Who is Sara Wolfe in Doctor Strange 2? (& Is She Wong’s Love Interest?)

Who is Sara Wolfe in Doctor Strange 2? (& Is She Wong's Love Interest?)

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is coming very soon and what we thought was something that will never arrive is just around the corner. Although the movie has already revealed its fair share of surprises, another listing has given us even more information that seem to hint to a very interesting development in the movie. Namely, a recently-revealed line of Funko Pops! toys revealed that Sara Wolfe is set to make an appearance in the movie and in this article, we are going to introduce the character to you.

Sara Wolfe is a relatively obscure Marvel character created by Chris Claremont and Gene Colan. She made her debut in Doctor Strange #38 (September, 1979). She is best known as the secretary of Doctor Strange who, at one point, falls in love with Wong, but nothing came out of the relationship because Wong had been promised to another since childhood.

The rest of this article is going to focus on Sara Wolfe and all of the aspects related to her character, including his role in the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel, her history, her family, and her relationship with Wong. Sara Wolf is a relatively obscure, yet intriguing Marvel character, which is why we reckoned that she deserved proper treatment in a standalone article.

Sara Wolfe: Origin

Sara Wolfe is descended from the Cheyenne. Her great-grandfather was the shaman of her clan who tried to teach her the craft, but she chose a different path. She became the secretary to Doctor Strange and the love interest of Doctor Strange’s assistant, Wong. Now, let us now see how she was introduced to the story back in 1979.

Back in New York, Dr. Strange has taken Clea to the Hell’s Bells dance club, and the two have a good time. They run into Stephen’s neighbor Sara Wolfe and Stephen formally introduces her to Clea. When they ask what she is doing at the bar, she explains that she is there with her boyfriend Larry Royce.

When Sara explains that Larry has been brooding all night at the bar and she is worried. At that moment, an attractive man approaches Larry. When Larry takes one look at the man, he tries to beat him up and flees the bar. Outside, he is cornered by the man and a female accomplice, who kill him.

When the people in the bar hear his dying screams, they go outside to see what all the commotion is about. Stephen manages to push his way through the crowd and is horrified to find that Larry’s body has been completely burned and only ashes remain. Returning to the sanctuary, Strange decides to study his magic texts to see if he can find any clues. When he finds none, he decides to track the mystical auras of the attackers to find them.


Every Rumored & Confirmed Cameos In Doctor Strange 2

Later, Alfeo Spinosa has sought out Dr. Strange and has come to Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum with evidence that Baron Morodo has robbed the San Gabriel archives at the Vatican. After reflecting on past events, Strange wonders if they are all connected. After being comforted by Clea, he decides to abandon his investigation into the death of Sara Wolfe’s boyfriend to deal with Baron Mordo. He leaves Clea behind to search for Wong, who has disappeared without a trace.

Clea’s search leads her to China Town, where she finds that no one will tell her where Wong is. Her search attracts the attention of the people who kidnapped Wong, and they send people after her. Her search is also interrupted by the arrival of shadow demons from the dark dimension, who begin to chase her. Clea then flees the scene and meets Sara Wolfe. With her help, she escapes back to Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum.

Meanwhile, Dr. Strange and Alfeo have traveled to France to seek out Lord Julian Phyffe. Back in the States, Clea wants to investigate Wong’s disappearance further, but is unable to do so. With Sara’s help, she casts a spell that makes Clea appear as Sara and vice versa, allowing Clea to leave the sanctuary and fool the shadow demons into thinking it is Sara who is leaving and not herself.

Meanwhile, the Doctor has returned to the home of Madeleine St. Germaine, where he calls his Santcum Sanctorum in New York. Sara Wolf answers the phone and tells Stephen how Clea’s search for Wong was hindered by shadow demons and how they switched places so she could get past them. At this point, Sara’s debut practically ends.

The story ended with the death of Baron Mordo and Sara famously became Strange’s secretary. She would also appear in future stories in a supporting role.

Sara Wolfe’s powers and abilities

Sara Wolfe is a regular human character. Although she is connected to Doctor Strange and his stories, as his secretary, she herself has no special powers and abilities. This is why this section, as well as the next one, are going to be pretty short, as we have nothing specific to report. So, aside from all her regular human skills, Sara Wolfe is a talented manager, accountant and administrator, which is quite helpful if you’re a secretary to Doctor Strange.

Sara Wolfe’s weaknesses

Since Sara Wolfe is, as we have established, a regular human character with absolutely no superhuman powers, she is also a character with no specific weaknesses. She is weak to all things that regular humans are weak to and there is nothing special to it. She does wear corrective lenses, eye glasses or contact lenses because her eyesight is bad, so that could be considered as a specific “weakness”, but there’s nothing else, really.

Is Sara Wolfe Wong’s love interest?

At one point, Doctor Strange joins the rebels in the guise of an outcast and helps them steal a tribute of mystical energies intended for Umar. When they return to base, Strange marvels at how much Clea has grown into the role of leader since their separation. When they return to the subject of Orini’s interrogation, Strange offers to help.

Clea sends the entire rebel force on a hunt for a caravan, using the strategic information she has gleaned from Orini’s mind to confront her father in private. The rebels’ mission goes awry when it becomes apparent that Umar has anticipated the attack and prepared a trap.

Back at Umar’s castle, Clea realizes that if the rebels had known they were going to attack the caravan, Orini would have been captured and not killed. Before she can set out to find the rebel base, Orini arrives with an unconscious Clea in hand with the news that the rebellion has been put down, saving her the trouble.

If you’re wondering what you’ve just read and how it ties into the story of Sara Wolfe, this was the synopsis of Doctor Strange #72 (August, 1985), the comic book story in which the relationship between Wong and Sara is explained. Now, although the synopsis doesn’t reveal anything about it, we thought it would be interesting to know the framework in which the romance developed.

At the time, Sara was working as Strange’s secretary and Wong had developed feelings for her, just like she did for him. At one point, the two of them actually admit those feelings to each other, but nothing ever happens between them, simply because Wong had been promised to another woman while he was still a child. Knowing how loyal Wong is, this was a promise he could not break, which is why their romance ended even before it started, regardless of the feelings that existed between them.

Who is playing Sara Wolfe in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?

The information that Sara Wolfe is, probably, going to appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness appeared on March 1, 2022, when a new set of Funko Pop! toys revealed some additional characters that are set to appear in the movie. Alongside Mordo’s mother, Sara Wolfe was the other new character whose appearance in the movie was foreshadowed by the toys. This is the toy:


Her name was revealed only as ‘Sara’, but there is no doubt that she is Sara Wolfe. Now, we don’t know anything else about her and her role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Is she going to appear through the Multiverse from an alternative timeline? Or is she going to be introduced as a new character in the main MCU timeline? This is sill a mystery and there’s a possibility that we’ll have to wait until the premiere to find out about her role.

Having said all of this, we don’t actually know who is going to play Sara Wolfe in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. As it stands, it is going to be an actress of color (whether it’s going to be an African-American actress or someone of indigenous heritage is also unknown at this moment), but the identity is, as of yet, unknown.

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