Who Is Rishia in The Rising of the Shield Hero?

Who is Rishia in The Rising of the Shield Hero?

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In this article, we are going to introduce you to a character from The Rising of the Shield Hero. The character we are going to focus on is a secondary female character, but one who is very popular among the fans and is generally quite likable. The character in question is Rishia Ivyred, and you are going to find out absolutely everything about her in our article.

Originally a member of Itsuki’s team despite her weak abilities, Rishia Ivyred was rejected from her group following false accusations hatched by her companions in revenge for the decisive role she played in spite of herself during the wave. Calmira Islands. Wanting to drown as a result of this abandonment, she was however fished out and taken into his group by the Shield Hero for the help to train and become stronger.

The rest of this article is going to further introduce Rishia Ivyred to you. You are going to find out some details about her, her story, and her importance to the world of The Rising of the Shield Hero. We are going to give you some biographical details about her, and we are going to answer some questions relating to her role in the story.

Who is the green-haired girl in The Rising of the Shield Hero?

Rishia is one of the main characters in The Rising of the Shield Hero. She is a companion of the bow hero Itsuki Kawasumi. She comes from a fallen noble family and used to be one of the Shield Hero’s slaves. She currently lives in Rock Valley and serves as an instructor of the Hengen Muso style, helping the Legendary Heroes with their tasks. She is voiced by Natsuko Hara in the Japanese version of the anime and Kira Buckland in the English version of the anime.

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Originally, she was a member of Itsuki’s team despite her weak abilities. She was initially expelled from her group following false accusations hatched by her companions in revenge for the decisive role she played during the Calmira Islands wave, despite her weak abilities.

As a result of this abandonment, she wished to drown herself; she was, however, fished out and, after learning from her that she was suffering the same kind of injustice he had previously suffered, was taken into his group by the Shield Hero for the help train and become stronger: she feels respect for Naofumi, but despite her rejection retains her love for the Bow Hero, who had helped her before.


Why Does the King Hate the Shield Hero in The Rising of the Shield Hero?

It is mentioned that Rishia attended a school in Faubrey until she was forced to abandon her studies due to her family’s money problems. Naofumi speculates that both Rishia and Malty may have attended the same school a few years apart. Except for Gym, she had such good grades that she had difficulty deciding on a major. It is due to Faubrey’s influence that she does not share the nation’s negative bias against the Shield Hero.

Her family is actually noble, but they live in a farmhouse, not a mansion. They had the task of ruling a town. Although they were poor, they lived peacefully. They disagreed with a number of royal pronouncements, which resulted in their authority being curtailed.

They learned of a neighboring town, Northern Territory, which was ruled by a degenerate nobleman who obtained their funds illegally. Fearing him, they began to strengthen their defenses to protect their region, which robbed them of the rest of their resources. In doing so, they incurred the wrath of their fellow man.

Lately, the fields, crops and buildings in their city were sabotaged, and nightly thefts became common. Merchants and tradesmen stopped coming to their region. The neighboring nobleman demanded their daughter in return for his help to recover from the situation, but they refused. Soon the burglaries increased.

Although they never asked for the guild’s help, a group of adventurers chased the bandits away, and the bill was sent to them by the guild. Eventually, their daughter Rishia was forcibly kidnapped by this nobleman in exchange for half the money and some bodyguards. Later it turned out that the bodyguards were the same people involved in the robbery, and the request to the guild was sent by the nobleman under her name. The evidence was destroyed and the couple was asked for the same amount for the return of their daughter.

That evening Itsuki and his companions, who were making inquiries about the evil nobleman, learned of Rishia and invaded the villainous nobleman’s mansion, using the hero’s authority to put an end to his machinations and rescue Rishia.

Rishia felt a great debt of gratitude to her rescuers. To show her gratitude and support for her savior, Rishia joined Itsuki’s group. She was then treated as an errand girl, transporting food and supplies for the Bow Hero’s group, leaving her magical talent unused.

What is Rishia Ivyred like?

Rishia is shy but extremely affectionate and will do anything to be useful to the object of her devotion. After Itsuki kicks her out of his party for a deed she did not commit, she is devastated. She cries, believing that she was just a burden to Itsuki, and runs into the sea, hoping to die.

Even after being rescued by Naofumi and Filo and accepted into the party, Rishia’s admiration for the bow hero remains undiminished, and she hopes to continue growing so that she can help Itsuki in the future.


Despite her awkward appearance, Rishia has proven to be a worthy addition to Naofumi’s group. She was the one who helped Naofumi turn the tide against the heroes from the other world by skillfully using a barrel of Lucor Fruit (which renders people unconscious or weakened, except for Naofumi due to his high resistance), and the fight against Kyo. She is also an adept magic user who can use all kinds of magic on a general level.

Later, she is able to become extremely brave when faced with great challenges. She confidently says what she thinks and does not hold back on her beliefs. She shows this side when she fights Kyo and Itsuki for their respective injustices and cruel actions. However, after such battles, she will revert back to her shy and awkward ways.

What did Itsuki do to Rishia?

Rishia is deeply in love with Itsuki after he rescues her from a nobleman. As a result, Rishia joins Itsuki’s group, but is treated badly by him and his comrades because of the hierarchy system he has introduced in his group. When Rishia trumps Itsuki in Cal Mira’s wave, he even goes so far as to kick her out of his group by framing her. He even cruelly explains that he did this out of kindness because Rishia is weak. Rishia was so hurt by this action that she almost committed suicide.

Even after she is rescued by Naofumi and joins his party, her feelings for Itsuki are unwavering. Through Naofumi, Rishia becomes determined to become strong and be someone who can stand by Itsuki. Her feelings for Itsuki are the reason she still protects him despite his many weaknesses that others point out.

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When Rishia fights Itsuki to save him from his series of curses, Rishia shows her newfound strength to save him, even though Itsuki continues to look down on her. Itsuki reveals that Rishia reminds him of his old self from his own world and he resents her for it.

However, Rishia’s devotion and love for his rescue gives her the power of a minion through Itsuki’s own bow and defeats him, much to his shock. After Itsuki is rescued and brought to Naofumi’s village, Rishia cries as Itsuki suffers the consequences of using his curse series, and she promises to take care of him and help him atone for his mistakes.

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