 99 because they had the training and experience necessary for such a mission.


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Initially, the members of Clone Force 99 were unsure about taking this mission despite the fact that it had the possibility of setting them up for life due to the money they could make. However, Echo convinced Hunter to take the mission because it would allow them to give themselves and Omega the lives that they never had.

The bad batch took the mission but struggled against the stormtroopers that were stationed at Serenno to guard the transport that was going to take the war chest back to the Empire. Captain Wilco and the rest of the stormtroopers were quick to catch on to what Clone Force 99 was after, and that led to problems involving the execution of the plan to take the war chest back to Phee.

Due to the problems they encountered during the mission, the bad batch failed to recover the war chest from Serenno, as Omega was initially disappointed that they couldn’t fulfill their mission. She apparently overheard the conversation between Echo and Hunter when they were talking about how it was due to her that they had to go on the run from the Empire.

While Echo and Omega were able to sort things out, they still failed to recover the war chest as they were headed back to Phee on Ord Mantell. It was also this mission that allowed Imperial Vice Admiral Rampart to learn about the survival of Clone Force 99.